World Trigger Episode 26: Side effect

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There’s a lot of discussion about Side Effects this week and I’ve been wondering what differentiates a human with a Side Effect from a human with some nearly-supernatural talent. If the Side Effect is something that occurs naturally from birth, then there has to be a way to tell it apart from a normal human talent if they’re giving it a special name. Can they detect that it stems from Trion? For example, some sort of test where they drop Trion levels to as low as safely possible and see whether the ability disappears? That could be interesting.

On a different topic, I’m glad this week’s battle between Kazama’s team and the black-horned Neighbor wasn’t completely one-sided. It wouldn’t have made any sense for the Black Trigger Neighbor to be so easily defeated by a single team. Next week seems to be shift the focus to the other horned Neighbor that appeared. Naturally, I’m not placing too much focus on the part about Osamu potentially dying. I’m assuming that will lead to some tense scenario where Osamu finally proves himself more useful.

World Trigger Episode 25: Most powerful squad

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It looks like the Tamakoma group training our main characters is actually the most powerful squad in Border, though mostly because they use specialized Triggers instead of mass-produced ones. Presumably if the other A-Squad members had specialized Triggers, they’d be on comparable level. Anyway, the two main things that happened this week are that Chika decided to actually fight (small moment of character growth) and the humanoid Neighbors joined the fight (about time).

I’m still curious whether someone will recognize Yuuma in all of this fighting. He’s been strangely absent for quite a while now. It looks like next week will introduce the humanoid Neighbor’s Black Trigger. These episodes are really dragging on for me, so I’m really not sure how much longer I’m going to last.

World Trigger Episode 24: Capture

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I’m feeling a bit indecisive today, so I think I’m just going to commit to this series until it reaches the end of this major invasion. I’ll go back to new airing series tomorrow. Anyway, this week’s episode reveals more of the invading Neighbors’ true plan, which is apparently to capture the C-rank students that can’t bail out. That still feels like it’s not enough for an invasion like this, though…

I’m getting pretty upset with this invasion…I feel like I should be learning more about the Neighbors, but there doesn’t seem to be much new information. On a side note, an ending song was added this week…not terrible music-wise, but not particularly good in the vocal-sense. Anyway, next week doesn’t look too promising either…just another Border team going to show off.

World Trigger Episode 23: Split up

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Well, the main question I had last week of whether the invading Neighbors knew who Yuuma was still hasn’t been answered, which is kind of annoying. But that aside, this week’s episode brings back the Black Trigger for Yuuma. I’m assuming that the reason that the other agents thought he was a humanoid Neighbor when seeing the Black Trigger is that the Border Black Trigger users are famous enough that any unknown is probably a Neighbor.

It sounds like next week will reveal the true intentions of the Neighbor invaders. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were something to the effect of “showing off their military strength”, but I would hope it’s something more. So far, I guess it doesn’t seem like they’re after Yuuma or anything. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

World Trigger Episode 22: Invasion begins

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So this is the invasion that will probably carry us through the first half of the show. There isn’t too much to say about this week’s episode because it focuses on the new type of Trion soldier trying to capture Border agents. Was anyone else entertained by the guy who kept worrying about how Border’s image would be affected by any harm to civilians, though? Clearly that man had his priorities straight.

Anyway, Yuuma ends the message by mentioning that he should allow himself to fall for someone’s trap. Does that mean that he is somewhat the target of the invasion? And does he know who’s behind it? The group shown at the end seemed to react to seeing Yuuma on screen. I guess we’ll find out next week.

World Trigger Episode 21: Calm before the storm

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The second half of this week’s episode almost seemed like a recap episode, full of flashbacks and whatnot. I guess it’s only fair given that a major battle is coming…at least they didn’t use the full episode. The first half of the episode was mostly preparation for the coming battle, though. The information about the Neighbor worlds being similar to orbiting planets was kinda interesting, though.

Next week, the invasion starts. I’m assuming this will carry us through the first half of this show (give or take episode 25). This week’s episode mentioned the high probability of using humanoid Trion soldiers in the invasion, so it’s very possible that Yuuma will have to face someone he knows. That should make things interesting, right?

World Trigger Episode 20: Alliance

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Pretty much as expected, Yuuma has no problem taking out Midorikawa. I also agree with Osamu’s assessment…why does Yuuma want him to be the leader of the group so much? The two are worlds apart in skill level. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this endless cycle of Yuuma forcing people to recognize Osamu…sooner or later, the guy has to do something to prove himself.

Anyway, next week we get to find out more about how the Neighbors structure their own world. This explanation has pretty much been a long time coming in my eyes. We’ve only really gotten glimpses before, so I’m curious what we’ll find out next week. I just wish the world wasn’t called the “Neighborhood”…that’s just sad.

World Trigger Episode 19: Grinding time

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Yuuma’s pretty good at fighting Osamu’s battles for him. I guess that guy is just doomed to be an annoying character that can’t do anything in a fight for quite a while. Other than that, this week’s episode just explains how Border agents gain points to go up to B-rank…so just a lot more explanation. I’m finding it hard to stay interested in this series, so I might just be watching it until the season ends.

Next week’s episode should conclude Yuuma’s fight with Midorikawa. I’m assuming Yuuma wins…can’t be sacrificing points so easily, right? There was also talk of the Neighbor invasion this week as well…will next week bring Yuuma into that conversation as an expert of the other side’s tactics? Surely the duel can’t take the whole episode…

World Trigger Episode 18: Enlistment done

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So Osamu might have some potential to be useful in battles after all. Even if it suits Osamu’s character, I still find it a bit strange that he is going to be the leader of the group with the plan given Yuuma’s combat experience. Is Osamu supposed to spend the entire show surpassing Yuuma or does Yuuma have his own flaw? Putting the two together just seems to push Osamu further into the background in my eyes.

Anyway, now everyone is officially enlisted in Border, so stuff can actually get done. Based on the preview, it looks like the upcoming battles continue to be within Border for our main group. Aren’t they supposed to be fighting more otherworldly enemies? I guess this show turns into a school battle series at least for a little bit, huh?

World Trigger Episode 17: Enlistment time

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Finally the enlistment is here…it’s pretty much going as expected with Yuuma and Chika easily outshining the other applicants. There really isn’t all that much to analyze here…they were introduced as people who would easily do well and they did well. I’m not sure if there was a small bonding moment between Osamu and Kitora, but other than that, this episode was pretty much a “sit back and watch” affair.

This fight between Kazama and Osamu seems much more interesting than anything else in this week’s episode, though. Osamu’s pretty much guaranteed to lose, but it will be interesting to see if he’s been able to shake off how useless he’s seemed up to now. I’m certainly looking forward to how he fights next week.