Valvrave the Liberator Episode 14: What a touching family moment


It looks like a brief aside this week to handle some family matters between Satomi and Akira. I guess Akira was tacked on at the end of the first part, so she didn’t really get much time to explain anything. I’m not sure why they made such a big deal about the scene where the controls blow up in Haruto’s face. Is it because everyone will realize that he regenerates so quickly? That he’s basically lost his humanity?

Anyway, it looks like everyone has landed in Dorssian territory. I think the girl who was briefly shown watching the shuttle go down was the girl from L-Elf’s past, right? More than likely, that means that they will soon meet her and uncover a bit more about him. It’s about time.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 13: Back with more outer space vampirism


So after a break, this show is back with the second half. When we left off, the enemy commander Cain had taken control of a seemingly defective Valvrave unit to fight against Haruto. But that battle ended quickly. More interesting is just how much Haruto is connected to the Valvrave units…but only him. Do the other units share the spirit that’s in Haruto’s unit? But only he can interact with it because his unit is the original?

Sigh…I dunno why, but I have a soft spot for T.M. Revolution. I can’t help but like the opening song. Anyway, it looks like the Dorssians might be starting to mass-produce Valvrave units…or at least units like Valvrave, but inferior (he did call them “children”). Wait…is it supposed to be like what Haruto and the others have? The other colored units are children of Haruto’s unit?

Valvrave the Liberator Final Episode: A weapon that hacks the enemy? Cool!


Yeah…when I heard about the second season, I suspected this season would end on a cliffhanger. What a nuisance. And it looks like Akira will be the final Valvrave pilot…I considered her earlier on, but forgot for some reason. Just how many Valvraves are there? I thought it would stop at 6. The unit 2 that Cain took accounts for that, but why does the preview have L-Elf saying something about another pilot? I still insist that he shouldn’t have a Valvrave…

So what exactly are these beings that are being thrown into the Valvrave suits? Are they some sort of extraterrestrial life or are they just AIs? They seem to have human-like associations (the girl called the other one “brother”)…that doesn’t really indicate one or the other, though. Basically nothing is resolved in this “final episode”…it’s like the first season was just choosing the pilots.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 11: Haruto what are you doing??


Well, that’s pretty much the definition of taking responsibility. Yeesh…wasn’t expecting Haruto to straight-out propose to Rukino because of what he did. Does he give up on Shouko or is he just resigning his humanity and his chance for happiness forever? Alternatively, he could just be trying to give Rukino a reason to live or something…

I can’t tell whether Shouko is supposed to be Cagalli, Flay, or both. Haruto is responsible for her father’s death, which is like Flay, but she doesn’t seem to be the type of person to hold a grudge. With this proposal from Haruto, though…it could be possible. As for the Cagalli angle, her father is the leader of the neutral nation and very clearly sacrificed himself for her. If Haruto turns out to be Shouko’s brother, then we might be getting somewhere. But if she’s one of those two, then that means she’s never going to be with Haruto…oh well, now I’m also seeing some possible motivation for Shouko to pilot the last Valvrave unit…

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 10: And suddenly school festival


Whoa…what the heck did I just see? Did Haruto just attempt to reproduce? Just as Shoko told everyone her plan to confess to him? That’s so wrong on so many levels. So was he being controlled by the girl in his Valvrave? They made it pretty clear that she was linked to him somehow. What makes him so special?

So it looks like some aftermath is in order for next week…how is Haruto gonna explain this one? If he was having self-esteem issues with Shoko before, this clearly doesn’t help. I’m starting to become pretty convinced Haruto’s going to die…why else did they show that scene of the future that only had Rukino in that one episode? They seem to be torching him pretty hard.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9: Blue is always the best


Oh dang…not one, but two more pilots. Both the punk kid and the revenge kid got their own suits. All according to L-Elf’s plan, it seems. While Thunder’s suit is decent, I think the blue suit is the coolest I’ve seen by far (green one was terrible). If I had to use one, I’d definitely go blue. Also, I stand by my belief that L-Elf won’t have a suit. But who will get it, then? Shoko?

Well, at least it’s not just a bunch of random kids who happened to get the Valvraves. I was wondering when the genetic engineering aspect of Gundam SEED was gonna show up. It also seems like half-mask guy on the Dorssian side is also part of the experiment. So what’s going to happen to the last suit? And it seems like Haruto might be suffering some adverse effects…maybe he needs to drink some blood.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8: Finally an ally


The bromance begins! L-Elf finally joins up with everyone. Now he’ll be turned, likely using this princess that he seems to have feelings for. There’s also this connection between the enemy commander and the Valvrave suits…I say he counts as half-masked, so he might be getting his own Valvrave suit.

Looks like next week, someone else gets a suit. Will it be vengeance guy? He seems like the most likely candidate right now. Could be L-Elf, but I still think the show’s better if he doesn’t have one. If the show wants to parallel Gundam SEED harder, then he’ll get one, though. The title has Thunder in it, so punk kid is a possibility too.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7: Is L-Elf an ally already?

Are we ever going to find out who this girl is?
Are we ever going to find out who this girl is?

It looks like L-Elf doesn’t want to return to Dorssia’s side even if they offer to forgive him. Of course, there’s the possibility that he can predict that they would dispose of him if he did. But the more likely scenario is that he actually has a grudge against them linked to the photo of the girl he has in his pocket. And now he’s using Haruto to orchestrate his revenge.

I’m really doubting that L-Elf pilots one of the Valvraves. It’s likely that the student council president guy will, though…out of some form of resentment. Either him or the guy who found the dead girl this week (he would do it out of vengeance, probably). What was that scene at the start of the episode? It looked like it was the future…but why does it show Rukino and what are we supposed to see?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6

Never a smart thing to say.

Trying to branch off, huh? So another vampire has been created…it was a whole new suit after all. This of course means that there are five in total and three more people will be converted. My vote goes to punk kid for candidate…the high-and-mighty girl too. Not sure who the last one will be…the engineer? Or L-Elf? He doesn’t seem to need it, though. I highly doubt it will be Shouko.

Figaro died pretty quickly and easily…made me chuckle. Well, at least now Haruto has someone else who has become a monster…he can start his recovery back to humanity. So is Haruto’s Valvrave supposed to be balanced while Rukino’s focuses on mobility? Anyway, more Dorssia fights next week, I guess…I can’t tell all that much from the preview.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5


Wow…he’s the only one who would think to push the glowing red button and turn the power back on? Yeah, dude…real impressive your knowledge of mechanics. I guess this episode was supposed to show that the kids could handle themselves…it was kinda to be expected for a bunch of kids suddenly in control. L-Elf is still lurking about, though.

So what did they find? More suits or just upgrades for the current suit? I didn’t see enough to suggest a separate working suit, so I don’t think Haruto has anything to be worried about. Well, we’ll find out soon because the preview shows one of them being used next week.