Accel World Episode 7

Well, it seems our Kuroyukihime works in mysterious ways. The fight was all just a way for her to keep Taku from self-destructing as she almost did when she betrayed the other kings. Meanwhile, Haru’s trying to regain his points with Aqua Current, or Karen as she introduces herself.

She’s definitely a curious character. It seemed like she was almost ready to join Haru with Nega Nebulous at the end, but then she wipes his memory (theoretically possible with the Neuro Linker and the direct link they had, so no scientific qualms there). I wonder if she’ll try to support them from the sidelines.

The episode ends up with Taku transferring to Haru’s school…something I didn’t see coming, but makes sense. It makes the school a potential HQ for Nega Nebulous as their numbers increase. Kuroyukihime makes it clear that there aren’t many other Burst Linkers there…at least I assume this based on the fact that Taku was the only one that challenged her on the school’s globalnet.

I’m still having troubles with the way they explain things in this show. I guess it should be assumed that Karen compensates for her low level with some form of tactics, but I can’t help feeling there should be more to it than that. Next week looks to be the introduction of a new character…looks like she’s gonna be trolling Haru, possibly Kuroyukihime too.