Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 1: Hinamatsuri, SAO Alternative, Devils’ Line

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Spring season’s in full swing, so I want to go over multiple shows today. This section lives!

Hinamatsuri First Impressions (Episode 1)

I had a lot of fun watching this episode. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but the opening sequence certainly didn’t scream “comedy show”. That being said, I thought the episode was pretty funny and I liked where it was going. As for the opening sequence, I was pretty impressed. Despite the blurred attacks and the fact that this series isn’t really an action show, the fight choreography looked really good.

The interactions between the two main characters were fun. I’m curious to see where they go with Nitta. The episode kinda paints him as the “good guy” gangster, but I’d find it more interesting if he isn’t just a nice person (as he seems to be).

I did think it was a little weird that Hina grew attached to Nitta for not treating her as she was treated by other adults. Nitta did technically try to abuse her power for his own gain, after all. But I guess the distinction is that he was more asking her for a favor rather than seeing her as a tool. That seemed to be implied, so I’m fine going along with it.

Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online First Impressions (Episode 1)

I don’t have all too much to say about this series. I was surprised that the episode went straight into the action without really introducing much, but I guess it can borrow a lot of setup from the original Sword Art Online. That being said, I didn’t particularly mind it. The episode was pretty entertaining overall. It had the feel of watching a live stream of a game.

The only weird part (for me) was when Karen went god mode in the end. It kinda makes the strategy seem less important when she can take on entire teams by herself.

Devils’ Line First Impressions (Episode 1)

Well, they can’t all be winners. I was curious about the premise of this series, but this first episode really didn’t appeal to me. All of the fights felt like they had excessive shaky cam in them and the major scenes in the episode seemed fairly drawn-out and boring. The opening scene also felt way longer than it should have been for how little it seemed to contribute.

This episode really did a good job of making me not care about this guy. He got way too much background for an opening episode, so it was pretty much a given that the story would get rid of him quickly.

How exactly does this work? How do you identify this guy based on his semen? Did you have a DNA sample already? This line feels like typical “forensic magic”. You could at least put a little effort into it.

Gasp! He was the protagonist all along!

Seikaisuru Kado Final Episode 12: That’s the answer?

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Re:Creators is a recap this week, so I’m going to wrap up the last show of the previous season instead.

I still hold that I liked this series overall, but I still can’t agree with the events leading to the end of the series. From the ending that we were shown, I actually didn’t mind the intended goal of the series, a union of anisotropic and humanity in the form of Yukika. But as a result of the fumbling in the events leading to the end, the series just gets a “status quo” ending, which seems boring to me. I kinda wanted Yaha-kui to be right, to have a legitimate case. Instead, his view is tossed aside in favor of Tsukai’s view of humanity for what seem like cheap reasons. Maybe I came into this series wanting the wrong things.

I also feel like the ending’s idea is contradicted a bit by the deactivation of the devices. Instead of using anisotropic knowledge to advance humanity even further, humanity is now striving to get to the level of the anisotropic. I think the message is that humanity would take the technology for granted if it were just given to us, something I can’t agree with.

I feel like I’ve seen this kind of scene before somewhere.

This might just be a poor translation, but it sounded like the soldier was reporting where surface communications had been restored. How does that indicate where Kado has spread? Is Kado’s presence somehow aiding the restoration of ground communications? This line would have made more sense if the soldier was just reporting where satellite communication was lost.

Sigh…can I call this a “humanity transcends the physical world” cliche? I guess a better phrasing is “humans surpass the information that describes them”, based on how Yaha-kui describes the clones.

We’re never going to get a good answer on why Yaha-kui needs to transform all of humanity, are we? Maybe the simple answer is that he won’t be able to resist studying more humans after Shindo is transformed.

So much for the plan. To be fair, I think this ending is a lot more boring if the plan succeeds.

Did anyone actually understand this? All I was able to gather was that Shinawa used special Wam in the Fregonics armor that allowed Yaha-kui to bypass the Fregonics. Maybe he went through “hyperspace” to get inside the armor or something…whatever hyperspace is.

Come again?

Plan Hanamori? Eh, now I understand why the kiss from last week was so important. This must be the daughter of Shindo and Tsukai.

