Sword Art Online II Episode 6: Sinon vs Kirito already?

[Commie] Sword Art Online II - 06 [41C0707D].mkv_snapshot_19.35_[2014.08.11_06.39.54]

Finally, we have a scene where Spiegel and Death Gun are shown at the same time. It absolves him of a bit of suspicion, but not completely because his behavior is strange and Death Gun could be multiple people. It looks like Kirito participated in a raid on the Laughing Coffin HQ in SAO, which explains his connection with the guild despite not seeing them all too much in the first season.

The interesting question that was brought up here was whether Death Gun is a surviving member of the raid or a “killed” member. Another interesting point that was brought up this episode was Kirito’s comment to Sinon. He mentions that he doesn’t know if he was still able to kill someone in the real world to save someone he loved, as he did in the first season. Either that was just a way to connect with Sinon or it suggests that a situation will arise in this season where Kirito will once again be able to kill someone in the real world with his actions in the game.