God Eater Episode 6: Team bonding

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Well, I expected not to like Alisa’s character, and this week’s episode only served to confirm that. It seems like she’s utterly useless in combat without medication (presumably anti-anxiety pills). Other than that, this week’s episode only really served as a bonding experience for Lenka and Alisa. I’m not sure what significance I should place on the last scene with Lenka before Lindow appears, where he puts up his arms at the attacking Amagami. I guess that was supposed to be a form of surrender and Lindow was admonishing Lenka for not continuing to struggle until the end?

The preview doesn’t have much, but it sounded like one of the audio segments from next week’s episode is an apology, which I’m assuming is from Alisa towards Lenka because of how weak she was. It’s very possible that it may prompt her to at least tell him a little bit about her past or something. Another piece to get from the preview…it seems that despite Alisa’s declaration this week that Lenka’s God Arc is dead, it will likely be brought back. I’ll be upset if there’s some lame excuse like “it’s because the weapon is a New Type”. I guess we’ll see.

God Eater Episode 5: Is this the big bad?

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Someone explain to me why this Black Vajra seemed to be excessively interested in targeting defenseless civilians. Was it just to spite the main characters? I would think that the most logical plan of attack would be to kill Lenka and rip him apart while he was pinned by one of those blades. That would ensure that one fewer person could attack it…you know, since Lenka had a weapon and was actually being aggressive towards it. Plot armor is a scary thing.

Anyway, next week can either have Lenka and Arisa fend for themselves on the outside or it could just start with Lenka waking up on a bed after his team saves him. While they shouldn’t have much of an issue surviving outside, having come from the outside originally, I suppose it gives them time to bond and gives the story an opportunity to show what life is like on the outside.

God Eater Episode 4: New unit

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So we’re back after a week’s break. This week’s episode introduces Lenka into his new unit with his suspension now gone. I was more expecting him to create his own unit with Alisa and Kouta, but it looks like he will just be joining up with Lindow’s team (probably because they’re still too new to send out alone). As for the combat itself, I honestly wasn’t expecting Alisa to be so much of a maverick in the field…it makes her all the more annoying to me. Why don’t they just team her up with Soma since they seem to match in personality? Maybe because they would clash too much to be productive?

I think the main thing to take away from this week’s episode is that there seems to be some form of end goal in sight with the introduction of the island Aegis. I’m still not sure how that island can hold all of humanity given that the giant fortress they built can’t even take in any more survivors, but who am I to question their logic? From the preview piece at the end, I wasn’t really able to get too much about the next episode, but my guess (and probably my hope) is that we might get some more information about Lenka’s life before becoming a God Eater.

God Eater Episode 3: Power of the New Types

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Well, I’ll be frank…I was really ready to hate Alisa in the first half of the episode until I realized she was refusing to leave the crew and save herself. It looks like she’ll just be playing the role of helping Lenka evolve further. From this episode, Lenka seemed pretty adaptable on the battle, picking up the role of his New-Type weapon pretty quickly. If that’s really case, he should make an interesting protagonist.

Side note, though…doesn’t the eat and reload mechanic of the New-Type God Arc seem a bit too overpowered? I get that it makes Lenka and Alisa basically solo machines, but it seems like far too much of a gap from the old types. The enormous Aragami from the end of this week’s episode also brings an interesting question. Where is this show headed? Are we planning on having Lenka defeat the giant Aragami? Or are all of the flashbacks about the Oracle cell meant to suggest a specific ending?

God Eater Episode 2: Time to prove yourself

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While I understand why Eric’s death was used to act as a motivator for Lenka and to cool him off a bit when it comes to his thirst for killing Amagami, I think it unnecessarily slowed down this second episode. Also, I’m still trying to figure out what advantages a sword-type God Arc has over a ranged-type God Arc. There was some mention of ammo this week, but the sword-type still feels too weak. You would think that it would need quite a lot of cutting power in order to compensate for the lack of range, but Lindow’s weapon even needs some special chainsaw mechanic to really get going. Maybe it’s effective at fighting crowds? I feel like this is where I would need to play the game to know.

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Also, I’m guessing they’re really pushing how parallel Lindow and Lenka are meant to be, not only in appearance. There’s brief mention this week of the fact that Lenka fought the Amagami without the God Arc and it’s heavily suggested that Lindow once did the same thing. Are the two meant to eventually fight as allies on equal ground or are they just meant to be mentor+disciple?

I guess next week’s episode will be a display of the power a New-Type God Arc is supposed to have, using the introduction of the new character Alisa. Just judging by her personality displayed so far, I’m guessing that I won’t be a fan of her as a character, but we’ll see. I’m assuming that the next episode will also have to be a proving ground for Lenka, so it’s highly likely that he will learn something from watching Alisa and prove he isn’t a total liability.