Inu x Boku SS Episode 1

I was very curious about this show from the previews. It starts off by introducing Shirakiin Ririchiyo, our delightful main character that has a habit of not communicating properly (she insults people a lot >.>). She moves into the Ayakashi Manor to be alone, but finds Miketsukami Soushi there, who is a Secret Service agent tasked with ensuring her safety. Naturally, Ririchiyo tries to get rid of him, but her efforts prove to be fruitless. Soushi also seems to know Ririchiyo for some reason.

The next day, Ririchiyo is introduced to Roromiya Karuta, another Secret Service agent tasked with a different room’s occupant. Awkward introductions aside, Soushi shows Ririchiyo around the manor, and they run into another Secret Service agent, Yukinokouji Nobara, who immediately gets a little bit too clingy with Ririchiyo. The next day, Ririchiyo opens up a bit to Soushi, telling him about her lonely past from her family name. She reveals that she wishes to become more confident and interact with others.

Soushi offers to help by talking with Ririchiyo for a while. However, this show isn’t all sunshines and roses. In the night, there is a blackout and Ririchiyo is attacked. Ririchiyo’s eyes start glowing, but she calms down when Soushi arrives. Soushi’s eyes start glowing as well and he reveals his true form as a fox spirit. Karuta and Nobara also appear to show their true forms as well, and the threat is neutralized. With the action over, Soushi reveals that Ririchiyo once saved him, which is why he remains loyal to her.

So I was wondering for a while why it was called Ayakashi Manor, but I guess it makes sense. I kinda wonder what Ririchiyo’s true form is…maybe something terrifying? Nice, light comedy mixed in with the action that a story around ayakashi brings…I liked it. I read somewhere that Ririchiyo’s personality is actually tsunshun, rather than tsundere. So she’s one of those constantly depressing people? Meh…seemed okay for this first episode. I liked the opening theme. It’s something I’d probably listen to, and it looked pretty nice. I’m not completely sure where this show will go, but I’m a bit curious.