Accel World Episode 5

So this week’s episode concludes the fight between Taku and Haru. The fight took the only course it really could…Haru gets beaten down, evolves, then comes back and recruits Taku to his side. Whether or not he truly joins Haru is yet to be seen, but it will probably happen. Yeah yeah…we saw it coming…but can you really blame them? What else could they do with situation?

I thought it was interesting, though, how everyone reacted to Haru growing wings. Yeah, he’s the first avatar able to fly, but they seemed to make a huge deal about it. Here’s my theory: in most video games in today’s world, flight is just not something that happens…even being able to jump is a tricky thing (*cough* Mass Effect). Basically, this flight thing confirms an initial suspicion of mine after seeing Haru’s avatar: his main tool is going to be mobility (which makes sense if you consider his physical appearance in real life).

Outside the fighting, Kuroyukihime wakes up. Her true form…not gonna lie…it looks pretty badass. She also does that bit with restarting her legion, so now other characters can join the party. Honestly, I was almost wondering if they might do a thing where she remains comatose and can only communicate through the Brain Burst program, but that wouldn’t really work because she would be constantly vulnerable in the hospital. So yeah…she gets up and shows off her embarrassed side (I legitimately wasn’t expecting that). And of course, she finishes off the episode by trolling us with a cliffhanger of her real name. If they do a thing next week where Haru stops her from saying it, I will cut someone (>.>). Other than that, next week looks maybe like retribution from the Blue Legion against Taku? Maybe solidifying his alliance with Kuroyukihime and Haru.