Marth’s Manga Adventures: Enigma


I don’t really hear much about this series…I myself read it a while ago and didn’t think about it when I was choosing the series for my survival games post. The story is pretty simple…a group of people with supernatural powers gets gathered in an abandoned building to play a survival game by an unknown figure, Enigma. In order to to win, they have to solve a series of puzzles to escape from their captivity. If they succeed, they will each be granted a reward that is their big wish (or something to that effect). The main character, Sumio Haiba, has the ability to see the future when he falls asleep, which he writes in his notebook.

This was a series that I picked up when I was reading Bakuman because it was somewhat similar to a survival game series that was presented in that series. While this series probably doesn’t really stand out as a great one, I still think it did a decent job with interesting puzzles and interactions, but I don’t think it gets too deeply psychological. It’s a story we’ve probably heard before, but I’d say I was more interested in it for the mechanics rather than the pictures as a whole (if that makes any sense).