Captain Earth Episode 22: Lots of potential death flags…

[HorribleSubs] Captain Earth - 22 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.55_[2014.09.03_06.44.17]

Well, that was a weird end to the episode, suggesting that all of the events leading up to this point were a dream by Daichi. Presumably, next week will reveal what the true nature of Daichi’s dream is. I’m assuming it’s a hallucination that will end, returning the story back to the critical moment that was interrupted. Maybe Daichi will realize something important that will save the team.

Of course, the other option is that the dream is being induced by someone, possibly the Garm Engine, but it’s a bit less likely because Salty Dog didn’t seem like they intended to leave anyone but Hana alive. A lot of moments in this episode really made me apprehensive about the survival of the main characters at the end of the series. Should I be expecting character death? I guess we’ll see…

Captain Earth Episode 19: Time to begin the plan?

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So what was the point of giving Hana the Flare Engine if they were just going to trap her in the Blume for the final plan? Is that supposed to mean that Akari will inherit the Flare Engine? Also, I’m not entirely sure I buy this “trapped in the Blume” thing. From her flashbacks, it looked more like Hana was the one who decided to leave the Blume when she noticed the light from Daichi. Are we sure she can’t just leave by herself?

All of the dramatic flashbacks surrounding Hana really do make me wonder about her ending with Daichi…it look suspiciously like a romance ending is out of the question. Anyway, it looks like next week the Planetary Gears will be making their move on the Globe satellite. Haven’t seen those guys in a while…

Captain Earth Episode 17: The salt is real

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I guess this week’s episode was devoted to allow Teppei and Daichi show off to Salty Dog. One could only hope they would be more amenable now that their Cerberus defense system failed so horribly. I’m also guessing that the backdoor Akari found this week to shut down the Kiltgangs is useless going forward? The fact that she seems so useful as a hacker really suggests that there won’t be another engine for her to pilot.

I can’t believe they devoted time this week to showing the expansion sequences for both Nebula and Earth Engines. Imagine how much time will be wasted when they decide to expand all three. Anyway, the preview looks like Salty Dog is still going to be the main obstacle for the time being. I’m assuming the Planetary Gears are going to take some time to get ready for their full invasion. Is that going to be before or after Globe’s full invasion?

Captain Earth Episode 15: Finally another engine

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It looks like Hana ends up getting a Livlaster after all. I guess that new machine from last week might go to Hana as predicted. But doesn’t that mean that Akari should logically get her own Livlaster eventually as well? She hasn’t been doing too much lately (other than standing by on the ground next too a mecha battle…who does that?). Meanwhile, on the other side, it looks like Setsuna has turned (easily as always). Also, the guy in the suit finally finds out that his plan has been hijacked by Puck…who subsequently hijacks him.

Next week, it looks like Hana will be heading to space in the new Flare Engine against a new Kiltgang. I still don’t quite understand what she is…is she another designer’s child? Setsuna seems to have been. But Teppei talks about having created her, so she’s somehow artificially one? A clone, maybe?

Captain Earth Episode 13: Another one down

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Well, at least Bugbear is a better character than the other designer’s children we’ve seen so far. The others just seemed like they were rushed through. Bugbear’s singularity isn’t explained too well, though. His illusions are somehow autonomous and tangible…the word “illusion” usually suggests that they would be immaterial. But that’s just me being nitpicky.

Obligatory beach episode is next week’s episode, it seems. Also, it’s possible we’ll learn more about Hana. We still aren’t sure how she fits in this story. Also, if we’re getting a break from the Machine Goodfellow and designer’s child stuff, does that mean the Earth Engine will be fighting again? We haven’t seen that guy in quite a while…