Interesting…so Fregonics are an unintentional barrier that occur because the anisotropic and the universe are inherently incompatible? I can accept that.

Based on my understanding, it’s not that Yukika is better at controlling the anisotropic than Yaha-kui is. She just understands how the anisotropic interacts with this particular universe and therefore has an edge when battling in this universe.

I suppose the point of this scene is to show that Yukika is capable of interacting with the non-information parts of humanity. Does that mean she sees dead people?

Sigh…that’s not cool. I get that science can still progress much faster now that it knows what to strive for, but it makes no sense that these devices stopped working when Kado disappeared. I can accept that Nanomis-hein needs to exist to work, but Sansa theoretically altered human biology and Wam were human-made objects that still exist. I guess this scene also suggests that Yukika is the one who forced all of these devices to stop working, so maybe it’s just all anisotropic magic.

Final Score: 7/10

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 11: The secret weapon is the element of surprise

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While I’m still not sure about how this series has progressed in recent episodes, I have to admit that Shindo’s final plan sounds intriguing. If we can bring things back around to a negotiation, it might make for a satisfying finale. I think a lot of the discussion about how we advance humanity and about how a futuristic version of humanity would look has been swept under the rug to focus on the major conflict between the main characters. Well, there’s only one episode left to see how it all goes.

What the heck am I seeing here? Yaha-kui wakes up to reveal that it’s a dream, but that’s not too helpful. Is it supposed to be a representation of the anisotropic world?

Despite the production limitations of both Wam and Sansa, Nanomis-hein is surprisingly easy to distribute.

Based on Tsukai’s comments here, I guess Yaha-kui plans to turn all humans, or at least as many as possible, into anisotropic beings to take out of our universe. I’m still not fully clear on this plan.

I understand how getting rid of the Fregonics protecting Yaha-kui would make him vulnerable to the cage, but how does that change Shindo’s human vulnerability? Is Fregonics also related to Yaha-kui’s ability to move his body parts through the anisotropic? I can’t remember that being mentioned in previous episodes. My understanding of the Fregonics was that it was just a barrier, so I would expect that Yaha-kui could still crush Shindo’s heart easily without it.

Also, I guess it’s a good thing that Tsukai asked Shinawa about how to break Fregonics just before she broke into Kado.

Assemble the team!

I’m wondering if seeing Yaha-kui brutally murder Shindo in public would be enough to make other people, specifically the other Shindo, question him enough to figure out what’s happening. That being said, Shindo probably doesn’t want to risk his life on that question, so this is a fair assessment.

Also, it looks like that episode 0 was relevant after all.

Hmm…this seems like a promising objective. Shindo doesn’t want to subjugate Yaha-kui and force him to submit (or leave). If he’s able to satisfy Yaha-kui instead without allowing the full anisotropic transformation to happen, that could make for an interesting ending.

I’m not sure I’m fully convinced about this turn of events yet, but I guess this relationship has been pretty set up before Tsukai was revealed to be an anisotropic being. Props to Shindo for going for it, though.

This looks a bit foreboding. Also, I’m curious what Shinawa expected Shindo to do with the Antagonics technology. Perhaps she just jumped on board because of her own curiosity…it would fit her character.

Shindo’s friendship with Hanamori has been an interesting (maybe somewhat underdeveloped) aspect of this series. That being said, this scene could either be Shindo’s acceptance that he will likely die in the negotiations or just some hidden plan to create a shocking reveal when everything seems to go awry in the final battle.


I get the sense that the main conflict of this series boils down to a love triangle.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 10: Multiplying Shindos

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I stand by what I said last week, but this episode was still interesting to watch. I guess my main issue with it was that it’s hard to understand why everything happened without some knowledge of the anisotropic. My puny human analysis seems too weak. I have the same bias as last week…even after Yaha-kui justified his intervention in this universe, I still can’t agree with him. I would have been on board if he just wanted to take Shindo to the anisotropic for his personal curiosity, but he’s pushing the collective advancement of humanity. That makes him feel more like an unnecessary antagonist in this story.

Uhh…what’s going on? Did I step into the wrong show?

It took me about 3 minutes of watching the pretty colors before I came to the conclusion that this text is a conversation between anisotropic beings.

