Knight’s & Magic Final Episode (13): Consistently fun

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Honestly, I thought that this final episode was a satisfying ending even if it was predictably open-ended. In particular, the final fight between Ernesti and Oratio didn’t feel as one-sided as it was. It might have just been because Doroteo was there to show emotion for Oratio, but there was no hackneyed scene where Oratio loses his mind trying to “get a win” on Ernesti. He pits his full power against Ernesti’s full power and loses pretty honestly.

I think the big issue I had with the episode was the “ideals” battle between Oratio and Ernesti. I don’t mind the idea of pitting elegance against practicality. It actually reminds me of the issues I have to deal with commonly as a software developer. That much would have been enough, but the argument then boiled down to “Silhouette Knights vs. Levitate Ships”, which kinda counters Oratio’s argument. It’s not like the Levitate Ship is always practical…his ideal seems to be the same as Ernesti’s at the end of the day.

As I said in a previous episode, I really don’t have a problem with giving Kid the “hero” moments when it comes to saving Eleonora. In fact, I would say that the fact that Eleonora has a role in the battle was a positive point for me even if she doesn’t fight. I feel like there are way too many cases where the king/queen “heroically” decides to join the final battle but just stands there without any trouble.

Final Score: 7/10 Story felt weak because it was going so fast, but I can’t help but give points for the mech battles.


Knight’s & Magic Episode 12: The big reason

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For some reason, I found this episode funnier than I think was intended. It has always been an aspect of this series, but I found it stood out more in this episode. I mean, they even bothered to make a joke out of the fact that the sword guy leaves his swords scattered across the battlefield. That’s more than I would expect.

I’m starting to feel like it’s a conspiracy that the Guair gets the good fights. And it was a small thing, but I totally thought that the sword machine was going to explode after Dietrich stabbed it. It’s a common scene in mecha series and they definitely had a good excuse given that the Ether Reactor had just failed.

It’s a bit sad that this statement has to be made. Still, I don’t have a problem with presenting an enemy who is an actual challenge for Ernesti. You’d expect Ernesti to laugh off the big surprises that Oratio throws at him in a typical villain interaction, but they’re actually having a legitimate competition.

I’d say my biggest source of confusion in this episode is the timetable. Ernesti had time to solve the smokescreen issues with the Ikaruga, and Oratio had time to upgrade the Vyers. I really can’t keep up with how much time is passing.

Ernesti’s final comment in the episode also ended up being pretty funny. His motivation is just to keep the fighting restricted to giant robots, which is hilarious. There are no grand ideals going on for this guy…

Knight’s & Magic Episode 11: Bringing out the big guns

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I still think it’s cool how this series escalates technological advances, but I thought this episode wasn’t super interesting overall. I think my main issue is the prince. It’s not particularly satisfying for me to see a character who was clearly propped up as a simple “evil guy” die in rather unceremonious manner. It feels like a general lack of creativity. Heck, I even thought the prince’s suicide was another act of stupidity at first. It looked a lot like he was trying to bring down Ernesti, who had already demonstrated that he could fly.

Uhh…good for Kid? I suppose it’s nice when the main character doesn’t get the girl, but I get the sense that Ernesti’s a bit too far off for that kind of development.

I’m not sure I totally understood what Ernesti was saying about etherite, but it sounds like they’re acting as a battery system. I’m more curious about what Ernesti said about the etherite degrading the Ether Reactor. It reminds me a bit of how combustion engines get worn by the explosions that happen inside them.

You know, I was honestly expecting the new dragon unit to be called a Mobile Armor. That was totally what I thought it was. And I think it’s great that Oratio adapted Ernesti’s technology to suit his own preferences rather than blindly copying them (like the laboratory did in the mock fight).

Knight’s & Magic Episode 10: Vengeance

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I guess this week’s episode was mostly about setting up new relationships. Kid has pretty much been paired with Eleonora, and Ernesti has met his adult self (though he’s technically already an adult in mind). I think giving Ernesti a rival innovator should make things more interesting. It also explains why the enemy kingdom was able to repurpose the stolen Silhouette Knights so quickly.

On Kid’s side of things, I don’t have too many comments. Eleonora’s story of growing into her new role as ruler doesn’t seem too special. But at least it gives Kid something to do other than play subordinate to Ernesti.

How do top two back weapons? Use four back weapons!

