Random Lists: 5 Favorite Slice of Life Shows

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Mii-kun is ready for the cold

When I started blogging, I always had trouble understanding people who only reviewed slice of life shows. To be fair, that part of me hasn’t changed much. Writing about slice of life is still hard, but watching the shows has become a lot easier. Sometimes, the day-to-day can get rough, so it’s fun to relax with something calming.

5. Miira no Kaikata

Admittedly, I have my problems with this series, but darn it if it doesn’t have the cutest mummy in existence. The series follows Sora Kashiwagi, a fairly typical student who constantly receives supernatural gifts from his wandering father. One day, his father sends him a mummy, but it turns out to be a tiny one with no ill intent. I know that there are other supernatural creatures in this series, but I could honestly watch Mii-kun all day.

I am disappointed in this god

4. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Did I say “calming”? Sometimes, I’m much more interested in watching a couple of travelers wander around the lifeless remains of a post-war Earth. Also called Girls’ Last Tour, this series follows Chito and Yuuri, two girls who live in such a world. We watch as the girls learn about the people who came before them and struggle to survive in a wasteland of limited resources.

3. Yuru Camp

I’m not the most outdoorsy person in the world, but I have a soft spot for this series. It follows a group of girls who just enjoy camping, split between the Outdoors Club and the expert solo camper, Rin Shiima. While I’ve certainly no stranger to camping, I’m definitely not as passionate about it. Instead, I really relate to Rin’s wanderlust and desire to explore new places. I love the interactions in this series, and I absolutely can’t wait for season 2.

Rei wonders about fun

2. 3-Gatsu no Lion

Part of me feels like this series is too serious to count, but the other part of me is promptly insisting that there’s no way I can have a slice of life list without it. Focusing on a teenage shogi pro named Rei Kiriyama, this series is a surprising ball of warmth despite the drama that can be involved in its story. I don’t even know the first thing about shogi, but I often find myself forgetting that it’s actually important to the story.

1. Aria

Well, this is an older one. I found myself watching this series recently, and I loved it. Set in a futuristic Mars, the series focuses on life in the city of Neo Venezia, a replica of Earth’s Venice. The main character, Akari Mizunashi, is an undine, one of the tour guides carrying visitors around on gondolas. It’s a longer series, but I found myself captivated by the stories it tells and the general sense of wonder. It’s a series that I probably should have watched much sooner.

Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 4: Sangatsu no Lion, Miira no Kaikata, and Grancrest Senki

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This week’s episode of Mahoutsukai no Yome didn’t have too much going on, so I’m rotating in another show I haven’t mentioned yet.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 37

Even though I know basically nothing about shogi, I still enjoyed the game this week. Between the commentary from the other spectators and Rei’s own commentary, I definitely felt like I had a good sense of how the game was progressing. It’s pretty much a given that Rei would lose, but I liked how it seemed like Souya and the other spectators were acknowledging him.

Part of me related to Souya a bit in this episode. I’ve always been hard of hearing as well, so I will often respond based on what I think the other person is saying rather than constantly asking for it to be repeated. Souya kinda takes this to another level. Still, his single comment to Rei is pretty cool. The show’s really pushing the similarities between the two without being too overt about it. In other shows, you’d probably have side characters saying that the two players play in a similar style or something. Instead, we’re given these small hints that they think similarly.

I really liked how Souya was presented after the game. We’ve been given clues so far that he might be a bit of an airhead. As we saw in the previous episode when wine was spilled on Souya’s suit, the chairman always seems to be doting over him. It makes Souya seem less self-sufficient. However, he still wordlessly acts as a guide as Rei attempts to handle their predicament.

Miira no Kaikata Episodes 1-3

You know, I was really going to skip this show, but the mummy won me over. I didn’t think I’d find a tiny mummy adorable, but I do. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be too much more to the show quite yet, so I can understand not finding it appealing.

There’s a certain mystery around the mummy that I also find interesting, but I’m not going to act as though that’s a major factor in my enjoyment. I barely caught this comment from Kaede, which seemed pretty curious. I’m not sure if it was a throwaway joke.

Additionally, I’m still not sure why Mii had to be a mummy specifically. Other than the whole idea of finding out what’s beneath the bandages, has anything really required a mummy in particular? I mean, he came in a casket and eats dog food, after all.

Grancrest Senki Episodes 3-4

Okay, I’m finally caught up with this series…and it’s really not that impressive so far. I admit that I don’t particularly hate the show, but I don’t feel like it does enough.

This entire skirmish overall has a bit of a strange impression. Because we’re only concerned with seeing what the named characters are doing, the battle looks really one-sided in the heroes’ favor. But the reality is that the heroes are fighting a losing battle and it shows in the end. However, we’re shown so many scenes where the main characters are routing their enemies pretty easily, which gives a completely different impression.

Aishela’s “death” was particularly frustrating for me. I didn’t believe for a second that a major character who hadn’t even been developed yet would die from an attack that wasn’t even shown on screen. However, she’s given a death scene that doesn’t even have time to feel dramatic before it’s yanked away by the priest. What was this meant to accomplish?

This whole “old timey” death scene for Savis didn’t really work for me.

I just feel like this show could have accomplished more if Siluca was a bit more mysterious with her motives. Instead, the series makes it blatantly obvious that she’s fallen for Theo, so it’s really hard to suspect her motives like some of the other characters.

I couldn’t ignore this scene. During this entire scene, the dying soldiers on the ground were frozen in their death pose. It was pretty hilarious and sad at the same time.