Cop Craft Episode 4: And suddenly vampires

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Kei attempts to disarm the bomb

I honestly enjoy watching the dynamic of the main characters, but I have a hard time getting behind this show’s pacing. After an extended betrayal in the previous episode, this week’s episode largely forgets about it and resolves its main conflict in a few minutes. I think that this can be fine in some cases, but I got the impression that the “heavier” scenes in this episode didn’t have time to sink in.

Tilarna faces off against Zelada

I feel like I have too much trouble with the fight scenes in this series. The flames take up so much of the screen that it’s hard to tell where they’re hitting. It also seemed like Tilarna’s movements were a combination of stills and jumpy cuts. It seemed better than the previous episode, but that’s probably not saying too much.

Tilarna remembers her friend

I honestly feel that Leahyah’s sacrifice could have benefit from a bit more development. As it stands, her entire connection with Tilarna and her eventual sacrifice cover about a minute of run time. It’s hard to feel too bad about it. That being said, I did like the scene where Tilarna lies about Leahyah’s death to Kei. I’m not sure what to fully make of it, but my interpretation is that Kei basically knows what happened despite that.

Tilarna returns

So yeah…I guess we’re getting started on a completely new arc now. Cool? Casual Tilarna is pretty funny, to be honest. In all fairness, I understand her reasoning for staying. Zelada certainly doesn’t seem like the type of character who would die so easily.

Tilarna wonders about the mummy

Honestly, I look forward to seeing how Semania’s magical phenomena map to things on Earth. As it stands, I get the sense that there’s too much of a divide. Tilarna tends to throw out a lot of undefined magical terms, so I think it would be cool if they were just a different pathway of advancement.

Tilarna protects Cecil

Tilarna ends up building a funny relationship with Cecil, but I guess we’re right back into the swing of things. Cecil’s poor assistant sure got taken out quickly. I feel like I came out of the previous arc without much information about how Semanians work, so I hope to see more of it in this vampire story.

Cop Craft Episode 2: Basically zombies

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Kei tries to stop Tilarna

I think this series is interesting so far. It takes itself pretty seriously, but it seems entertaining to watch. This first arc is moving more quickly than I would have imagined, but I guess it’s working to push Kei and Tilarna together sooner. If there was anything I’d particularly pick at, I think it would be the jargon it’s trying to build. It doesn’t spend too much time explaining itself, so much of it just sounds like nothing.

Tilarna threatens Kei

I did find the action in this series to be a bit weird. It’s strangely jumpy to the point where it feels like the series is trying hard to make sure the audience doesn’t see Tilarna’s sword. I’m not sure if that’s intentional for some reason. From what I’ve seen so far, it just makes the fights hard to track.

People die when they're killed

This autopsy scene and the funeral later in the episode felt like somewhat random references to Rick. For being Kei’s entire motivation, Rick sure doesn’t come up much.

Kei returns for Tilarna

The whole deal with Kei’s cat seemed like a distraction, but I did like that the story tied it back to Tilarna. Kei seems to be a softy at heart, but he’s currently being fueled by vengeance. Seeing him go back for Tilarna like she’s a lost cat seems to help with that.

The villains are introduced

So from what I gather, it sounds like the bad guys are trying to use a bomb to infect normal people with fairy dust (whatever that is). Doing so allows this Zelada guy to take control of them. But for what purpose? From what I’ve seen so far, it seems like a fairly generic “take over the city” motivation.

Kei finds the culprit

I don’t know if I should be impressed or disappointed that Kei finds the culprit so quickly. Is this just meant to show off the power of Earth technology in comparison to otherworldly magic?

Tilarna dashes out

Having Tilarna trick Kei was pretty funny. Given that Kei has no reason to listen to every idle comment that Tilarna makes, she seems to be placing a lot of trust in his memory take advantage of it. To be honest, I didn’t even notice when she mentioned that her sword was more important than her life.

Summer 2019 Random First Impressions Part 2: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, Cop Craft

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As usual, I watch too many things, which can only mean that there are more first impressions posts. Enjoy?

They are the literature club

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo First Impressions

I can’t see myself being able to talk about this show regularly, but it was exceptionally entertaining. It certainly has an odd premise, and it comes off like it should be a gag series. However, the first episode had a strange sense of realism to it. While the circumstances are definitely played up, I could believably see it happening. Played out to that effect, the episode became a lot more entertaining.

Lewd material in literature is okay

The series follows a group of high school girls in the literature club. As part of their perfectly responsible club activities, the girls read some more…racy(?) novels. In response to an upcoming book, the group discusses things they would want to do before dying. The story is basically set in motion when one of the girls states that she would want to have sex.

Sex is important for literature discussion

Although the first episode doesn’t get too far into the cast, I found the characters to be surprisingly charming. Each of the characters has a unique personality, but they seem to realistically have a common interest keeping them together. I also really liked seeing how the story unfolded from a single moment. Each of the plot lines seems incredibly unique, but they also feel like convincing and logical progressions. That made the overall viewing experience more enjoyable for me.

They are the literature club

It’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here. If the girls just run on parallel plot lines, I think that it might actually be really cool if the stories fit together as well as this first episode did.

Kei and Rick together in action

Cop Craft First Impressions

I would make a reference to Bright, the Netflix movie, but I never watched it. That being said, this series certainly feels like it has a similar premise. Set in a world where a portal to another dimension appears on the Pacific Rim (cough), the story follows Kei Motoba, a detective for the San Teresa City Police who is desperately searching for the man who killed his partner in a failed bust.

Tilarna introduces herself

Joining Kei is a knight from beyond the gate named Tilarna Exedilica. Presumably, she’s the other world’s version of a police officer. While she is clearly fascinated with the human world, she attempts to assist Kei with his search. Rather than doing it for revenge, she is attempting to find the kidnapped fairy that was being trafficked as part of Kei and Rick’s bust.

Tilarna wants to find a good partner

While this first episode definitely had a lot of familiar elements to it, I had fun watching it. I guess I tend to like the buddy cop dynamic, and I think Tilarna is cute when she’s trying to touch human things. I also thought it was funny when she scared herself by pulling the emergency brake in Kei’s car and then blamed it on him.

Tilarna smells something

I found it a bit weird that there’s an explanation before the opening animation about the setting of this series, but it doesn’t actually explain the terms that are used in the episode. The terms “Semani” and “Farbani” aren’t really elaborated within the episode, but I guess I was able to gather that Semani is likely the name of the world on the other side of the gate while Farbani is a major kingdom. I haven’t decided whether I think that’s a good or bad thing.

Tilarna jumps into action

I guess we’ll see Tilarna and Kei in action next week. It’ll be interesting to see whether the two can work together.