The big “key” reveal in this episode felt like it should have been more important than it was. My reaction is probably related to how the key was originally presented in the series. Of course, it makes sense that the invaders wouldn’t expect Ernesti to develop a security system. I’m sure Silhouette Knight theft was something that had always existed in this world, and Ernesti is the first person to actually do something about it.

And finally, I want to talk about…well, I can’t remember her name. While her death seems pretty deserved, I was honestly expecting more of a fight out of her. Sure, she was able to get a hit on Edgar, but she was effectively demolished in this battle. Maybe she’s not that important of a character after all.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 9: The next quest

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I’m not sure if my perception is distorted by the accelerated timeline in this series, but this week’s progression seemed pretty reasonable overall. Immediately after (finally) giving Ernesti his custom Silhouette Knight, the series proceeds directly to the biggest loose end available, the stolen prototype Silhouette Knight. I’m going to ignore the fact that the plot is a pretty standard “save the princess” line.

As a random question: were there extra sound effects in the opening song? I’m pretty sure those weren’t there in previous episodes. I didn’t really understand what they added, I happened to notice them before skipping the opening.

After being focused on Ernesti for so long, it’s nice that the series pans out to show a completely different part of the world next. It’s easy to forget that his innovations are still barely in implementation, so a separate kingdom like Kuschpercha would have no clue that these new suits even exist.

It’s definitely nice to see the new Ikaruga in action. It’s pretty much as overpowered as you would expect. Personally, I’m really curious about how it manages power, since that’s been such a recurring issue. I didn’t get a clear sense from last week’s episode if the dual core that Ernesti created was meant to solve that issue.

While the Bronze Fang people are fine, this new kingdom that they’re helping seems a bit suspect. I guess we’re not supposed to think too much about them, but this prince was the worst of them. He felt like he was being portrayed as excessively evil just for the sake of being evil. How do we make this guy seem even more evil? Have him drug an innocent princess! Brilliant!

Guair still gets all of the good fights. However, this new enemy unit seems interesting too. Slamming a bunch of swords together in a single Silhouette Knight sounds like this world’s version of Exia. I can’t complain.

Anyway, this change could be interesting. Up to this point, Ernesti has been making whatever he wants. I’m curious to see how he will act when he has to create new weapons in response to an enemy.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 8: Finally full build

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It looks like the secrets of the Ether Reactors are finally revealed. They were…not as interesting as I expected. I guess I was expecting more of a dark secret behind them, not a simple case of lacking ability. Instead, the explanation we got felt strange. The elder insists that no human could ever create a reactor because they don’t live long enough, but Ernesti learns how to do it in 3 months. I know he’s overpowered, but that seems a bit absurd.

Compared to the mech-on-mech battles we’ve seen up to this point, the battle to defend the secret village was much less impressive. But I guess you can’t really ask for much when the main characters are literally squashing bugs. It’s nice to keep seeing new suits, but the fight itself was just a massacre.

Even the queen went down pretty quickly against Ernesti. I guess they needed an excuse to give him another danger beast heart.

I didn’t really mind the history that this episode gave for the Alvs, though. They seem pretty interesting even if they’re totally not elves.

It seems Ernesti finally has his custom suit now. I’m definitely curious to see how it will do in battle and what new features Ernesti has been able to add now that every part of the suit is his creation.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 7: More combat

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This week’s episode was just a joy to watch. I still feel like I’m missing a lot of context in this series, but both of the fights in the episode were really cool. If I had to name a favorite in this episode, I would probably choose the Guair. I felt like I couldn’t see past the gimmicks in the other suits, and Dietrich’s fight was pure swordplay…much more appealing.

The result of the mock battle wasn’t super surprising either…they made it pretty clear last week that the lab was a good support system for Ernesti’s crazy inventions.

This scene is my main question for this episode. I’m not sure if this was explained earlier in the series, but I don’t remember much being said about mana regeneration in this world. Was this something new that Ernesti developed in this suit or has it just never been a significant factor? Also, Ernesti’s suit seems to be getting closer and closer to a Gundam…

I was initially skeptical about the battle between the former king and his grandson. It didn’t make sense to me that Ernesti would create the same Silhouette Knight for both of them. But after the fight, it was pretty clear that the two were very similar. I guess it works out.

And I guess this episode was introducing a new foe of some sort. Is this girl supposed to be related to the beasts? She seems important enough to be a character.

