Suka Suka Episode 3: Colorful past

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I’m having the hardest time figuring out why I enjoy watching this series. I think I just consistently agree with how the episode progresses, rather than making my usual complaints. But anyway, this episode was a nice introduction to Willem’s past as well as setting up Ctholly for her battle. That being said, my main conflict in this series is balancing what I’ve heard about how tragic this series is with how early it is to actually implement the tragedy. The preview for next week’s episode has Willem looking really crestfallen, which would indicate that the death flags in this episode might have some weight. But it’s so early…what am I supposed to think?

What is Willem trying to learn? How likely the girls are to die in battle? Because he’s being pretty nonchalant about it if that’s case.

Instant regret.

I guess it’s about time this guy showed off. Although, I kinda get the sense that he’s just saying he doesn’t need to fully activate the sword to use it.

I was curious why Ctholly was so resistant to Willem’s attempts to save her. Other leprechauns have died doing what Ctholly does, so it makes sense that she would be unwilling to accept so easily that they didn’t have to die.

I’m curious what this mock fight accomplishes, though. At the end, it seems mostly like Willem was just trying to gauge Ctholly’s proficiency, but he ends the fight by saying he’s confident that she’s strong enough to complete her mission without self-destructing. Is it just because he told her the theory behind the sword she’s wielding? She didn’t seem to be listening when he mentioned it.

Hmm…I don’t mind this use of the flashback. Willem doesn’t jump straight into telling us what we just saw, but suggests that there’s a link. We quickly establish Willem’s physical state while somewhat building on his past…multi-tasking?

Wait, she’s the one who found Willem? That certainly explains her obsession with him. And this explanation of Willem’s past actually makes sense given that the kids presumably overheard the two talking about his “battle scars” and asked about Willem’s injury.

It’s the little things. This is the same girl who was lagging behind in the earlier scene.

This is new.

Eh, I would agree with this. Both are cases of deciding on something and sticking with it. The terms only really differ on how you feel about the decision you made, whether your settling or affirming. Either way, I was totally expecting this guy to be evil…seems fine so far.

Based on this conversation, it really seems like this kind of “maintenance” is new to Ctholly, but she still seems pretty calm about it. Still, it’s an interesting explanation of how the swords work, with the combination of multiple talismans having drastically different properties than each individual. It’s not unheard of, given what we’ve seen in nature.

Is this the natural progression after someone has asked you to kiss them? I’m surprised that Willem is the one saying this.

She just had to make a promise with Willem about what they would do after the big battle, did she?

Suka Suka Episode 2: This time with less title

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Well, this series sure shifted its tone quickly. It’s continuing to be an interesting story so far. I quite liked that the tone shift felt pretty natural. You really got the sense that the accident with the girl running after the ball happens often and wasn’t forced. It’s just a shock for Willem and the audience who don’t know the context and it naturally leads to finding out that the girls are suicidal murder bots. But yeah…this isn’t going to end well, is it? Who’s ready?

Oh…that’s a lot of girls. Is it bad that my first thought was “expendable”?

Haha this was funnier than it should have been.

This is going to be a recurring joke, isn’t it? Sigh…can I survive?

Ahh, the classic…bribing little kids with sweets. Now all you need is the white van and their accusations of lolicon will be completely validated.

Wait…huh? Wha? What’s going on?

This could have very easily been used to keep the audience in the dark a bit longer and I almost thought it might, so I’m glad Willem decides to learn the truth. Although, the synopsis would have been very confusing if he hadn’t.

Wait, is this just saying that the people in charge don’t care what happens to the girls or is it saying that they’re actually designed to die in battle?

This is almost too casual. There’s something intriguing about how serious but not serious this scene is.

Is this for real? It’s so early that I can’t tell. At this point, I’m already guessing that there’s no hope for her, but five days seems a bit soon.

Uhh…what is happening here? Do we need to get the police?

Is that the girl from the beginning of the first episode?

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii Desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desuka? First Impressions (1): I’m typing this full title

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I was surprised by this premiere…it was pretty interesting. There was a nice progression of revealing information throughout the episode and while I still have questions, I was entertained by what I saw. This first episode is also making me question which characters are human. Anyway, I was expecting a more generic fantasy story, but this series looks like it’s much more laidback than that. Sure, the world doesn’t seem great for humanity, but it looks like the general tone of the series will be focused on Willem’s interactions with the girls. If that’s the case, then I think the episode did a good job of setting that up.

Side note: if I continue with this show, then this is the only time I type out the entire title.

The background song’s not bad. I’m actually having the hardest time focusing on what the girl is saying…something about being in love.

Huh…it’s weird to watch this episode the day after watching Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho since they have somewhat mirrored introductions. As a quick note here, this episode could have very easily started out with the girl narrating about how the beastkind are the dominant species in this world, but instead chooses to just show us with this scene. Anyway, here’s hoping this girl has an actual reason for not being able to save herself and that the “venenum” line wasn’t just a name drop.

Screw you, dude. I definitely say a frog person earlier.

Whoa, is that “Scarborough Fair”? Okay, this is a good series.

So is she supposed to be some kind of caged princess or something? Escaped to see the world?

This looks painful. And why would you specifically need a disfeatured to protect a warehouse? I guess what I’m saying is you should be more suspicious, man.

She seems…happy?

This is the most casual “not a human” reveal I’ve ever seen. Consequently, this character’s getting less and less interesting.

Haha this scene is pretty funny. Also, they do a good job of introducing the fact that Willem has kids right before he demonstrates his calm ability to handle them.

That’s a hell of a name. No way I’m getting the spelling correct the first time.

I know where this is going, but this still sounds pretty pretentious.

She seems pretty old to be his kid…his wife, maybe? But why did she give the line about marriage?