Danmachi Episode 7: Such harem

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Anyone else getting really tired of Bell’s scream? Not too much else happens this week…the first half was spent introducing Lili to the Familia and formally closing her arc. The second half formally introduces Aiz into the main cast, giving her the role of Bell’s trainer. I suppose that at least gives her a somewhat meaningful recurring a role without her directly interfering in his dungeon efforts (it would be boring if she just did all of the work).

So based on the random scenes from this week, it looks like next week’s episode will be addressing some sort of berserk minotaur. Presumably, this is another one of Freya’s plots…I’m still having the same thoughts as when I started this series. I really feel like Bell needs some sort of rival…it just doesn’t feel “enough” to me that he’s trying to reach Aiz’s level. Freya also doesn’t feel right for the role of main antagonist…she just seems to be randomly throwing things at Bell.

Danmachi Episode 6: Really? Fog?

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Wait…so what exactly happened with Bell’s knife in this episode? I’m assuming that the object that Lili threw at him when she was yelling at him was the knife, but it wasn’t fully shown. I’m surprised that the Soma adventurers didn’t notice that she had that on her person when they were looting her. Isn’t that a bit too lucky for Bell? Anyway, it looks like Lili’s stuff is all resolved this week…

So I guess next week’s episode finally shifts the focus on Aiz, the illusive ghost in the fog. Since it still feels too early for her to join the main cast (the opening seems to suggest that), I’m assuming that the episode will just not feature Bell much (either that or re-tell events of the story from her point of view, which I believe would be kind of lame). I’m still not sure I understand what her role is supposed to be in the show…is she really just going to swoop in whenever Bell is in too much trouble and disappear afterwards?