Golden Kamuy Episode 14: Everyone’s showing up

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This episode was way too funny for one that killed off a character. I think it’s interesting to see that alliances are already becoming really murky, and I still think the show handles comedy well. I didn’t really expect Edogai to die so quickly, but I was already getting a bit tired of him. I guess he needed a few more crazy scenes before he left.

I swear I’m going to need a chart to keep track of how each character relates to every other character. The casual nature of Sugimoto and Shiraishi’s entry makes this scene a lot better. It’s almost like they’re hanging out as friends.

I think it’s hilarious that Tsurumi comes up with the brilliant idea to distribute fake tattoos, and everyone immediately finds out about it. Sure, they don’t know how to identify the fakes, but just the fact that they know there are fakes is pretty powerful information.

Explosions? Just what this show needs?

Oh, right…we haven’t had one of these in a while, huh?

The sheer absurdity of Ushiyama’s appearance was pretty entertaining. As I recall, the main characters thought he was dead, right? He sure knows how to make an entrance.

Honestly, Shiraishi probably makes himself more suspicious with how he behaves in this encounter with Hijikata. Still, I think it’s interesting that Sugimoto likely didn’t notice because of his own efforts to conceal Asirpa’s identity.

Last Supper reference? Sure, why not?

This is a great expression. I’m starting to like this random mob character already.

Golden Kamuy Episode 13: I’ve missed this show

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The tattoo-seeking adventures are back, and it’s just as crazy as before. This episode had its gruesome moments mixed with food enjoyment and a boner reference. All it was missing was a CGI bear. So, I guess we’re back to business as usual? This opener was as funny as I remembered this series being. I guess that counts as a success?

I thought the introduction of the taxidermist was cool. Throughout the entire scene, I was questioning why he was supposed to be important. He could have just been another tattooed prisoner, but he actually brings another wrench thrown into the mix. The idea that Tsurumi is planning to muddy the waters with fake tattoos should make things fun.

If the fake voices were meant to hide the fact that these stuffed corpses were dead, I don’t think it worked too well. Maybe I’ve just watched too much anime.

It’s almost sad that this is par for the course for this show. Isn’t it great?

Well, this is a random cameo for this faction, but I guess it works for more Ainu information.

They’re really doing a lot to tell us that this guy’s bad. Just let him get to his betrayal already.

And now, Tanigaki’s back in action too. I guess everyone’s joining the fray. I feel ready to see where the story goes.

Golden Kamuy Final Episode (12): Looking forward to the next season

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This series has been a blast to watch throughout this season. This week’s episode was a bit strange in that I felt like I had way too many questions by the end, but I’ve enjoyed the series overall. I’m glad that a second season was announced, but I’m a little sad that I’m more than likely going to forget most of the teases we got in this episode. Oh well.

Nice entrance, Shiraishi.

Yeesh, the lengths of those needles make this trap seem excessively brutal.

I think it’s nice that Sugimoto is starting to pick up on the things Asirpa says. It definitely makes this scene funnier.

It’s nice to see that we’re learning more about Kiroranke, but he definitely screwed over the people who were asking him for help. I really wonder what that says about him as a person.

The fortune-telling in this episode felt pretty hard to watch, but maybe that’s just me. It was definitely the biggest source of questions for me, since I wasn’t sure how seriously I was supposed to take the “power”. It was funny to see Shiraishi shamelessly using fortune-telling to gamble.

Still, the combination of the ticket for Kiroranke’s horse and the fact that the last prediction was “wrong” has me wondering. I think the simplest answer is that Inkarmat lied to Shiraishi and knew Kiroranke would win. There’s also the possibility that she’s tied to the mafia boss trying to fix the matches, which is how she knew the winners.

Meanwhile, more alliances are happening.

The quest continues!

Final Score: 8/10 Historical aspects in this series were definitely interesting. The series is a weird combination of serious and fun that worked for me.

Golden Kamuy Episode 11: Class is in session

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This week’s episode was a lot of fun to watch. The episode kinda shows its hand in the opening scene, but there are enough explosions and wacky jokes to carry it along regardless. Despite being at odds in this episode, I could totally see Ushijima working together with the main characters in the future. Also, Asirpa with that gun is frightening.

I thought it was weird that Ushijima and Shiraishi were both aggressively hitting on the proprietress when it initially happened. But in hindsight, I guess it’s part of the joke since they were supposed to be the ones who recognized a fellow prisoner.

Dick lecture…definitely not what I expected to see. This show really doesn’t take itself seriously.

I’m trying to figure out what to make of this. The opening scene shows a distinctly male body in the shadows, I’m presuming that the series wasn’t trying to be coy with this revelation.

In this old-fashioned setting, I find it really funny that Sugimoto brutally kicks someone he presumably saw as a woman. The Asirpa love is strong, I suppose.

I can’t believe this works.

That’s got to be really brutal to see in slow motion.

Golden Kamuy Episode 10: These bears are doing work

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This week’s episode was way funnier than it should have been. It really played the surprise factor well to make scene more comical than they should have been. The reveal in this episode also makes things interesting. It almost sounds like a shortcut for the main characters, but I imagine it won’t be so simple.

The bears in this series are really doing a lot of work.

I quite liked Tanigaki’s plan of using the bear’s prey to lure it into attacking his pursuers. It was pretty cool overall, and it just kinda worked. There was no real fluff in the plan or execution. He took advantage of his adversaries’ misinformation and won.

Yeesh, Mishima’s death was almost a jump scare. I know we need to get Tanigaki away from Tsurumi, but that’s a little harsh.

