Fate/Zero Episode 17

The long awaited backstab (quite literally) finally appears this week. Kirei takes his father’s command seals and gets Gilgamesh to switch to his side to kill Tokiomi. Huh…I was actually right about him dying…not bad. Anyway, I’m not completely sure if Kirei was lying to Gilgamesh about the Grail thing or if he was being serious. It seems weird to me. Why doesn’t Gilgamesh think that Kirei will do the same thing that Tokiomi was planning to do with the last command seal? Maybe he believes that Kirei has a common understanding or maybe I misunderstood what Kirei said. Was he saying that Tokiomi wishes to create a more powerful form of the Grail by sacrificing all of the Servants? Or was he saying that the Grail itself will not activate without the death of all the Servants?

If it’s the first option, then it makes more sense that Gilgamesh would side with Kirei. If it’s the second one, then I have no idea what’s going on. Either way, Tokiomi made it pretty clear he was gonna die this week when he visited Rin and entrusted her with the book and whatnot. A side note: Gilgamesh sure was turning into a bunch of light particles a lot in this episode. I don’t recall him being like that when he conversed with Kirei in the first season…budget? That aside, we still have Rider, Berserker, Archer, and Saber left in the running. My guess is that Berserker is the next to fall, but that may just be a blind, subconscious wish that Rider lasts as long as possible. Was that Waver’s voice in the preview? I couldn’t quite make it out. It looks like this second season is barreling towards an intense conclusion, so I’m definitely enjoying it.