World Trigger Episode 16: Jin with the plans

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Well, that all smoothed over nicely…I guess Yuuma is finally free to join Border. Is it finally time to watch fights against Neighbors instead of fights between Border agents? Normally, I’d make a complaint about having to wait a week to watch this episode, but I believe it aired at the correct time, but was just subbed late. Still, these episodes don’t feel very eventful to me…

I’m starting to get tired of these “fun facts” at the end of the episode that basically reiterate the main world-related information piece from the episode. They feel like a waste of time and the comedy is too cheap to be worth any laughs. Anyway, it looks like next week is the enlistment tournament that everyone has been getting ready to do. Should be easy, right?

World Trigger Episode 15: Showing off some more

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More fighting in this week’s episode. Jin shows off Fujin’s ability to transmit his attack through objects…it’s an interesting ability that forces him to be strategic in battle. It also begs the question of what the limitations of Yuuma’s Black Trigger are given the slash limit for Fujin. Maybe Yuuma’s Black Trigger is different because of the way it was created?

I dunno…this week’s episode actually seemed to make me think the episodes are getting more boring to watch. I guess this long and drawn-out battle that’s being leveraged to explain the different types of Triggers doesn’t really give me much to see. Anyway, presumably the battle should end next week, right? I’m curious what the next arc entails.

World Trigger Episode 14: Jin gets serious?

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This week, we finally get to see Jin in action…at least a little bit. There’s the explanation of the different types of Triggers, but I don’t know how interesting I found that. At least it didn’t take too long, right? Anyway, other than that, it doesn’t really feel like all that much happened this week. It was more like a “oh look how cool Jin is” episode, I suppose.

Next week, we get to see Jin use the full power of his Black Trigger. It should be interesting to see how its true fighting capability links to his Side Effect. Surely there must be a relation or something. Based on what’s happening this week, it’s most likely that Yuuma and the team will remain completely oblivious to what’s happening outside. I guess there’s the possibility that the Arashiyama Squad needs some help, but I kinda doubt it.

World Trigger Episode 13: Mr. Miyagi lied?

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Not too much happened this week, to be honest. More training for Team Mikumo, but not too much progress has been made, it seems. I guess the main thing is that the expedition teams from Border prepare to capture Yuuma’s Black Trigger, but even that fight hasn’t begun yet. So I guess you could say this episode was uneventful (which is kinda annoying with all the new series coming out).

Anyway, I guess next time we finally get to see Jin take a battle seriously? He’s been lurking around for a while now. Is this going to end up being an awkward scene where Yuuma is protected without even realizing it or will he make an appearance in the battle? So far, it doesn’t seem like he’ll notice…

World Trigger Episode 12: Training Time

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This week’s episode introduces some higher-ranked agents to train the new Border team. This part was surprising to me the first time I read it too because I really wasn’t expecting Yuuma to lose nine out of ten battles against Konami. Also, it’s the beginning of hope, right? Osamu is finally going to be useful after some training, right?

We’ve finally reached the point where I stopped reading the manga. I don’t know why, but reading about the battle between Jin and the top Border teams just seemed boring to me. We’ll see how it goes this time…maybe it was just a problem with the medium. There were other factors into stopping at that point too, so it wasn’t just the story.

World Trigger Episode 11: Yuma’s Secret

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And finally Yuuma’s past is revealed. This week’s episode was a bit weird for me. I understand that they couldn’t just let Yuuma go back to the other side of the gate, but it seemed way too easy for him to change his mind and choose to join Border. I guess the hidden reason would be how much he likes Osamu or something? I guess that’s also why Osamu became the captain.

Anyway, it looks like next week will introduce the A-rank agents who will train the new team. I like how the team will end up balancing themselves out combat-wise, but I was always a bit dubious about the people training them. This show ended up being confirmed for 55 episodes, so there’s still a lot to go. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the end. Is finding Chika’s missing brother and friend even enough of a goal for a show like this?

World Trigger Episode 10: Tamakoma Branch

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This week’s episode introduces some new characters in the Tamakoma branch. They haven’t played all that much of a role in what I’ve read, so I can’t really say much about how useful they are. Also, the pizza delivery man scene might have been trying a bit too hard to be funny. I’m not sure I was a fan of it. But what can I do?

The end of this week’s episode begins Yuuma’s explanation about his past and why he came through the gate. Next week, we should see why his father sent him to Border and what exactly the world is like on the other side. Also, Chika will join Border as well (I thought Yuuma had already dragged her along…I guess they’re making it official). That means the training session should start…maybe Osamu will become useful?

World Trigger Episode 9: All these meetings…

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Well, it looks like Yuuma’s lineage is worth something to Border. Given the impact Yuuma has had by coming through the gate, it’s not too surprising that his father had similar impact by helping with the founding of Border. I certainly agree with Osamu’s question of why Yuuma believed that his father was not at all involved with Border, though. I’m not sure I ever found out the answer to that…

It sounds like next week, we finally get an explanation about Yuuma’s past. If I remember correctly, he will talk about the world on the other side of the gate and why his father died. Yuuma joining Border leads to some training scenes where we learn more about the triggers (probably not happening next week), but it also leads to some friendly fire within Border that was hinted this week…this part is not so interesting in my eyes.

World Trigger Episode 8: Black Trigger

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Finally Yuma’s Black Trigger is revealed…I’m not sure why they couldn’t guess that it was one based solely on its appearance. I’m a bit torn about the Black Trigger. On one hand, Yuuma being able to copy other people’s Triggers is pretty cool, but I feel like the idea of the Black Trigger is a bit cheesy.

Next week, Jin is tasked with bringing in Yuuma with his own Black Trigger. Will he go along with these orders, giving us a fight scene between the two? Or will he shirk his responsibilities and go for an alternate route? The show is getting close to done and we still haven’t reached the end of my knowledge of the show…I guess they’re not planning to get too far in the story.

World Trigger Episode 7: Everyone vs. Yuma

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I don’t see what Osamu’s making such a fuss about at the end of this episode. Didn’t he talk before about how the Trigger creates a Trion body that gets destroyed instead of the real body? Even if Yuma takes too much damage, he should just revert back to his normal form. Anyway, this episode marks the part where Yuma finally reveals himself to Border as a Neighbor. Now that Border knows, we can finally find out who he is, right?

Anyway, despite Osamu’s yelling, the end of the episode doesn’t actually show Yuma getting hit by the sniper shell…plus, he knew the sniper was there. So more than likely, the next episode begins with Yuma dodging it or only being grazed by the shot. It also sounds, from the preview, like Yuma will show off the Black Trigger a bit next week. Anyway, next week should be where things slow down a bit.