C Cube OVA


Well…another show comes back for another episode. I kinda expected it to all be a ruse…felt a bit too serious for an OVA (also, the monster didn’t really “show up” until halfway through, which is a bit slow). A lot of stuff I found fairly funny, such as every scene with Shiraho (seriously…how is that not funny?) and Konoha being stuck watching everyone else from the other bus at the start of the episode.


I guess it wasn’t that bad of an OVA…I prefer the second half over the first, of course. Not really much else to say about it. Not even sure how I feel about more for this show in the future. I guess it’s mostly curiosity for how it all ends if anything…

Anime Review: C Cube

C3 (aka C Cube aka Cube x Cursed x Curious)

So this is one of the shows from the recent fall season that I had the pleasure of following. What’s the story? Basically, Yachi Haruaki is seemingly normal high school boy who receives a package from his father one day, which turns out to be a black cube. That night, he finds out that this cube is actually a girl named Fear, who has come to him to lift her curse.

We find out that Haruaki naturally attracts these sorts of cursed items as we meet his classmates. We also find out that various organizations take quite the interest in Fear, and Fear must fight alongside Haruaki to maintain her peaceful existence. So we have a pretty typical harem setup at first, but then the blood starts flowing. There are two main arcs in this show.

I think this show does a pretty decent job of keeping action in what would normally be a pretty boring harem. That being said, the story is a bit weak, possibly because the ending leaves so much for a second season.

Story: Score 7/10

So aside from Haruaki and Fear, we have Konoha Muramasa, Haruaki’s childhood friend who actually turns out to be a sword that Haruaki can wield in combat. Kirika Ueno is the class representative, and actually turns out to have her own story (not gonna reveal anything). In the first part of the series, the main antagonist is Peavy Barroy, who’s a bit of an insane woman who tries pretty hard to kill Fear.

What do I think about these characters? I think the harem setup has a pretty decent set of girls to go with. Fear’s a cute loli still pretty naive about the human world. However, Peavy annoyed the crap out of me. More antagonists are introduced as the show goes on, but Peavy was just such a nuisance. I understand that she was supposed to be insane, but it might have been a bit excessive.

Characters: Score 8/10

Animation is where this story really shines. Budget is the name of the game and it definitely shows. Everything just looks good. There are even random cubes coming out of Fear’s hair for crying out loud. The musical track also sounds great, with two completely amazing opening themes and great ending themes. I’m deeply infatuated with “Endless Story” myself.

Animation: Score 10/10

Music: Score 9/10

So what do I think? This show does a pretty good job of balancing the cute scenes with the action. That said, sometimes the scenes can jerk a bit suddenly, which I’m not sure is a great thing. You’ll see a random fan service, then someone’s bleeding on the ground. Makes you go “….what?” Also, I feel like the fan service can be a bit excessive at times, with panty shots of Fear while she’s searching around or something as simple as Konoha jumping up and down. That said, it was a pretty enjoyable experience and I’m definitely looking forward to a second season.

Final Score: 8/10

C Cube Final Episode

Time for the first series of this season to come to an end. The final battle ends up being pretty long, starting off with Alice having a bit of a skirmish with Fear and Konoha. When Haruaki frees himself, Alice reveals a second Waas, which allows her to call forth multiple reflections of herself.

Fear ends up killing one of the clones, and starts to revert to her torture tool persona. Kirika and Haruaki’s attempts to save her are not so successful, but then Shiraho and Sovereignty arrive to save the day. Fear is able to beat Alice, but she is saved by who I’m assuming are more people from the Families.

The final battle was animated well…this show just looks good. Because this ending creates the opportunity for a second season, I’ll excuse the fact that Haruaki didn’t choose anyone…but just this once. Actually, what am I saying? There really has to be a second season. There’s too much stuff that’s not resolved. Still no confrontation with Kirika’s organization. Families are still at large. We still don’t know what’s up with blue-hair Konoha (ack! I want to know!). Also, there were those new characters that show up in the epilogue scenes, so yeah. Anyways, will probably do a formal review of the show soon. Hope you all enjoyed this show as much as I have.

C Cube Episode 11

So, after the cliffhanger last week, everyone calmly sits together to talk about everything. Kuroe explains that she was eating hair to allow her to continue using her powers. Everyone accepts Kuroe’s story, except for Fear, who has some trouble. They are interrupted when Alice appears. She leads Konoha and Fear outside, then captures Kirika, Haruaki, and Kuroe.

