Tsuritama Final Episode

This was the funniest moment ever…Everyone else flinches when hit with the water gun and Akira starts flailing despite knowing it was coming. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially in such a serious situation. But that aside, the rest of the ending was pretty normal stuff. They save the world, everyone goes on with their lives, and Haru comes back in the end to be with the changed Yuki. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me last week that Haru could be a lure…need to work on those deductive skills.

Pretty amusing show in all (+1 to Tapioca for being the first of the main characters to get a girlfriend…Ayumi doesn’t count). Hope you guys enjoyed the experience. I can’t say that I’ve been inspired to go out and go fishing after watching this, but I see it in a new light.

Tsuritama Episode 11

Fishing is quite dramatic, is it not? Our heroes have found themselves in quite the pickle…just like any good anime character, Haru has decided to sacrifice himself, leaving us with quite the cliffhanger before the final episode next week. I wonder how they’re going to end it. Will Yuki be able to stop him in time? Or will he sacrifice himself to no avail?

Maybe Coco returns at a final moment to give some added assistance. And how do they fish him out? Use a normal lure or something? Many possibilities. Should be interesting to see how it all ends. Honestly, with all the dramatic fishing scenes this week, I don’t have too much else to say.

Tsuritama Episode 10

Typical setup episode you would expect to find right before the end. Everyone gathers together and prepares for the final attack. Haru confirms that Koko is actually alive, so she’ll definitely come back. The boat captain gets hit with a missile, but the show doesn’t strike me as the kind to let characters die, so I figure he’ll be fine as well.

Things look pretty straightforward from here. They’ll go out and fish the big bad out of the water. Theoretically, there’d be something interesting that gets in the way, but I doubt I could guess it. Honestly, I don’t think that this other alien is explained very well, but I’ll wait until the end to judge it.

Tsuritama Episode 9

The final battle continues to approach. Yuki’s on his way back, but what about Natsuki? Surely, we need everyone together to finish things. I think there are two episodes left, which would leave one episode for everyone to get together and make a game plan, then finish up with a final fight. I hope it ends up being interesting.

Not exactly sure what happened to Koko. The scene made it look like she died to save Haru, but surely this isn’t that sort of show. I would expect her to come back just because of how light-hearted the show is, but it seemed pretty serious. Still, it’s anime, so theoretically characters are tough to kill.

Tsuritama Episode 8

This week’s episode definitely felt like a “calm before the storm” thing. Not only because of the actual storm brewing, but also because everything seems to have been resolved. Akira is okay with Haru and Natsuki’s family problems are taken care of. There’s also Haru attempting to say goodbye as another obvious indicator. Something’s going down.

I guess next week is when everything starts getting serious. Based on what I’ve seen, Akira will elude his former comrades and meet up with Natsuki and Yuki, who will probably be looking for a missing Haru. Judging by Haru’s comment while fishing that he can do it himself, he’ll probably face the other alien by himself (like a typical anime character trying to protect his friends). Let’s see how much I get right.

Tsuritama Episode 7

More trouble has arrived. Now that Yuki’s fairly comfortable around everyone, it’s time to tackle Natsuki. He’s clearly got some family issues, but I get the feeling they’re not as simple as I think. Or may he just resents his dad, avoiding his decision to continue on with a new family after his mother’s passing.

I dunno…if that’s the case, I’m having trouble accepting his slapping Sakura. I wonder what could be so bad…you would normally expect a character like that to at least be kind to his sister. Am I missing something?

Either way, Sakura is gonna speed up the process by running off. Based on remaining time in the series, it should be wrapped up next week. Haru’s also been acting strange…but I think that can all be attributed to a fear of the ocean after the encounter last week (or is it something more?). Not all that much I can go on right now…simply speculating.

Tsuritama Episode 6

So this week’s episode marks the first meeting with whatever it is that Haru has come to Earth to catch…presumably the dragon from the town’s legend. I’m not completely sure what happen in the incident at Akemi, but this is my theory: when the thing over Haru’s head broke, he lost control to the big bad…which is why he was going nuts with the water gun. Doesn’t really explain the last scene, though, with the dancing fishers.

Bit more of Akira in this week’s episode. He’s getting there, but he still doesn’t trust anyone. Definitely still has a superiority complex going on. He noticed Haru acting different in the party for Kate, though, so maybe he’ll come to understand him and his intentions…who knows? They like to do a lot of blatant foreshadowing in this show…wonder what’s up with that.