Death Parade Episode 11: Meaning of life?

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So this week’s episode finally reveals Chiyuki’s past and how she died. In the end, it sounded like she ends up coming to a fairly selfish definition of her existence. I assume it’s something along the lines of this: as a mind that has no real connection to the workings of any other mind, the only true existence is oneself. I’m taking this line of thought over the alternative, which is “skating is my life and without it, I’m nothing”, which has always been a foreign thought to me (someone who has never had that level of passion).

Next week, the show finally comes to an end. It looks like the final episode might end up being pretty dramatic with Oculus trying to throw a wrench into Nona’s plans. The only thing I can really glean from the preview is that the elevator to the void seems to be very relevant next week. I’m really quite curious about how this one will end up turning out.

Death Parade Episode 8: The fun begins?

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So the big deal with this week’s pair is that one of them is a killer? Based on the events of the episode, it looks like both of them might be the killers. I’m actually really curious why that complicates things. Normally, it would be hard to remain objective when judging a murderer, but shouldn’t the arbiters have a much easier time with that than a human would? But I guess an arbiter might not consider things like temporary insanity like modern court systems.

Next week continues this pair’s story. It really feels like the two stories must be linked based on how they were presented, but I’m hesitant to assume that because it seems too easy. Plus, it’s been established that there doesn’t need to be proximity connection between the two deaths. My current working theory is that the detective finds the boy ready to kill the stalker who assaulted his sister and tries to stop him, but that connection just seems so weak. I guess we’ll find out next week.

Death Parade Episode 7: Some background time?

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This show really does have an interesting take on the afterlife. In our society, it’s easy to think of the afterlife as this perfectly ordered place where everyone is judged fairly by some ultimate being. But what if the afterlife is finite like our world? What if there are limitations? Judgments can be bottle-necked by this information bureau and arbiters are judging humans based on having no experience being human. If your afterlife was something like this, would you still want to believe in it?

Anyway, it looks like the point of this show is putting the unnamed human with Decim in order to create a more “human” arbiter, presumably just as part of Nona’s personal experiment. I wonder what’s going on with the people for next week’s episode…what would they need to have to require a specialist?