Alice creates a video for Fear, using Haruaki as a hostage to try to force her to join the Families, saying that they only wish to find the cursed tools and “fix” them. While she’s gone, Kirika’s partner arrives to break her out, but leaves Haruaki and Kuroe behind. He continues to taunt Kirika, but Kirika snaps and crashes the car they’re in. The episode ends with Kirika, Konoha, and Fear meeting Alice and starting a final engagement.

So far, it’s going like I predicted. I’m thinking the next week’s episode is going to wrap up the Alice confrontation and then the last episode will be a fanservice/light episode with all of the characters. Was getting the same panty shot with Kuroe as they did with Fear in the first episode completely necessary? That aside, so much Kirika focus. Is Haruaki going to choose her? Because I’d like to see that…

C Cube Episode 10

This week’s episode starts off with a murder of a young girl, who is stuffed into a box. She is presumably to be the target of Alice’s comment at the end of the episode last week. In response, Fear goes to see Alice with Konoha and Haruaki. Alice simply tells them that she will continue to kill and runs away. Everyone catches up to her and fight, but she collapses a building and escapes again.

With the continuing murders, Fear asks Kirika for help, but Kirika was given orders not to become involved with the Families at the start of the episode. Haruaki ends up going back to Kirika’s house with her when she collapses at school. While they’re alone, Kirika admits to being threatened by someone. She then asks him to watch her as her cursed tool breaks her bones. While this is happening, Fear notices Kuroe doing something strange, and later concludes that the victims are all related to Kuroe’s salon.

Kuroe? A murderer? Say it isn’t so! Surely there must be some sort of catch to this. Lolis can’t be evil, right? That aside, this episode was also an interesting look into the burdens of Kirika. Sigh…it looks very much like Haruaki will choose no one in the end, which makes me upset. Three more episodes left. Two to finish the arc and a fan service episode to finish it? That’s my prediction. Also, I’d like to repeat my earlier statement about the focus on boobs >.> There’s a limit, you know. One last question: Why did Konoha have blue hair???

C Cube Episode 9

New character! Meet Ningyouhara Kuroe, who apparently can manipulate her hair like…tentacles, which she uses to “greet” Fear. It turns out she was also cursed, but she was able to remove it while still retaining some of her powers, which reassures Fear. However, Kuroe reveals that she has been followed by an organization called the Families of Biblio, represented by Alice.

At the sight of Fear, Alice turns her interest away from Kuroe. Meanwhile, Kirika is harassed by her partner from her organization, who points out that she can’t have a normal relationship. While Fear, Konoha, and Haruaki are passing out flyers, Haruaki notices that she’s upset and tries to talk with her, which only makes her realize she has feelings for him.

What a combo.....
Kuroe opens a beauty salon (jeez…she’s so tiny). Remember the Intelligence Disk scene? Well…something similar happens in the bath with Kuroe and Fear (you know you enjoyed it). At the opening of Kuroe’s beauty salon, Kuroe is instantly popular, drawing a huge crowd.

Uhh…Fear in a maid outfit…Konoha in a Chinese dress…Konoha in a maid outfit…Fear in a Chinese dress…uhh…no comment. Shiraho is as cold as ever, but she may be turning soon. Alice is certainly more pleasant than Valencie was…just saying. Kuroe is a nice addition, and yeah…fan service. New opening theme sounds good too! Look forward to more or Fear will curse you!

C Cube Episode 8

Back into action (again, sorry for the tardiness). Shiraho (the real one) explains that Sovereignty actual steals the emotion of love from the victims. Fear insists on finding Sovereignty and talking with her (I know it’s gender neutral, but I’m gonna just stick with “her”) and threatens Shiraho to lure her out.

Sovereignty appears to save Shiraho, but Fear and Kirika attack her. Fear ends up restraining her and forcing her to reveal all of her blades, and Haruaki destroys them, lifting her curse.

The next day, it’s revealed that Shiraho will start back up at school and Sovereignty is kept as a maid in the principal’s office (yeah…I know what you were thinking when you saw that). Sovereignty also gives Fear an Intelligence Disk for her own curse.

The principal tries to convince Shiraho that her father truly loved her, but she doesn’t seem to want to listen. However, she smiles at the thought in her class, also opening up socially. The episode ends with Fear asking Sovereignty to take her emotion of love away to see if she has it to begin with, but Sovereignty doesn’t end up doing it.

A pretty interesting ending to the Sovereignty story. Glad that they both made it as recurring characters in the series. The animation was kinda interesting this episode…made me keep flashing back to Bakemonogatari. I guess Sovereignty’s gonna be that character that spews fan service…which is…bad? More characters to introduce next week? Should be interesting to watch.