Is “Wa” supposed to be Tsukai? She sounds like a terrible researcher to interfere in the test protocol.

The pink sparkles from the previous scenes suggest that Tsukai has been living through organisms on this planet for billions of years. Was Tsukai the first human life she inhabited?

It’s really hard to frame my understanding of this scene because I’m not sure how aware Tsukai is of her anisotropic nature and the nature this world. Is she playing the part of a human? She might be pretending in order to avoid disrupting the experiment. Maybe she erased her memories or something. It’s hard to tell.

Given that the previous scene showed Tsukai’s father searching the entire town, I would say that this “overprotective father behavior” is justified.

When the anisotropic realized that this cocoon was different than the rest, why didn’t they try creating a new cocoon with the same initial parameters? I’ve been watching Sakurada Reset, so I can’t remember if this series has set up deterministic universe.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, but it turns out the “right answer” is the answer to the standard “what is the meaning of life?” question. Of course, this particular scenario is specifying that it wants to know the meaning of “human life” instead of life in general.

This is actually a pretty fair point. I can’t really say I can give a clear answer. On the one hand, Tsukai’s judgment is fair that a human who is removed of human restricts will likely think in a way that is not human. On the other hand, I would think that a human’s thinking in an anisotropic world would still be unique enough to be interesting. And if Yaha-kui only wants to converse with a single human, I’m not sure I see the harm.

Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to see this coming.

It’s an imposter!

How much danger was Tsukai really in if she’s strong enough to heal Shindo after he is fatally struck by the attack?

I’m surprised that Yaha-kui is going through with showing Nanomis-hein to everyone. If it can change the very parameters of the universe, that seems dangerous. Maybe you have to be able to use it correctly to get to that level of manipulation. That would surely explain why the functions of the previous devices seemed limited. Yaha-kui could be intentionally misleading humanity. Maybe we’re headed towards an ending where Shinawa figures out how to use Nanomis-hein against Yaha-kui.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 9: Control

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This episode felt like a mixed bag for me. It dropped a ton of new information that explains a lot of what the series is trying to push, but I’m not entirely convinced that I like this direction. I think last week’s episode brought up the legitimate concern of advancing humanity’s innovation too quickly, but it feels like that will get pushed to the side as two anisotropic beings fight it out. Basically, I see this as an over-simplification of the plot that directs us to only a few potential outcomes. I’m kinda hoping I’m wrong about that…we’ll have to see where this goes. I liked the reveal that Tsukai was another anisotropic being, though. I didn’t expect it to go this way, and her position from last week makes a bit more sense now.

Wasn’t there a scene from one of the last two episodes where the news crew was chatting with Setten from within Kado? I didn’t point it out back then because I saw no reason why they couldn’t transmit, but this seems to be a direct contradiction.

I’m not going to even pretend like I could interpret this.

We’re already on the fourth object? Maybe it’s the ending of last week’s episode that’s clouding my judgment, but this looks much more sinister than the others.

Are we preparing for war against Yaha-kui? It sounds like you’re trying to beat his defense system.

First, we give humans unlimited energy. Next, we give them the ability to live without sleep. Then, let’s wrap things up by giving them to control the physical properties of the universe. Seems reasonable.

I don’t understand what’s going on with this crazy rotation scene…

Wait, is this supposed to suggest that the only being appropriate for Shindo is an anisotropic being? Because there aren’t many options in that category…

I’m not sure I understand this analogy. A CPU is generally meant to transform data, so increasing the number of dimensions (and with it the number of bits) should have more of an effect on memory use. If you wanted to make the CPU comparison, I would compare it to cores.

Uhh, Yaha-kui…you’re looking a little crazy over there. Is he saying he wants humanity to be a fountain of information? Is that what he meant when he said that humans would never be able to produce more than they consume? The anisotropic might be absorbing all of their excess information.

Oh crap, this series is going for the “universe is a simulation” interpretation.

