Robotics;Notes Episode 14

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Of course it’s Kill-Ballad to get the password. Well, that’s Kona’s stuff…she finally trusts everyone enough not to be a total shut-in. Maybe that means Subaru actually has a chance. Speaking of which, he’s the only one whose story is left, right? Maybe Kona’s the one who has the chance.

My fear now is that things will slow down again…which seems weird to me after all the trouble of the solar flare. All of Tokyo is still without power, right? That means that there’s still stuff to do, right? Gotta solve the mysteries of Gunvarrel and defeat the enemy.

Robotics;Notes Episode 8

Man, here I was thinking something was finally gonna happen in this show. They get abducted and all that happens is a proposal was refused? That’s no fun. Also, Kai has to do all of those tasks for the second report and for the last one, he just fakes the number and succeeds? After how difficult the green button thing was? That was pretty anticlimactic.

Anyway, we learn about some secret organization, but still don’t know much about it. It’s clear from the “human experimenting” part of the report that they must have been behind the SS Anemone business…and are likely the ones watching Kai. I’m still under the impression that Akiho’s sister is being controlled by them, but I don’t have any idea what their work has to do with the giant robot. This show is pretty slow, isn’t it?