Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 3

Hmm…so apparently Atsushi can affect the physical world around him to some extent. I assume that this adds a sort of “goal” for the show (Hazuki takes advantage of this interaction to get Atsushi to pass or something). Well, so far I guess I’d say that I’m liking that the characters in the show don’t seem oblivious. Rokka and Hazuki both seem to get the feeling that the other is interested, and Hazuki especially attempts to act on this. Sad that this is a seemingly novel concept.

Also, am I the only one wondering whether Atsushi’s limited connection to the physical world was in some way a factor of Rokka’s cold? I’m just going off the conversation between Miho and Hazuki where it is mentioned that Rokka rarely gets so sick. Just wild speculation, to be honest. Finally, I’m not so sure what to make of the last line of the episode. Should I take it face value, interpreting it as Rokka continually being unable to get over Atsushi? Or is the apology meant to say something else? If it’s a simple rejection, then I’m gonna need to find a GG button.