Fate/Zero Episode 20

Wow…when did Waver become cool? Realizing that Rider wasn’t at full strength and then talking to him like a true Master. Not bad. Meanwhile, Maiya falls to Rider, who kidnaps Iris. Doesn’t quite seem like his style, but everything about the situation smells fishy. I suppose Maiya had to die…that’s too bad.

So with all of the flashback episodes, I didn’t realize that no one knew Tokiomi was dead yet…I thought the device Kiritsugu used to find out (I assume it matched the magic signature of Tokiomi from his chair to his blood) was pretty cool, though.

Next week, I guess, will be a face-off between Saber and Rider…looks likely that he will fall. I don’t see Berserker dropping first. We don’t even know who he is yet.