Marth’s Manga Adventures: Strategy Game Edition

It shouldn’t be too surprising that I enjoy playing strategy games…it also shouldn’t be surprising that I like reading manga about these games. Here are some of the series I liked.



Hikaru no Go

Let me start this off by saying that I play go at a very casual level. It’s one of those games that’s really hard to get into. This series, Hikaru no Go, was my introduction to the game. It’s an old Shounen Jump manga that I used to read when I was in high school. The story is about a kid with no experience playing go who is possessed by the ghost of a go player, who then introduces him to the game (somewhat forcefully). I will go ahead and say up front that the ending of the series is very disappointing. That being said, I still thought that the story was fun to read. The series does teach a lot of the basics of the game, but doesn’t get too technical about the details.




I’m still pretty behind in the manga for this series, but I’ve watched the anime adaptation. Unlike Hikaru no Go, this series is a grittier look into the gambling world. It’s set in the same world as Kaiji, if you’re familiar with that series and would prefer a broader look at gambling. I personally prefer Akagi because I find the game of mahjong more interesting. There’s not too much to say about this story…it’s about a guy named Akagi who gambles playing mahjong. I think it’s interesting because I like reading about how Akagi outsmarts his opponents, but I admit it may not be for everyone.


Chess is easily my favorite of these strategy games and the game I probably know most about…that being said, finding a chess-related manga has been a serious struggle. The only one I’ve ever found is Chrono Monochrome, which is about a guy who controls a chess robot, and I couldn’t really get into it. But hey…if you know of another series I can try, let me know…