Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Final Episode

So I finally got around to finishing this show. Basically, the last episode is the final battle between the Kawakami family and the Tachibana group. Everyone arrives on the scene and splits off to fight their respective opponents. At first, the Kawakami family isn’t looking so good, but then Class A arrives to back them up, also bringing Cookie.

Yamato remembers what his father tells him about a country relying on love and his vow to become Prime Minister to protect that belief. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister admits to the truth behind Tachibana’s last operation to the bandaged man, who then reveals that he has recorded the conversation.

In the end, Yamato rallies the girls and they are able to push back, causing most of the group to retreat. However, Saki and Tachibana remain. Yamato, with Cookie’s new upgrade, subdues Saki and Momoyo takes out Tachibana, but at the cost of her life. However, she reveals that she was only faking to get a kiss from Yamato and the battle ends.

I’d say this was an okay ending for this show. Yamato’s failed attempt to cover up his declaration of love at the end of the episode was pretty amusing. But how could they let Yukie take on the former professor guy all by herself? So cruel…Still, it was hilarious when she and Matsukaze switched voices in a panicked scene. I’m not sure how different this anime was from the game, but looking at the show as a whole, I’d have to say I wasn’t entirely impressed. The characters were great, but the plot wasn’t all there and the some of the episodes just seemed…not so good. Still, an enjoyable experience and possibly a formal review later. I miss watching anime on my desktop…this netbook sucks. But I’ll be heading back home this weekend.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 11

Good question, Matsukaze...
So, now we’re in the aftermath of the big battle, and the girls are having a battle royale for Yamato. While the girls sit together and watch Yamato’s porn together, Yamato talks with the bandaged-face guy about justice and whatnot. The Yamato love-fest turns into a duel between Momoyo and the other girls. Meanwhile, Tachibana declares war on the entire nation. The military responds, but civilians are used in the attack.

In the duel, Momoyo finally admits how she feels about Yamato after hearing everyone else do the same. Yamato then shows up to declare that he will fight to project Japan, rallying everyone behind him for the final showdown, which…will happen next week.

I find it hard to like Momoyo’s character for some reason. Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing. All the Yamato talk these past few episodes is starting to become a little nauseating, but I’m thinking there won’t be as much next week because of the final battle. Next week’s the finisher. Either the final battle will be short or the epilogue will be, so we’ll just have to watch and find out.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 10

Picking up from last week’s episode, Momoyo starts to fight with Tachibana again while the other girls get stuck on the train trying to join her. Meanwhile, Yamato shows up riding Cookie. The two try to disrupt Saki’s data to give Momoyo better chance. Saki hacks Cookie and reverses the situation, but the other girls show up in time to save Yamato.

Everyone attacks, but Saki uses her data analysis to defeat them. However, Yamato surprises her and manages to hit her with Cookie’s sword. This isn’t enough, though, and Saki takes Yamato as a hostage. Tachibana then reveals that she used Momoyo to demonstrate her abilities. Momoyo tries to continue the fight, but the other girls stop her to protect Yamato.

Ageha suddenly arrives, providing a distraction for Momoyo to take Saki. Tachibana shoots anyway, and manages to escape with Saki. Momoyo finally snaps and tries to force everyone to stay away from Yamato, but they just point out that she rejected him.

I guess Momoyo finally admits that she likes Yamato. All out battle for Yamato now? It’s a bit annoying that the other girls don’t really get the spotlight in the fight scenes…they just kinda get owned. It’d be interesting if they each got their own fight. Yeesh…Yamato’s quite the popular guy, huh? Well, we’ll just have to see where this goes.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 9

I'll protect you, Yukie!!!!
This week’s episode picks up from last time, with Yamato in the hospital bed. He ends up stabilizing, but not before all of the girls profess their love for him. While the girls give each other the evil eye, Yamato talks to Cookie about the fight. When he points out that Tachibana seemed to know their moves, Cookie tells him about Saki Mimori, who was also enhanced.

Momoyo continues to look for Tachibana, but Ageha tells her to stop, insulting her tenacity. Back in the hospital room, everyone is fighting over Yamato, but they are interrupted when Cookie sees that Tachibana is causing havoc in the town. Everyone rushes out to avenge Yamato, but Momoyo reaches her first. The principal heals Yamato and begs him to stop Momoyo as the episode ends.

Ok…let’s ignore the scene where everyone was in a nurse’s outfit (no matter how awesome that was). Interesting stuff so far. Definitely looks like things are preparing for a final episode. Not sure whether I like the speed that they jumped into the final arc, but I’ll live. More next week, I suppose.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 7

Alright, this week’s the redemption episode. Starting off with a training session for who I believe to be the girls that attacked everyone in one of the earliest episodes (episode 2? …and what? No Miyako??). Meanwhile Momoyo is recalling that same battle in her boredom.

