Yuru Yuri Episode 6

This episodes starts with Kyoko drawing a story based around Yui falling in love with her. Chinatsu’s not too happy about this, of course, so she tries to draw her own (with shocking results). The other main thing that happens in this episode is that everyone goes to Yui’s house again to meet a relative of hers named Mari. Turns out that Mari is a big fan of Miraku-run, which leads Chinatsu to dress up in the outfit (Kyoko finally gets her to wear it). Looks like Christmas stuff next week…should be fun.

Yuru Yuri Episode 5

The girls go to Comiket (I’m so jealous). Well, not all the girls. Just Ayano, Chitose, Kyoko, and Yui. Wait a second…you’re releasing Chitose into a giant room filled with people selling doujinshi, most of which might be perverted? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?????? So, who wants to split a room with me in Japan? I must see this Comiket >.>


On an unrelated note, WHY ISN’T SACRED SEVEN OUT YET?