C Cube Episode 7

As predicted, the victim from last episode was Konoha. Konoha regains consciousness, but starts to act particularly flirty with Haruaki (not that we can complain). Fear seems pretty depressed about the incident, but Haruaki cheers her up by taking her out grocery shopping.

Back at home, Kirika shows up, frustrated that Haruaki has kept everything from her. With everyone together and Konoha awake again, Kirika explains that Sovereignty must have an ally with a similar ability to drain energy.

The next day, everyone goes to the nurses office to ask about Shiraho. However, Sovereignty’s picture is in the record instead of Shiraho. They go to confront Sovereignty, to find that the one they believed to be Shiraho was actually Sovereignty. Sovereignty turns out to be a doll with a male and a female spirit, which she demonstrates by switching genders.

Unable to control herself, the real Sovereignty attacks Haruaki, but Kirika takes the hit instead. Meanwhile, the real Shiraho begs them not to kill Sovereignty, revealing that the true curse of Sovereignty is that the owner will fall in love with him/her and die at Sovereignty’s hands.

Very interesting. I feel like I should have predicted it, but I didn’t. I should’ve known Sovereignty was actually the pink-haired girl, not the green-haired girl that claim to be her. That certainly was a nice twist. With this episode, I’m much more confident that Sovereignty and Shiraho will become regular members of the cast. Lots of great screencaps this week 😀 (Fear’s so cute). Next week could be the shocking conclusion of this arc?

C Cube Episode 6

Looks like things have calmed down a bit now that Peavey’s been “taken care of.” The principal attempts to give Haruaki and the others a cursed doll to handle, but changes this into a search mission when he finds that the doll is missing. Fear tries to find the doll herself, but Haruaki and Konoha are not so willing to let her.

They find the doll, which has taken human form. The doll introduces herself as Saverenti De Perfection (is it supposed to Sovereignty?). They also meet the doll’s former owner, Shirako, who is rather confused of the matter. Before anyone can do anything, Saverenti takes control of the stuffed animals in the room and uses them to attack.

Fear and Konoha take out the dolls easily, but Saverenti escapes. The gang ends up talking with Shirako, who turns out to be quite the klutz. Fear starts to understand how Saverenti feels and proposes the idea that Saverenti is unaware that her curse can be lifted.

Haruaki is called by Saverenti, who asks him to overlook what she does. Haruaki instead proposes that she live with him while they try to lift her curse. Saverenti then asks why Haruaki assumes that she wants the curse lifted. The episode ends with another victim being discovered.

It’s suggested that Haruaki knows the recent victim…based on logic, it seems like it’s Konoha (how dare she). Maybe a little too much focus on boobs this episode (>.>), but still enjoyable. Is Saverenti going to be another main character?

C Cube Episode 5

Been looking forward this episode. Fear has joined the battle! Konoha is naturally surprised, and she is even more surprised when Fear tells Konoha and Haruaki to destroy her if she ever goes nuts. Of course, Haruaki and Konoha both refuse. They all hide to try and recover, but Peavey kidnaps Kirika and uses her as a hostage.

Fear comes out to save Kirika, but Peavey starts to taunt her, revealing her past with the Waas. Fear is still determined, but Peavey turns around and cuts Kirika. Fear struggles to keep her sanity and manages to keep it, releasing Haruaki from her device at the right moment to allow him to land a finishing counter on Peavey.

Haruaki goes to tend to Kirika, but Peavey reveals a hidden gun that she points at Haruaki. However, she is restrained by Kirika using a strange whip, allowing Fear to finish Peavey off. Kirika reveals her weapon and also pulls what she calls an Indulgence Disk from Peavey’s axe to give to Fear.

The next day, Kirika tells everyone about her Waas, called Gimestorante’s Love, which protects the wearer from any external injury. However, she will die if she takes it off. Kirika reveals that she was the one that gave away Mummy Maker’s peace offering and subsequently caused her death. She also reveals that she was the one that was in Haruaki’s room in the night, wanting to protect him.

Konoha is still suspicious about Kirika’s motives, but Kirika assures her that she only wishes to help. However, Kirika also explains that she is part of an organization, separate from the Knights that Peavey represented, that researches the Waas called Yamimagari Pakuaki’s Laboratory Kingdom. Kirika reveals that this organization is run by none other than her brother. Later, Haruaki inserts the Indulgence Disk into Fear, and she becomes unable to use one of her techniques, leading her to believe that the disks will remove her curse.

I seriously hope that’s the last of Peavey…she’s annoying. I figured Kirika would have a secret like this, but it was still pretty cool. I still like this show, but I’m curious where it’ll go from here. Quest for the disks? Battle against both organizations? Well, I’m sure ready to find out.