Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 4

Yamato, you brave bastard
Miyako’s normal antics at the start of the episode aside, the start of the episode focuses on Christiane, the blonde foreigner. She runs into Yamato in the bath naked, which results in much amusement. It eventually leads to Yamato telling Chris it’s okay for her to love someone that loves someone else (and like a normal harem main character, he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s talking about him). Yamato almost convinces Chris to let him look at her naked, but Miyako walks in as if on cue. Next up, Kazuko is introduced (red hair). She runs into Momoyo, who’s just been challenged by a random guy. She defeats him in an instant, so she decides to fight Yamato to compensate. Kazuko is able to save Yamato from her, though, by distracting her with a girl (apparently, Momoyo likes girls). Kazuko’s pretty energetic and has a bit of a complex about Momoyo. I guess all of the heroines are introduced now? Unless they’re gonna talk more about Momoyo, I think that’s all of the main girls in the opening theme. Definitely looks like this show’s gonna be fun to watch…it’s pretty hilarious.