Golden Time Episode 10: Ghost Banri is too strong!

[HorribleSubs] Golden Time - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.33_[2013.12.07_12.08.35]

Well, I guess Ghost Banri didn’t get too much time to do anything with his body before being ripped out. But apparently, he left his feelings for Linda behind when he left. I wonder if that indicates that the two personalities are starting to fuse. Personally, I think we should just sacrifice New Banri and be on our way.

So are things basically back to normal for next week? I’m curious what the state of New Banri’s feelings is right now. Also, the disappearance of the photo of Banri and Linda could be the reason why Kouko was so anxious last week. That means more drama’s to come? No more lovey dovey stuff for a while?

Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 4

More love polygon action going on this week. Yeesh…there’s a lot of teen drama. Okay…where to start? Like a boss, Kaoru kisses Ritsuko, but she ends up running off. Poor guy…At least he gets a better understanding of Sentarou, who turns out to be just as uncomfortable at home as Kaoru is (bromance engage?). Meanwhile, Jun goes to work too, stealing Yurika’s affections with his calm problem-solving and maturity.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s starting to look more likely that Sentarou ends up with Ritsuko or something. Yurika’s not central enough of a character…I find it likely that she’ll be with Jun in the end…especially after seeing how much more innocent that scene with Sentarou was than what Kaoru first thought.

Of course, another option is that Sentarou, Kaoru, and Ritsuko just have their trio of friends ending…that could work. Another part of the episode was that the jazz becomes a tad more central…with the first gig and everything. We finally get to hear them play…I mean like really play. The random English made sense…and it didn’t actually sound too slurred. Even when Jun was saying/singing it. So the romances becoming slightly more clear and the music coming out more…wonder what happens next.

Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 3

The complications begin this week. Ritsuko becomes jealous of the new girl Yurika Fukahori for the attention she gets from Sentaro, showing that she truly does have a crush on him. Poor Kaoru tries to help her, but his efforts are misinterpreted as an interest in Yurika himself. But he finally gains the courage to admit to Ritsuko that she is the one he truly likes. Early confessions like this are always problematic. Even if Ritsuko accepts (which is unlikely because she likes Sentaro), there will always be something that gets in the way because there’s still so much of the show left.

I’m just guessing she turns him down and maybe later falls in love with him, but his affections are elsewhere and the drama will commence from there. Then again, we can’t assume that Sentaro’s love is so simple either. It may very well be the case that he realizes that he actually likes Ritsuko and he dumps Yurika or something. Or we could go the Occam’s Razor route and just say that Ritsuko ends up with Kaoru and Sentaro ends up with Yurika…we’ll just have to see. I look forward to seeing where this goes. I also think that the pigeon (Sarah) should do something epic…just because…it would be awesome?