Also, it really sucks to be Addy…

Knight’s & Magic Episode 6: More suits

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A lot of pieces in this episode felt off, but I think I was okay with a couple of the main points. This episode seemed to really push Ernesti’s motivations. He’s afraid that he won’t be able to accomplish his goal of creating his dream machine before he runs out of time. I don’t particularly have a problem with this, but I have to say that the nightmare sequences were a bit strange, especially the second time.

I also get the sense that the Silhouette Knight Laboratory and the Order of the Silver Phoenix will work out okay in this series. The Laboratory has shown itself to be capable of translating Ernesti’s designs into more practical models, while Ernesti continues to break the mold with his new Silhouette Knights. I know it was shown as a rivalry, but they clearly compliment each other.

Let’s get into some of the stuff that didn’t really make sense. First off, we had this random innovation with the “simpler” powered suit. Was I supposed to know enough to understand why a miniaturized Magius Engine would make it easier for a suit to be piloted? That seemed to come out of nowhere and Ernesti’s explanation didn’t seem to help.

The “lock and key” system for the Silhouette Knights also came as a bit of a surprise. I understand that it logically followed from the recent theft incident, but it once again came out of nowhere. The key seemed like a pretty big innovation that tied together with past events, but Ernesti literally pulls it out of thin air and we’re just supposed to accept that.

But anyway…we got a new suit. Next week, let’s see it in action.

Knight’s & Magic Episode 5: Enemy hands

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I think this week’s episode was more enjoyable overall because it had a lot more fighting in it. As much as I criticize this series, I have to say that the mecha fights look pretty good even when comparing to human fights in anime. It feels like I’m sitting back and actually watching two robots fight, not a jumbled mass of motion.

Now, on to criticism. I seriously have no idea what’s going on with the narration in this episode. In this particular scene, you would have be completely blind to need the narrator’s description of the scene. And at the end of the episode, an entire battle against a horde of demon beasts is completely skipped in favor of narration that effectively says “the main characters won”. It’s really frustrating.

Another point in the episode that rubbed me the wrong way was Ernesti’s introduction to the fight. While I perfectly buy that he’d be able to wipe out the enemies by himself, it seemed really odd that the enemies around the castle were completely still while he was attacking them. It’s shown later in the episode that the power suits are hard to see, but I feel like they should have been fighting someone else or running away.

I take minor issue with Kid’s win in this episode. I’m willing to accept it as comedic relief, but I think Kid deserved a chance to shine rather than a pure dumb luck win. They’ve established in previous episodes that he’s pretty capable from his training with Ernesti. But I admit this is a pretty small thing.

It’s a bit funny that the bandits effectively helped Ernesti with his goal by giving the king a reason to make him responsible for new Silhouette Knight development. Granted it’s not an ideal situation, but isn’t Ernesti pretty much getting what he wants?

Knight’s & Magic Episode 4: The dreaded presentation

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I found this episode less frustrating than previous episodes, but it still has its share of issues. Honestly, the scenes surrounding Ernesti’s meeting with the marquis seemed fine. The marquis clearly wanted to trick Ernesti into revealing a hidden scheme and Ernesti basically blinded him with pure passion. When the marquis offers to take over Ernesti’s work and present it to the king, Ernesti’s reaction also kinda makes sense. As a former programmer, I don’t expect he would mind talking about his work, but multiple formal presentations of the same product are excessive. The marquis was basically offering to do some of the business stuff for him, allowing Ernesti to continue working.

This episode also seems to get at the reason behind the slow improvements in Silhouette Knight design when Addy mentions that Ernesti’s talent is thinking of Silhouette Knights outside the realm of human anatomy. Human anatomy can be frustratingly inefficient at times and it changes slowly, so it would be difficult to make rapid improvements with such constraints.

The Order of the Bronze Fang was probably the most awkward part of this episode in my eyes. They’ve been showcased before in this series, but they still felt unnecessary in this episode. When the shaker worms attack, I could only suspect that the marquis or the suspicious father of Addy and Kid was behind it. It’s really hard for me to believe that the trip to meet the marquis and the shaker worm attack were unrelated. Add in the fact that the ending of the episode is some sort of precursor for war and I just can’t make any sense of these bandits.

Plus, why do these men need to bring out every single person who has worked on the new units in order to arrange a meeting with the marquis? Why not just talk to someone in charge?

Ernesti’s ramblings seem interesting, but I’m curious how far they can carry the series. The events at the end of this episode make me wonder if everything is headed towards an ending where the series says “now that you’ve made the new machines, Ernesti, let’s just throw them into standard combat for the rest of the season”. It just seems like a bit of a waste.