Hyouka Episode 18

Back to the mini-mysteries again…even one about a teacher again. Mystery itself isn’t all that interesting…mostly the focus of the episode was the moment that Houtarou takes the initiative and goes to the library. Oh that reaction from everyone else was absolutely priceless. Not just normal surprise…even Satoshi’s faces would have been fairly expected. They went into full-out shock…it was great to watch. Well, if that isn’t character development, I dunno what is. Even brought Eru along with him.

I guess that’s the theme for the final episodes…I dunno if they can fit an arc in the remaining three episodes. I suppose it’s possible, but it seems much more likely that they’ll just continue on with the one-shots. Hopefully they’re interesting enough. They might try to do something grand in the final episode…might be fun. I’m sure everyone’s hoping to see Houtarou’s sister’s face or catch an appearance of Eru’s uncle or something.