Tsuritama Episode 3

Alright, so I guess we know how to cast now. Shout out random 3-syllable phrases and feather the line…got it. Next up in this week’s episode, we have the mysterious Akira from last week…not much more information is given, but we are shown a bit of his weird duck-based organization (I expect great things from Tapioca). As for Kate, I guess she had to step aside so that Yuki and Haru could get closer. Natsuki and Akira will likely join in soon…Natsuki’s already softening.

So what are my expectations from here? Akira mentioned Haru’s mind control water gun, which he seems to see as the main threat from him. I’m guessing he’ll get closer to Haru, and Yuki may be forced to convince him that he has Haru’s gun under check. And as I said before, I want that duck to do something awesome. Other than that, we still need for Akira to be worked into the group somehow. Should be interesting…looking forward to it.