Jormungand Final Episode

You just got doored!
Yeesh…these people just won’t die. Valmet and Karen took all those close-range gunshot wounds and both survived. That makes absolutely no sense. I also wonder why Karen didn’t kill Valmet when she had the chance, but I suppose she may have wanted to kill Valmet while she’s at her full strength to get perfect revenge or something. Alternatively, she could be so broken that she no longer cares for revenge.

Meanwhile, R has his secret meeting with a CIA operative. I guess I should have expected this show to be like this. Similar to Fate/Zero, it just gives a bit of a new part and just takes a break for a season. Well, I don’t really have big complaints about the show so far, so I look forward to seeing it in the fall. It’s pretty amusing.

Jormungand Episode 11

Strangely enough, this show made it hard for me to notice that this was the episode right before the last one. Granted, I think there’s supposed to be a second season, but I guess that’s just how random everything feels. Either way, it looks like the final arc is in two parts, Koko fending off assassins and Valmet dealing with her past with Jonah’s help. It looks like Karen will also get a second chance to face Valmet and redeem herself (should be interesting to watch).

Assassins surely have an easier job killing Koko without Valmet and Jonah…it’s actually kinda curious. Will they let one of the team members die? Theoretically they wouldn’t, but not much has been revealed about a lot of them, so maybe that is done for a reason. Last episode next week…looks like a lot of Valmet based on the preview. Should be interesting.

Jormungand Episode 10

Yeesh…Koko just makes everything look easy. There are never really any points where you wonder if they’ll survive. She just seems to have a contingency for it all. It pretty funny how she can even use Scarecrow to her advantage (when in doubt, use the assistant).

Next week looks just like another operation…not much more I can say. I look forward to the future where Koko may have some trouble…you know, actual suspense. Maybe she gets kidnapped unexpectedly or something. Might be interesting.