Mayo Chiki Episode 6

The school festival has arrived! Jirou is stuck with Usami on a date and they two go around with Usami showcasing a bit of her tsundere attitude. Konoe interrupts them, though, as she has taken it upon herself to watch and make sure Jirou doesn’t do anything inappropriate. They all detour into an animal cafe which turns out to be run by Jirou’s sister’s class. After attacking Usami (not in the way you might expect), Kureha is distracted by Konoe’s presence. Usami gets angry at Jirou and yells at him to go ahead and spend time with Konoe. Jirou is about to leave, but he is attacked by a girl in a sheep costume who introduces herself as Narumi Knuckle, the chairwoman of the Committee. She warns him to escape so that he doesn’t get caught in the war between the Committee (the ones that are pro-Jirou+Konoe) and the S4 (the ones that are anti-Jirou+Konoe). She also warns him not to trust Usami, but Usami interrupts her to reveal that she is actually cat-ear girl. Usami turns to attack Jirou, but Konoe shows up to protect him. Konoe and Jirou escape with Narumi, and the three sneak into a secret meeting. The brains behind the operation reveals herself as Kanade (O.o), and she proposes a quiz event to decide the winner of the war. Konoe and Jirou take the Committee’s side, and when they reach the final deciding question, it turns out to be about Konoe’s first kiss. Although reluctant, she finally answers that it was in fact Jirou. The S4 gets mad and starts to move in on Jirou, but Jirou tries to stop them by confessing to Kanade. Kanade quickly rejects him, but it gives him the opportunity to escape. Jirou asks her about Usami and Kanade tells him that she quit the S4, prompting him to run off to find her. He finds her on the roof. Usami reveals that the real reason that she wanted to be with Jirou is because she saw Konoe as someone similar to her, and she wanted Jirou to change her in a similar way as he did with Konoe. Jirou drags her off and tells her about his gynophobia. Konoe shows up as well to apologize and Usami finally decides to change herself. She then vows to cure Jirou’s gynophobia. Interesting episode…this show…yeah…

Mayo Chiki Episode 4

OMG! KONOE IN CAT EARS! More complications in this episode. Subaru is kicked out of the mansion due to a fight with her father, so she goes to stay with Jirou. After beating the crap out of him…erm, training, Jirou takes a bath. However, Subaru walks in to join him (O.o). However, Kureha returns home from her camp (after fighting a bear…standard). To add to that, Kanade appears to compete with Subaru in a maid vs. butler show match. Kanade proceeds to do embarrassing things to Jirou, but the competition is called off when Jirou passes out. Turns out that Jirou caught a cold. Subaru proceeds to use a variety of painful remedies to try to cure Jirou. However, Kanade arrives to take Jirou away. The two go to meet with Subaru’s father, who blames Jirou for causing Subaru to become distant (well…it is kinda his fault). However, Subaru arrives to take Jirou away again. Jirou refuses to go, wanting Subaru to make up with her father. However, Subaru breaks down, having worried about Jirou and fearing that he may die. Jirou almost loses consciousness again, but gets back up to try to talk to Subaru again. Kanade tries to stop him and get him to a hospital, but he brushes her off. Jirou then assures Subaru that he won’t die and that she should return to the mansion. He then passes out in Subaru’s arms. The next day, Subaru thanks him for his help. However, because of his actions the day before, Kanade randomly kisses him, making the love triangle into a love trapezoid (because rectangles are lame). Oh…this show…It’s so hilarious, not gonna lie. I thought it might turn into a reverse harem revolving around Subaru, but it looks like it might turn into some sort of double harem (that’s like…twice as much harem).