I have historically had an issue with this “humanity is the pinnacle of intelligence” idea, and this series is not helping with it. Still, the idea of a universe as being the result of some finite set of initial parameters is a concept I’ve thought over before…

We’re stepping into some sketchy territory here…

Yup, I guess he’s going to be evil…

Okay, I wasn’t expecting this.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 8: Viewer discretion is advised

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Most of this week’s episode felt really interesting even if I didn’t really agree with it. I’m not so sure on the ending yet, but I’ll get to that later. I really did like how Tsukai introduced herself to the series in her capacity as a negotiator because it’s a reflection of how I attempt to approach discourse. I’m not looking to necessarily force agreement from either side (for example, I don’t agree with Tsukai about the anisotropic), but I want to get to the point where I can understand what’s driving the opposing view.

Next week’s episode looks pretty worrisome for me. The preview and the ending of this week’s episode both make Yaha-kui look pretty sinister. I’m hoping this is misdirection because I didn’t really want that to be the case. We’ll see, though.

Wait, really? Seeing the Sansa in 2D picture is enough to affect the brain? That’s way easier to distribute than the Wam was.

You have access to multi-dimensional forms of your brain and you think the only effect it has is getting rid of your need for sleep? Surely it has more implications than that.

Does this guy mean a TV broadcast? I could get behind an internet broadcast because you can stick disclaimers on it before playing (even if no one will read them), but I don’t know if a TV can give the same result. Even if you put warnings at the beginning of the program, what happens if people tune in late?

Is this a negotiation or a date?

Are we being serious right now?

It’s really the first time we’ve gotten a chance to learn about this character. Based on these scenes, it sounds like she’s very against the idea of humanity messing with nature. I wonder if she just sees the anisotropic as an unnecessary and artificial means to manipulate humanity. She seems to be equally fascinated with the imaginary processes employed by humanity to create mythical creatures like the dragon and with the natural processes that brought about the species from evolution.

I like that Tsukai respects Shindo enough to bring him personally through her mental process as a negotiator. It makes sense since he’s a fellow negotiator.

That’s a little arrogant, don’t you think? I’m sure she means it in the sense that “our universe belongs to the beings in that universe”, not that the universe belongs to humanity. The wording makes it sound very arrogant. Even if we take the most charitable interpretation, though, I have a hard time agreeing with Tsukai’s logic. It reminds me of this week’s episode of Boku no Hero Academia if you watched that. The technology we inherit from the anisotropic may belong to another universe, but how we decide to use that technology is a decision that belongs to us.

It kinda sounds like the Prime Minister is more saying that Shindo is free in the sense that he is treated as Yaha-kui is treated when it comes to social and political expectations. He’s singling Shindo out from the rest of humanity, but not from everyone in this series.

Sigh, this disclaimer…

Is this the first time we’ve heard about this “right answer”? I believe that Yaha-kui’s original statement was that he wanted to advance humanity, so I’m not sure. This concept could really make or break this show depending on how it’s handled…

Whoa, that’s a little creepy, buddy.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 7: Pretty trippy

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Well, we got a pretty entertaining episode that sets up the next anisotropic device and also sets up a conflict of sorts for the series. Sansa certainly has some cool implications and relates a lot to my scientific knowledge, so it should make for an interesting arc. I’m not entirely convinced by the conflict, though. Sure it makes sense for people to reject Yaha-kui’s advancement, but I’d be interested to see the reasoning this series provides.

I’ve been kinda curious for a while about how much the story would be different if Sansa was introduced before Wam. This week’s episode gives a viable reason why Wam had to go first (the fact that it was easier to produce), but it was also much harder to accept. While Sansa has some moral implications when it comes to messing with the mind, it seems overall much safer to use than Wam. I guess that will have to wait until we learn more about the limitations of Sansa.

Can we take a moment to think about this tablet? For some reason, it tells the user what the local time zone is, but it doesn’t say what the actual time is.

This guy’s been in the background a lot in this series, so I guess it’s time for him to be important.

Haha this is funnier than it really should be. There’s something really realistic and a bit sad about a group of people complaining that Kado is blocking the sun.

There’s also something funny about basing a bunch of merchandise on a cube. Now I’m really curious. Would that actually work?

I’m not sure I understand what exactly is being conveyed here. Is this meant to suggest that Gonno’s desirable trait is the courage to just do things? I’m honestly surprised he’s the only reporter to think like this. Maybe it’s a combination of guts and an earnest desire to spread information.

