Strike the Blood Episode 5: Next boss appears?

[HorribleSubs] Strike the Blood - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.15_[2013.11.06_06.23.23]

Party time? Looks like this Dimitrie Vatler will be the next enemy on the list. It also looks like he has help from someone who might be from the Lion King Organization based on the fact that she carries a weapon sorta like Yukina’s and uses a similar guitar bag to hide it. Maybe she’s the roommate that Yukina mentioned before?

Anyway, I’m assuming that Kojou should be crossing paths with Natsuki and Astarte pretty soon. Apparently, Astarte has found herself some work to do. They’re all supposed to team up to fight the enemy, right? Although, I’m not sure if I find that even necessary. Seems like a pretty strong team for that sort of thing…wouldn’t want to be excessive, right?

Strike the Blood Episode 4: Midboss fight complete

[HorribleSubs] Strike the Blood - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.18_[2013.10.30_06.07.32]

Well, that pretty much went as expected. Kojou drinks Yukina’s blood and unlocks the absurd powers he has to destroy the midboss. Though to be fair, his resurrection wasn’t quite as dramatic as I might have expected. I guess now that means Yukina can stab him excessively without worrying about death, right?

So next week, a new enemy appears? Who will it be this time? Also, maybe Astarte will become an ally now that Kojou took away her familiar. Though now that I think about it, what would she do without that familiar? So far, everything has been part of someone’s elaborate plan.