Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 4

This rock is super frustrating. Well, this episode has been out for a bit now and I saw a title mentioning a body switch…then I see that Yuka likes a guy who likes Saki, and the plot of this episode became pretty clear. While it’s not the worst idea for an episode, I had a problem with the date itself. Yuka mentioned that Takashi liked Saki because she seemed more mature, but didn’t seem to mind her acting like…well, Yuka. I sorta understand that it has to happen for the episode, but it just doesn’t sit logically for me. Also, the second switch of Rinko and Natsumi doesn’t really get used in the show except to affirm that the rock can’t undo wishes.

But still, that rock granted the wish of Yuka by herself…it needs to figure out what it’s doing. One of these days, I’ll figure out how it works. Yuka’s body being out of shape as a running gag was kind of funny, though. Next week, Saki gets revenge. This week’s episode seemed like something I’d seen before, so let’s hope she’s more creative.

Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 3

Well, that was kind of a cheesy episode. I wasn’t expecting Yuusuke coming into play so soon…guess it had to happen. Anyway, the episode seemed like one of those standard things in a show like this. You finally gain access to magic, but you don’t know how to control it. You try to use it to your advantage to solve a problem, but it doesn’t work. Then, the problem solves itself with the “magic of friendship.” When are these girls gonna figure out how this rock works?

Last week’s episode seemed to suggest that a wish had to “fulfill itself” to end, but when Yuka and Rinko got stuck together, there was no condition that would make them come apart. So what exactly is going on with this rock? Anyways, I dunno if this week’s episode counted as a focus on Saki (I’d say it was more of a focus on Yuusuke). But next week looks like a focus on Yuka, specifically her crush on her upperclassman. Yeesh…just tell me what the rock does, already >.> Oh well…should be fine as long as it isn’t cheesy again.

Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 2

So in this week’s episode, the rock activates again. Was a bit more interesting than that first episode was. I was curious about how this show was planning on handling the rock. I guess they’ll spend a lot of the time figuring out how the rock works, but the main point is that the wishing thing is going to be a constantly present factor. I guess it might make things entertaining…I just hope they don’t overdo it. Pretty comical stuff after the rock forced Natsumi and Saki together, though.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can’t figure out the consistency for the rock’s power. At first, I thought that all four had to make the wish for it to happen, but Yuka and Rinko seem to have made it work. Maybe it’s something that all four of them have to just want? Or maybe just whoever’s at the rock can do it? And how does the wish wear off? So confused…Wonder when we’ll find out for sure. The conflict with Saki seems to have been resolved quickly…guess that means the cast is assembled? Wonder how that kid who’s friends with Natsumi’s brother is going to factor into everything, since he saw everyone flying and all. That’s gotta be important. Next week looks to be more experimentation with the rock. Let’s see where it goes. Still so many questions…

Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 1

So like most things, I went into this show with absolutely no idea what to expect. So I had no idea that bit where the girls start flying would be coming. I really don’t know what the direction of this show is supposed to be. I went in expecting a normal slice-of-life with just random episodes of school life. But the show immediately introduces drama in the form of Mizukoshi Saki transferring and attempting to break ties with everyone else before leaving. Is there actually a plot going on in the background?

As for the characters, Aizawa Natsumi seems to play the role of main character, Saki seems to be the more serious one, Hanaki Yuka seems to be the cheerful optimist, and Tamaki Rinko seems to be the more silent and shy one. Was I just nuts, or did Yuka and Rinko just seem like side characters? The show seemed to focus only on Saki and Natsumi. As for the music, I thought the opening sounded decent, but the vocals seemed a bit off. Maybe the harmony wasn’t quite right? I’m not sure whether it was an insert song or the ending, but the song that was playing when the girls were flying sounded a lot better. I’m curious about where this show will go, so I’ll keep watching.