Noragami Episode 12 (Final): Is that a proposal?

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Well, that went mostly as expected. Rabo is dead and Hiyori has her memories back. Also, Nora is still at large and remains an unresolved issue. As expected, there is more to her than the fight with Rabo. Is the “father” she referred to in the episode supposed to be another god that has a problem with Yato?

Not really what you could call an ending. So many things remain unresolved, so it’s more like it begs for another season. In all, I’d say this show was one of the better shows of the season, but that might just be because of how reminiscent of Rurouni Kenshin it is. For example, this fight against Rabo was basically the same as the battle against Jin-e in Rurouni Kenshin, but I won’t dwell too much on that. Hopefully it gets a proper ending somewhere down the line, but we’ll see.

Noragami Episode 11: More memory loss!

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You know, for a little bit, I was wondering whether Nora had used a similar memory removal on Yato to make him who he is today. But then she revealed that Hiyori’s memory loss was continuous, so there’s no chance that happened to Yato. It was a stretch anyway, because then there would have to be a reason she didn’t give him the memory back since she seems to want him to have it.

I wonder how useful Hiyori will be in the final battle. The last scene in the episode made it looked like she tagged along in her spirit form and the preview seems to confirm that. If she’s still without her memories, I can’t imagine she would be able to do all that much. You know, other than become a hostage Rabo can use to draw out Yato’s old self…

Noragami Episode 10: I guess the final battle begins

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Looks like Nora’s made her move by taking Hiyori’s memories of Yato to keep her away from him. Interesting that she’s able to control ayakashi. Based on what we saw in the episode, though, that may just be an extension of Rabo’s abilities. They seemed linked to a mask similar to the one he was wearing. This is assuming Nora didn’t originally put the mask on him, though.

Based on what Tenjin told Yato, he may initially accept Hiyori’s condition as okay since it may help to fix Hiyori’s half-ayakashi situation. From the preview, it doesn’t really look like that will be the case, though. Also, it looks like he’ll be initiating a fight against this Rabo next week. We’ll see how that goes. I’m more curious about what Nora’s role will end up being.

Noragami Episode 3: Oh so that’s what a real god is supposed to be like…

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Huh…I expected Hiyori to be much more annoying once Yato got his Regalia. She hasn’t forgotten, but she’s no different than she was before. Maybe she doesn’t actually notice all that much. Anyway, another day another Phantom, I suppose. It looks like Tomone/Mayu has come back as a recurring character.

But was that her watching Yato and Yukine from the shadows at the very end of the episode? Is that supposed to indicate future antagonism or will she once again join Yato? It looks like another new character will be showing up next week. It may just be a client, but maybe it’s another god or something. Nothing too exciting’s been happening in this show so far.

Noragami Episode 2: New character joins the team

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It looks like Yato finally got another weapon he can use in the form of Yukine. It looks like the Regalia (or Sacred Treasure…figure yourselves out, translators) are all pretty rebellious people. It probably has something to do with how Yato first gave Yukine his form. It was almost like he found a random spirit and forced him to help. I’d be pissed too. Especially with a god like Yato, Yukine will basically have to join him in his homelessness. It looks like Yukine has a troubled past anyway, so he’ll probably be alright.

Anyway, now that Yato finally has a Regalia, Hiyori can be a lot more annoying about her request to him to return to normal. Now that she knows that her life is in danger when in spirit form, I’m sure she won’t let Yato have a free moment. From the preview, it looks like next week might be more on Yukine or something? Maybe he’ll become more willing to help Yato out?

Noragami First Impressions: Not a bad way to start

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First show of the new season is here. First up, we have the story of the aspiring god, Yato. He is pushed out of the path of a bus by a girl named Iki Hiyori, who is subsequently turned into a half-ayakashi, half-human as a result. And now, she has to put her faith in the “legendary” god Yato to return to a normal condition. I’m hoping this one turns out well…seems alright so far. Man, these characters have some silly interactions.

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The opening song for the show is okay, but the ending song is better despite being a less catchy song. We’re through the first episode and our intrepid god is still unable to fight properly due to lack of a weapon. However, it looks as though there is still a third main character missing who will presumably be the “Sacred Treasure” he needs. It looks like he might be gaining that weapon next week based on the preview. One thing I have to wonder based on what I’ve seen so far, though. What exactly will Hiyori be doing? She’s shown herself to have some sort of capability in a fight, but how much can she do with just the knowledge of an MMA fan?