Momoyo tries to relieve her boredom by messing with Yamato, but he keeps getting pulled away by the other heroines. Meanwhile, everyone is called for an extermination run for porn (lol what?). Everyone is shocked when Momoyo shows no interest in this task, instead leaving to be alone.

While Yamato is out and about, he sees one of the mystery attackers and follows her, but ends up getting captured. Yamato is almost shot, but the girls all show up (minus Momoyo) to save him. Kazuko recognizes the leader as an ex-instructor at the academy named Shakadou, which explains how the enemies know the Kawakami style.

Yamato ends up getting captured. His captor kisses him, distracting everyone, but Momoyo arrives. Momoyo moves to take down Shakadou, but is stopped by Tachibana Takae, who takes Momoyo down. The episode ends with Momoyo unleashing a super move that gets deflected, revealing a mechanical body.

What?? Plot???
So, this episode actually looks like plot, which is great to see. I was kinda wondering when those guys would show up again. Sigh…Yukie was super cute in this episode. I’m glad they’ve stepped away from the…last week’s episode. Looking forward to more as usual.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 5

I think by now, we’ve gotten the pattern. This week’s episode starts off with more of Miyako’s antics. That aside, we’re introduced to Kokoro Fushikawa, who was embarrassed in the first episode by Yamato (a video of it has been circulating around much to her dismay).

She runs into Yamato in the hall and challenges him to a duel, but he just shrugs it off. Kokoro starts trying to come up with ways to get Yamato to accept the challenge, but they are less than successful. Yamato eventually tells her she’s being cute, which leads her to believe he’s fallen in love with her.

Kokoro starts to harass Yamato while he’s eating, but he doesn’t notice. She knocks over the food his friends gave him earlier, prompting Yamato to finally accept the duel. Yamato is severely outmatched in the duel, but he refuses to give up. Kokoro finally apologizes for messing up the lunch, and Yamato concedes the duel (revealing that he was wearing armor the whole time). The next day, it’s revealed that the video of Kokoro has been deleted.

Funny episode as usual. Only focused on one girl this time. Still, I’m enjoying this show.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 4

Yamato, you brave bastard
Miyako’s normal antics at the start of the episode aside, the start of the episode focuses on Christiane, the blonde foreigner. She runs into Yamato in the bath naked, which results in much amusement. It eventually leads to Yamato telling Chris it’s okay for her to love someone that loves someone else (and like a normal harem main character, he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s talking about him). Yamato almost convinces Chris to let him look at her naked, but Miyako walks in as if on cue. Next up, Kazuko is introduced (red hair). She runs into Momoyo, who’s just been challenged by a random guy. She defeats him in an instant, so she decides to fight Yamato to compensate. Kazuko is able to save Yamato from her, though, by distracting her with a girl (apparently, Momoyo likes girls). Kazuko’s pretty energetic and has a bit of a complex about Momoyo. I guess all of the heroines are introduced now? Unless they’re gonna talk more about Momoyo, I think that’s all of the main girls in the opening theme. Definitely looks like this show’s gonna be fun to watch…it’s pretty hilarious.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 3

We start off this episode with more of Miyako’s antics to try and get Yamato to fall in love with her. When they fail miserably, Cookie asks her why she’s always so devoted to Yamato. Miyako explains that she was bullied very often as a kid and that Yamato was the one that finally stood up for her. However, when Cookie talks with Yamato, he reveals that he feels guilty that he ignored Miyako getting bullied for so long. Miyako overhears this, though, and it only causes her to love Yamato even more. We go over to Yukie, who is bathing and talking with Matsukaze (which I’m assuming is just her talking with herself). She flashes back to her first day at the academy, where she runs into Yamato. Through all of this, she somehow reaches the conclusion that she needs to marry Yamato (because he saw her panties when they met). Realizing that she needs to convince Yamato to love her as well, she resolves to become more like Momoyo. We start to learn more about Yukie, who has resolved to make a hundred friends, but has trouble with this because of how shy she is. This episode had some really nice character development in it, and I really like these two characters. Originally, I had thought to drop this show and keep following Horizon, but now it’s starting to look like the opposite might happen if Horizon doesn’t step up its game. That being said, as a professional, I must say: I do not condone the watching of uncensored versions of this show…I would never do anything like that myself (averts gaze).

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 2

This week’s episode starts with the gang heading out to perform a high-priority mission of…finding a dog. With little success finding the dog, they all return to the school (and bathe >.>). The dog shows up in the bath, and they all give chase again. While they’re chasing the dog, they stumble across a munitions warehouse and are surrounded by armed men in black. The girls take them all out with ease (I say girls because Yamato is useless >.>). When Momoyo is trying to question them, masked women appear to attack. Unlike those men, they are skilled and a match for the girls. The girls notice that they use techniques from the Kawakami Academy. However, the masked women are signaled to retreat and they get away. Despite this, the gang is able to find the dog. So…still trying to figure out what this show is about…