No. 6 Episode 7

This episode starts with Nezumi asking Inukashi to help him get information on the correctional facility in No. 6. Inukashi initially refuses, but Nezumi begs him to help him, and he finally agrees. We then switch over to Karan inside No. 6, who discovers that Safu’s records have been purged. She starts to talk with an old lady in a park, but is saved by Youming before she reveals too much to the lady, who was actually a spy. Youming then takes her back to her shop, revealing that he has been investigating No. 6 due to his own suspicions (I figured that guy would end up being important). Back in the Western District, Shion is still trying to find a cure for the bee syndrome, but is not having luck finding the necessary tools. Rikiga is touched by his kindness for some reason and decides to buy him some new clothes. At the clothing shop, Shion finds a jacket that he recognizes as Safu’s (dun dun duuuun). Meanwhile, Safu awakes in a testing chamber and overhears some scientists referring to her as a “perfect sample” for their project. Inukashi approaches Nezumi, telling him about the jacket that Shion found. Inukashi reveals that it was actually him that smuggled the jacket from the correctional facility and he concludes that Nezumi is trying to save Safu. He warns Nezumi that Shion will be going after Safu himself, but Nezumi just tells him to keep doing his job. That night, Nezumi talks a bit with Shion and both hide what they truly know from each other. Nezumi finds Shion heading towards No. 6 and proceeds to punch him for his foolishness. He tells Shion about Safu and that he made the preparations to go save her, but Shion punches him back for hiding it from him, saying he wishes to be Nezumi’s equal. This shocks Nezumi, and he finally tells Shion what he means to him (…). The episode ends with Nezumi telling Shion that he has something to show him.

This episode…urgh…I dunno if I can keep watching this show. What do you guys think? Worth my time?

No. 6 Episode 5

Let’s get right into the action. This episode starts with a super hypocrite girl getting owned by the bees. We switch over to Shion’s love interest, Safu, who seems to be leading a fairly normal life at her new school (or whatever her rendition of normal is). Meanwhile, Shion is reading to a couple of random kids. Nezumi leaves to do whatever it is he does, and Shion asks to join him, but Nezumi refuses to take him, knowing that Shion will distract him. Later, Shion is talking about this with Inukashi when Rikiga, the informant from the last episode, shows up. He starts to try to insult Inukashi, but one of Nezumi’s rats shows up and scares the crap out of him (but they’re so cute…). All of the comedy aside, Rikiga asks Inukashi about strange incidents in No. 6 with people aging and dying (sound familiar?). Inukashi asks Shion to tell them everything he knows about the bees and he obliges. After explaining about his condition, Shion realizes that he needs to let Nezumi know and rushes off to find him at a play, having taken a female role (no wonder they call him Eve). Nezumi notices Shion, but continues to act. However, he and Safu (who is still in a completely different place), simultaneously pass out for some reason. Shion starts to have a strange vision and freaks out, calling out for Shion, who pulls him out and wakes him up. Shion then tests his mental state with some hilariously easy math questions. As Shion asks Nezumi what happened, Nezumi gives an identical answer to Safu, who is explaining the same thing to a nurse. Safu reveals that she has become aware of Nezumi’s existence somehow, as her mother walks into tell her that they are returning to No. 6 because her grandmother is dead. After hearing about the bee activity in No. 6, Nezumi is delighted and pulls Shion aside to dance (O.o). Afterwards, Shion says some pretty weird stuff to Nezumi about being afraid to lose him, which confuses Nezumi quite a lot (quite understandably). This episode was pretty good. The yaoi undertones are starting to make me a little wary, but I liked the cuts between Shion/Nezumi and Safu in No. 5. It would be pretty depressing for Safu to lost to Nezumi after her awesome pickup line, but meh..we’ll see what happens.