It looks like Yaha-kui has been doing some decorating.

These are some crazy anisotropic drugs.

This is an interesting idea, but it makes me wonder how much information each individual shares with the rest. Does each cross-section have its own independent brain? I imagine it’s a shared brain because Shindo mentions that he is able to avoid sleep by keeping one cross-section awake while the others sleep. You would have very different storage of information between cross-sections if they were independent. I also wonder if this is a nod to the old myth that you only use 10% of your brain.

Also, how does becoming aware of your other brains help you utilize them? Aren’t they attached to other bodies? Are you able to just click a switch in your brain and shuffle your brains around?

Hmm…Yaha-kui needed the government’s help to get Wam out across the borders that humanity had established. I’m curious why the media is appropriate for getting Sansa out there.

I think it’s funny that Shindo casually tricks Yaha-kui into wearing a mask to hide his identity.

Putting this here for no reason in particular.


Seikaisuru Kado Episode 5: Unlimited energy for all!

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I’m not entirely sure how I should evaluate this episode. The concept of the Wam that was revealed is interesting, but the episode felt like it skipped a few conversations. For example, why did Yaha-kui need Shinawa to study the Wam? What was Shindo doing to facilitate her understanding of the Wam? Why was the UN’s legitimate worry about terrorists wielding the Wam something that was tacked on in the end?

If I had to say anything, it’s that there’s a lot to think about here…

Not a lot happening in these opening scenes…

Yup, that is the appropriate first response. Surely it tastes like candy, right? Nothing weird going on here.

To be fair, labs don’t really fall under the typical teacher-student relationship. I’d say “mentor” is the better word. But given this girl’s personality, this revelation wasn’t too surprising.

I guess this is a really long-winded way for Yaha-kui to say “I did what I thought was the right thing to do”? This concept of caution with innovation because of the potential implications of new technology is not really a new one. I’ve always thought of it as a stifling idea, but I guess I can understand the fears involved.

I’m not great with economics, but can this really happen? Or do they just mean freezing all international accounts?

I didn’t quite understand this part of the conversation. Sure I get that Yaha-kui is suggesting that humans can be influenced/distracted by EM waves despite not feeling it. It probably gives some fuel to the whole “looking at screens is rotting your brain” idea. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I admit the possibility is there.

But why focus on EM waves in particular in this conversation? I’m not really familiar with shielded rooms. It makes sense if the room is meant to block EM radiation in particular. But the blue stuff lining walls looks like soundproofing.

I can’t tell if she’s thinking too hard or just embarrassed. And the professor asks a fair question. What exactly is Shindo doing in there?

Yaha-kui is still missing the point, right? It’s not that the Wam are a precious resource. He sees the Wam as something every human deserves to have access to and the UN disagrees. That’s the bigger issue, isn’t it? Is this going to become a factor later? Because it makes sense for Yaha-kui not to understand that.

There’s a “people kill people” argument in here somewhere…probably want to be careful with that.

Sure, makes sense. What’s the twist?

Uhh…I got nothing on this one. I certainly don’t have a particular reason why an object’s shape couldn’t have an influence on the energy it generates. I’m more wondering how you can get a 3D object into a shape that accesses another dimension. But I leave that to the physics guys?

Your greed’s showing a little there, buddy.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 4: Bring on the nukes

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This is a pretty fun series to watch. The science bits still go over my head, but it still feels like there’s a lot to think about. I do like that the lighter moments are interspersed along with the heavy decisions being made in the conferences, like seeing the second negotiator in the car or Shindo reuniting with his friend. I mean, these are people, right? I’m definitely curious to see what Yaha-kui’s plans are because I feel like the UN response isn’t completely unreasonable.

Oh hey, so Yaha-kui is actually releasing the passengers as they finish processing. That makes a lot more sense now.

It’s a fair question. I’ve actually been wondering that myself, but it makes this guy seem too trusting when he says it like this.

Haha okay I laughed at this bro hug way more than I thought I would. Given how serious and cynical Asano has been, it’s a bit surprising to see this, but I guess it makes sense that he would have this kind of relationship with Shindo given how worried he’s been.

Ooh…looks serious.

The majority popular opinion is neutral? I find that hard to believe.