The impromptu nature of this scene makes it way funnier. I really liked it.

The way Sugimoto’s suspicions towards Kiroranke are built was pretty entertaining. They make Kiroranke an incredibly ambiguous character. Asirpa’s trust in him makes him seem like he’d be okay, but Sugimoto’s cautious nature pokes holes of doubt in those assumptions.

I feel like I might have suspected this at some point, but I don’t think I would have called it. With the benefit of hindsight, it should have been obvious, but I wasn’t really considering it. Anyway, it should be interesting. Based on what we’ve heard about Nopperabo so far, he doesn’t seem like the type to just give Asirpa the win so easily.

Murder hotel? I’m on board. Are we getting more characters who are competing for the gold?

Golden Kamuy Episode 9: Dissension in the ranks

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This series just keeps getting crazier and crazier, but I don’t feel like it’s any less enjoyable. I really liked that this episode started at a tense moment, and I just assumed it was going to be a joke. The previous episode could very easily have ended on a cliffhanger where Asirpa found the trapdoor, but it saved all of the tension for this episode. Well played.

Sugimoto’s interactions with Henmi were a little strange. I thought he was just playing along with Henmi’s fetish, but it actually did feel like he bonded with Henmi in a small way. It felt a bit inconsistent, but maybe I’m over-thinking it.

Okay then.

Just when I thought the episode couldn’t get any more ridiculous, an orca pops out to drag Henmi’s corpse into the water.

The transition to Tanigaki was pretty nice, with the soldier reporting the missing soldiers leading to Tanigaki’s own flashback about traitors in the 7th. It looks like Tanigaki is being set up as a new addition to the main crew, which is pretty nice considering the way he interacts with the Ainu in this episode.

This scene seems like it will be important in the future. Is it suggesting that Asirpa is different from the other Ainu?

Tanigaki’s going to take out the attacking soldiers with one bullet? I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Golden Kamuy Episode 8: More gold than I was expecting

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As always, I don’t know whether to be amused or horrified with this show. Either way, this series is still a blast to watch. The characters are interacting with each other in an interesting way, with Shiraishi trying to help out and Tsurumi encountering Hijikata. Even the new prisoner character is funny even if he’s a bit strange.

While I don’t understand why the katana was important, I thought that Hijikata’s plan in the beginning of the episode were pretty cool. The scene made it seem like he’s meant to fulfill a sort of mob role in the show. Sounds like fun.

Aww…Retar’s gone from the cast? That’s too bad.

I agree with this assessment.

I feel like this scene was supposed to be a play on the standard “umi da” line, which was why it was purposely silent. I thought it was pretty funny.

Casually talking to Sugimoto while killing someone for seeing your tattoos? That’s pretty messed up, man.

So, we went from the guy who won’t stop talking about boners to the guy who pops a literal boner? This show is way too ridiculous sometimes…

Golden Kamuy Episode 7: On to the next enemy

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This show continues to just do its thing. I’m glad that the whole deal with Retar ended well. This episode seemed a bit more serious than usual, but the comedy aspect was still there. We seem to be moving into a battle between three different parties with similar but conflicting goals. It should be fun.

Retar’s mate showing up to help kill Nihei felt a bit random, but I guess the show tied it to a previous scene. I can’t be too upset. I’m glad that the flags for Retar didn’t end up killing him.

Haha, this scene was gold. Asirpa’s interactions with Sugimoto are still amazing.

I guess it makes sense that Nopperabo would mislead the prisoners, but I’m not sure what this revelation does for the audience. So, there’s more gold. Okay?

Tsurumi might have somewhat understandable motivations, but he still seems nuts. That being said, it would be pretty interesting if the three different groups in the series end up having ambiguous morals.

Okay, buddy…

Curse this show for making me feel sorry for a random horse.

Golden Kamuy Episode 6: On the hunt

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This show just keeps getting weirder, but it’s still pretty fun. This week’s episode seemed to take a step back to look at Sugimoto while introducing the wolf hunter team some more. Sugimoto’s stuff was strange in that it was happening a bit late in the game, but I guess you could argue that the deer hunt ran a bit parallel with the wolf hunt.

I’m not sure I fully understood Tanigaki’s motivations, but they seemed interesting. It sounded like he didn’t feel like his exploits in war were befitting of a Matagi hunter, which is why he’s determined to kill Retar.

Sugimoto seeing himself in the deer was a cool way to take things. It makes sense that Sugimoto would still be messed up from the war.

Asirpa, what are you doing?

The episode did a pretty good job of displaying Nihei’s obsession, which should make the battle between him and the main cast more entertaining. This guy’s pretty nuts.

Nice censoring.

Golden Kamuy Episode 5: Great escape

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I’m starting to feel like I remember this show better for its funny moments rather than its action moments. The reconciliation between Asirpa and Sugimoto kinda just happened in this episode, but I guess we’re over that. The episode seemed overly split, but I suppose it’s an attempt to show the various factions taking part in the story.

I’m still not a huge fan of this character, but watching him figure out Sugimoto’s trick wasn’t bad.

Retar’s gaze in this scene is excellent. I was almost too distracted to notice that Asirpa is scolding Sugimoto here. Just give the pup some meat, man!

I think I was just about to reach my limit with the miso joke, and the show seems to have resolved it. Asirpa’s facial expressions throughout the entire scene were pretty hilarious. Sugimoto is doing pretty well himself in this scene.

Okay…I guess this guy is important.