Brave 10 Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with Saizou once again giving Isanami the cold shoulder and running off to be alone. He then runs into a childhood friend, Ana, who is under employ of Yukimura as well. When Yukimura and Isanami appear, Ana tells them all about a serpent that’s rumored to be killing people in the area. Saizou goes out looking for the snake, with Isanami tagging along. The two find the serpent, but it turns out to be an exploding puppet controlled by someone else.

The explosion traps Saizou and Isanami underground, where Isanami tells Saizou what he means to her before Saizou gets them out. Meanwhile, the castle is being attacked. Sasuke faces off against the serpent’s master, refusing Ana’s help. Meanwhile, the other attacker goes after Isanami, introducing himself as Hattori Hanzo, who she recognizes as the man who attacked her shrine.

Saizou arrives to fight against Hattori while Rokurou and Yukimura take out the stragglers. Saizou is getting owned, but Isanami’s words motivate him to continue fighting. When Sasuke and Ana arrive, Hattori retreats. Pretty interesting episode. This show is starting to seem almost DragonBallZ in the way that all of the attacks happen without anyone actually making a movement. It’s just flash…blood..

Next week it looks like another one of Yukimura’s ten warriors will be appearing? I kinda doubt it’s another enemy. We still don’t quite understand the nature of the enemy or why Yukimura is gathering heroes, but I guess we’ll see. Also, who is Hattori to Saizou? He seemed to know a lot about him, so I wonder if they have a past. More next week, I guess.