Wasn’t there that whole thing about asking Yaha-kui why he came to Japan? I’m sure Shindo’s judgment here is based on the fact that Kado had to have come to Japan for a reason.

Okay, this conversation has changed my opinion a bit. I’m starting to wonder whether this entire thing with the Wam is just a test from Yaha-kui. It seems weird to open with an offer of unlimited energy, so maybe he wants humanity to acknowledge that it’s not ready to utilize it properly. So far, I still think Yaha-kui is straightforward and genuinely wants to spread the Wam, but this is a new nagging thought.

If I remember correctly, most forms of energy consumption will inefficiently convert energy and give off the rest as heat. So is the idea of this statement that our devices will potentially be generating more heat because we have the energy to keep them running at near-constant intervals? Never really thought of it that way.

I’ve been curious about what they were planning to do about entertainment as well, but I have a more important question in this scene. What the heck is Yaha-kui doing to that croissant?

Wasn’t he the bumbling sidekick? Now I’m assuming that Shindo’s going to give a line like “you’re definitely ready for this job”.

This feels like one of those things that doesn’t really need to be said, but still has meaning when it does.

Come again? Curse you for using purposely misleading language. You’re better than this, Yaha-kui!

That bit about requiring the resolve of Japan as a whole is interesting too. Please tell me it’s a referendum. I need this!

This can only end well.

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 3: All the power

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This series continues to be intriguing, but I question where it’s going. I really did like the conversations about information transmission because it made it clear how important this discussion was. However, I’m not sure I’m totally on board with Yaha-kui’s decision to just grant Japan magic energy-producing balls from the start. As hinted in the preview, that’s something that would cause massive political problems when you get into conversations of how they should be distributed and whether they’re even safe. Plus, unlimited power drawn from a higher dimension. Where have I seen this premise before? I vaguely recall a W or something…

I’m also not sure I like the excessive jargon that Yaha-kui uses when Japanese words aren’t appropriate. Maybe that’s just something I’ll have to learn to tolerate, though. But seriously, what’s the next step? Is Yaha-kui just going to keep producing new thing after new thing for humanity to enjoy?

This is an interesting idea. It’s true that information is inherently difficult to transfer in communication, but 90% seems pretty good. Yaha-kui also seems to indicate that directly speaking to the brain rather than using sound reduces the information lost. Assuming he’s using language, it feels like it’s hard for that to be the case, but it’s also possible that we focus on different parts of a sentence based on how we hear them.

A rather indirect method of saying that Yaha-kui’s first encounter with Shindo was an attempt to directly send information to his brain. I rather enjoy it when aliens take shots at how weak the human brain really is.

Pfft…good luck with that. Also, is Shindo being fed this information telepathically without anyone else hearing or does he just understand what Yaha-kui wants?

That’s kinda convenient.

Wait, is this supposed to be casting doubt on Shindo’s motives? Wonder where this will go. It could just be a casual nod at Shindo’s skills.

Urgh…I hate it when they do this convenient drowning out of an important line thing.

I think this just makes things more confusing. Is what he’s calling “the universe” the same as what we call the universe? Or is he saying that the planet Earth is what he will refer to as “the universe”? I’m going to assume the first one because otherwise his next statement is nonsensical.

Yeah, higher dimension conversations are probably more easily transmitted visually…

Still, the way this is presented seems a bit odd (more physics-minded people can correct me if I’m mistaken). The arm is shown shrinking out of view when it leaves 3D space and growing into view when it returns to 3D space. I’m assuming this is meant to show that the arm progresses into the extra dimension rather than immediately jumping into it? But why does that visually manifest in the arm shrinking? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to see something more like the plane when the cube landed on it?

Alright, this conversation went over my head. It sounds like Unocle is supposed to be equivalent to being a position of excess resources. This is in response to the question “why did you come to Japan”, so it sounds like he’s saying that Japan is particularly prosperous right now and therefore he chose to talk with them. Is that even true? Or maybe he’s saying that Japan is the most likely country to “share the bread”, which I highly doubt is true.

Power! Unlimited Power! So that’s his proposition? Seems pretty tantalizing.

Haha that’s a pretty direct way to prove the powering capabilities of the Wam.