Nobunagun Episode 13 (Final): Was that an ending?

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I guess these invaders aren’t so easily repelled. They got the original cells or whatever, but this battle didn’t feel like a resolution to me. And did anyone else find that kiss from Jack/Adam sudden? I actually don’t know whether I liked that or didn’t. Most anime boys get all embarrassed and stuff, but he doesn’t give as many obvious hints. I guess I appreciate that a bit.

Another show finished. This should be the last show ending this season for the ones I’m currently covering. I wouldn’t put this show too high up for this season’s shows, but I guess it could have been worse. The ending suggests more to come, but I guess we’ll see. I guess it’s about time to bring on the spring season.

Nobunagun Episode 12: Off by one, Jack

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That’s a strange thing for Jack to say at the end of this episode. Why was he hesitating to show this Nightingale mode? Is it because he perceives it to be a weaker form? Not befitting of a serial killer? That aside, I think it’s kinda funny how hard they’re trying to make Asao relevant. That entire subway scene seemed pretty pointless in my eyes.

Next week is the final episode. It looks like it will be the final tag team of Nobunagun and Jack the Ripper to finish the series off. Not that it’s too surprising…power of love? I’m kinda assuming that when the second Kraken dies, the rest of the invaders will fall apart pretty easily, but maybe there will be another big bad to finish the series.

Nobunagun Episode 11: They really can’t resist the tentacle rape, can they?

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Well, I suppose the Kraken shouldn’t go down so easily. I’m wondering why there were so many scenes this week that seemed to show the Kraken’s point of view, though. Are they trying to make a point that this creature is different for the others? Or is it leading up to some sort of big reveal about the invaders.

I’m assuming next week will be devoted to defeating the Kraken. That would leave the last episode to finish off all of the invaders. But is it really that simple? If they do it that way, Nobunagun will be absent for the extermination of the original invader cells or whatever, right? Maybe there will be a reprieve in the next episode before an actual final battle or something.

Nobunagun Episode 10: The power of love!

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Hey, it looks like Shio finally grew some stones…you know, with some romantic encouragement. I guess it’s about time someone wiped that smug expression off of Vidocq’s face. There was a bit of background on the mysterious leaders of Dogoo too. I’m not sure what I was supposed to get out of that other than the fact that the leader can put herself into stasis and Saint-German is ageless.

It’s probably a bit too early for a final battle. I would think that the final boss for this show would be a lot grander than the Kraken. I assume the Kraken will be defeated next week, which should give an episode of prep before the real final boss. Is there supposed to be some sort of source for all of these invaders?

Nobunagun Episode 9: Back to the fight

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Well, it seems like Asao was briefly useful before once again disappearing into the night. Was the fact that Shio was able to call Nobunaga’s power without the AU ball supposed to be important or was that just a mechanic to save Asao? If it’s actually meaningful, then maybe Asao isn’t the pointless side character I think she is.

Anyway, it looks like Jack has something important to say. My best guess is that it’s either about the next operation or something to do with Shio’s AU-less shot in this episode. Either way, it looks like they may try to face the Kraken again next week. Or maybe it’s the old lady’s background? Both? Either way, it looks like the rabbit dude is running out of time.

Nobunagun Episode 8: Release the Kraken!

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So, eight episodes in and Sio finally gets a chance to gain some confidence. I’m guessing this is supposed to emphasize the fact that her e-genes come from an actual prominent military commander, whereas most of the other historical figures are just great minds. That aside, does someone want to explain to me why the old lady decided to go to the battle in person? Does she have e-genes too? Or was she just painting a target on herself for no reason? That’s all it looked like to me.

Next week, it looks like Asao finally becomes relevant (you know…more than just appearing in dreams). Based on what I’m seeing in the preview, it looks like a sacrifice may have to be made to give Sio more power. It seems a bit early to kill off a character, but I guess she hasn’t been doing much else up to now. We’ll see if she lives.

Nobunagun Episode 7: Another day, another mission

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So I’m trying to figure out the point of this episode and so far, it looks like the only suspicious piece is that part at the end where Shio mentions that she saw in the crew’s memories that the ship Musashi encountered the invaders when it sunk in 1945. If I remember correctly, the invaders were introduced as having arrived fairly recently, so that would be an odd timeline. Hopefully that comes up later. It would be more interesting.

These previews make it pretty impossible to figure out what’s going to happen in the next week. The fact that they’re underwater may have something to do with the ship sinking this week. Maybe there were survivors. There’s also a brief scene that looks like Shio is stranded on an island. Not sure how much I should make of that. Also, wasn’t there a girl that Shio was fighting for or something? When’s she going to have a role?

Nobunagun Episode 6: Another episode, another team

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Six episodes in and still introducing characters? What exactly do they plan to do with all of these characters? Well, this should be the last team, I think. Not too much to say about this episode. They just beat another enemy and whatnot. Unless these guys are relevant later, this seems like such a waste of time. I was actually thinking that maybe the first scene in this episode would be from the eyes of a dog or something that was watching who would end up being another E-Gene Holder. Would have been more entertaining than some dude going psycho.

Next week, another mission, I guess? This time, back to the main team. No real clues from the preview. Just more scenes of fighting and shooting. I’m guessing they’ll continue the trend by introducing some new and more dangerous enemy.

Nobunagun Episode 3: Training seems to be going well…

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Those soldiers are just a little bit creepy. Anyway, nothing all that new here. Just standard overbearing training for a new recruit. Apparently, Shio doesn’t know the basics of hitting a moving target (don’t shoot where they are >.>). Anyway, this episode progressed in a pretty predictable manner with the soldiers dying after befriending Shio. Also, the trainer asked the same question I had…why exactly did she choose the name “Nobunagun”?

I wonder if Shio will have vengeance in her eyes next week. Maybe it’ll cause her to finally apply the things they’ve been saying in training. Anyway, I would guess that the training period will end next week. Hopefully they don’t dwell all too much on it. So far, I haven’t seen anything too crazy from this show. Still kinda waiting. Also, it looks like Jack the Ripper is joining the fight again next week. What exactly can he do in a hurricane?