Log Horizon 2 Episode 15: Quest time

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Well, time to switch to the new players, I guess. I’m not sure how entertaining this will be…it’s a bit worrisome. On the bright side, this week’s episode gave me at least a little bit of hope…I don’t know why, but I actually found Rudy pretty funny this week. Maybe there’s hope for this group? On the other hand, I still find Serara pretty much unbearable to watch…something about her personality irks me, I guess.

Next week, the journey begins and the battles will return (probably the return of overly explained MMORPG mechanics too). Also, it looks like there will be a new character potentially joining the cast…some sort of Shiroe look-alike. Is that a form of respect or just a coincidence? I say “potentially joining the cast” because it looks like this character only appears in the opening theme (unless I missed something in the ending).

Log Horizon 2 Episode 14: Time for war?

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So this episode seemed pretty strange and jarring because of how they just shifted the focus to a completely new area and a new set of characters. Also, I guess they were trying really hard to make the ninja turtles reference with Leonardo…he’s even into pizza (yes, I know he’s actually a frog). I’m not really sure how much more I can say, though…this episode just felt like they were showing off the new team.

There was something about this episode I didn’t fully understand, though. A lot of the time, they discussed the Apocalypse happening strictly to the Japanese server…does that mean that everyone else isn’t necessarily trapped in the game? That doesn’t really make much sense, though, since Leonardo talks about the benefits of having a physical body in the game. So maybe everyone is trapped, but the Japanese server is in deeper?

Log Horizon 2 Episode 13: Valentine’s Day

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I would have preferred to cover Fate’s final episode today, but it’s an hour-long and my lack of solid wifi connection made this show a better choice. The reasoning is simple…this week’s episode was mostly filler. Sure, they brought back some jokes from the first season, like Shiroe’s cake buffet date and the “we’re having curry” scene, but the episode was mostly boring for me. The only really suspicious scene for this episode was Rudy’s disappearance. They made it a point to show some people sneaking around in Akihabara while Isuzu was looking for him, so maybe he was in on their secret meeting or something?

Next week marks the return of Kanami, the leader of the Debauchery Tea Party. This wasn’t that hard to predict given how much they talked about her this week. I actually thought that maybe Nureha was secretly her or something, but it looks like she’s just playing on a different server. Also, it looks like Nureha may become a potential enemy for the future? Not sure what to make of that scene yet.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 4: The attack begins!

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I really do agree with Akatsuki’s concerns…I’ve been question what her purpose is for a while as well. Still, given the focus on her in the ending themes for both the first and second season, I’m guessing she’ll eventually find out her purpose and figure out her calling as a true protagonist. Also, was I supposed to be getting hints of the start of a relationship between Akatsuki and Lenessia this week?

It looks like next week will be the first appearance of the Teaching-level skill and it looks like Soujirou will be the one to show it. It’s still too early for Akatsuki to die (should still have a few more days until Christmas), so I’m guessing the “non-suspicious” samurai will make a tactical retreat after Soujirou shows off. What happens after that? I would guess Akatsuki will either figure out what she needs to do (quest time?) or start begging Soujirou to teach her (or some sort of training time).

Log Horizon 2 Episode 3: Raid boss!

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Raids can last a month? Is that how MMORPGs are these days? If so, then it’s definitely a good thing I never participate in them. I’ve played games with smaller-scale raids that lasted maybe an hour or two…I’m pretty sure that’s all my attention span can take, especially if you’re facing and studying the same exact enemy for such a long time. At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat a good PvP match, am I right? On another note, has Shiroe really not died yet in the raid? I understand that he’s always standing by and analyzing the situation, but you’d think everyone on the party would die at least once with all of the failures they’ve been having with the raid bosses.

What exactly was the point of the discussion of skill levels? Is it meant to suggest that the group will have to face a player using “Teaching”-level skills? Or is it something Shiroe will encounter soon? It would certainly explain why Akatsuki dies on Christmas Eve (or why either of the two dies for that matter). Anyway, it looks like the focus might shift back to Akihabara next week.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 2: Raid time!

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I see this show hasn’t given up on the long-winded explanations of MMO concepts at the start of the episodes. Anyway, this week’s episode introduces a new recurring character in Tetra, who seems to have a strange attachment to Naotsugu. So far, it doesn’t look like there’s too much meaning to the fact that she’s floating in the ending animation, but I guess we don’t know that much about her yet. We’ve seen some pretty player-like NPCs already, right? There was also a brief moment this week with Akatsuki walking by the guy in Akihabara outside the weapon shop which seemed important…but would a spy from the South really look that obviously suspicious?

I’ve always been pretty averse to raids. I almost always quit MMOs before I reach the raid-scale dungeons and the ones I’ve actually played extensively limited parties to 8 or so, so I’ve never experience these sorts of large-scale fights. Honestly, they’ve always seemed too chaotic for me to really find much interest. I guess I’m much more interested in skirmishes. It looks like next week the raid starts and I’ll see how these things go.

Log Horizon Episode 4: Serara needs some serious powerleveling

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Well, saving Serara was pretty easy. This episode kinda shows why I was so into playing Guild Wars back in the day. When everyone is pretty much maxed, the fights revolve around strategy rather than gameplay time. And in Guild Wars, getting maxed is pretty easy. But that’s just a brief aside. Anyway, two more people for the party. Also, I find Akatsuki’s brief moments to be quite interesting. What could they mean?

Next week, we find out some big secret from Nyanta? Is it actually related to their current situation or is it something about the game that will change the way they play? Hopefully they give us a direction, because I’m still trying to figure it out.