Sword Art Online Episode 19

I’m surprised Kirito was having so much trouble with that group of people. I know he can’t be all-powerful, but those mages took a lot out of him. The obvious reasoning would be that magic is overpowered as usual, dealing absurd amounts of burst damage like in most games, which is why his health went down so far and why they needed that three-tier defensive position. A more funny explanation is that there was no magic in Sword Art Online, so Kirito’s ability to resist magic in Alfheim Online is basically that of a new player’s.

But yeah…Kirito’s been interrupted by this business with the Salamanders. He’s gotta stop a war…or at least help the Sylphs in it. I find it funny that he manages to choose a race that has absolutely no participation in any of these “big events”. I’m sure the Spriggans are all people who sit in dungeons and farm all day long…with their racial bonuses and all. It makes sense, though…this way Kirito is fighting for the Sylphs despite not having any real obligation to help them.

Anyway, during this whole detour, will Asuna become involved? I’m still curious whether she gets out…now that I think about it, she may be able to escape the cage, but she’s still locked in the game, so she can’t truly be free. If anyone knows about Code Lyoko (an artifact from my childhood), it’s the same basic scenario.

Sword Art Online Episode 17

So the master, evil plan has been revealed by Sugou (Asuna’s fiance). It gets into a lot of the interesting topics of the brain-computer interface, the idea of using a computer to affect the brain. Theoretically possible, but as he said, highly unethical. If you think of the memories as an identifying feature of a person, you’re theoretically killing someone and replacing them with someone of your own design, aka playing god. He even revealed that he trapped Asuna and the others on purpose.

I’m a bit curious about where the other trapped players are right now…he said he was experimenting with them, but does that mean they appear in the game? Or is this remote and separate from the game? I wonder if it’s anyone we know…I didn’t see too many familiar faces on the list he flashed this week. Oh well…at least the final boss is very clear in this arc.

On an unrelated note, Kirito would pick a race that’s all about farming (for clarification, I mean the RPG definition of this term in doing often repetitive tasks to gain experience, items, or gold). Lyfa said that Spriggans specialize in illusions and treasure hunting, so my brain automatically thinks “Kirito gets extra gold and higher drop rates, and he can also farm safely using things like clones to distract the AI).

Speaking of Lyfa (and ending the game terminology), I wonder how long it’ll take for Suguha to realize Kirito is actually her brother. I mean, all Kirito has to do is go into her room and see the giant Lyfa poster, but clearly he doesn’t do that at all. Will she find out near the end or will it happen soon? My bet is soon…although, I can’t believe she didn’t just instantly recognize him because of how he looks. Anyway, next week they go to the World Tree? It feels like Asuna and Kirito should have some form of communication soon, but I don’t see how that can happen. Seems odd to have him fly in the dark (get it? cuz he has wings?).