Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Final Episode (12): So much justice!

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Too many pieces of this final episode felt far too rushed, as if the series was scrambling to wrap itself up. While I respect that it tried to get through everything, it made for a disappointing viewing experience. Did we even find out why the big bad was so obsessed with fighting Glenn? And after the entire series was over, the Akashic Records were never anything more than a name drop. I admit that this series was overall more interesting than I expected it to be. But as a whole, I don’t think it really amounted to much. Maybe I’m just missing too much information from this adaptation. Do I also get to gripe that there was no after-credits scene in this episode?

A wedding ceremony? That sounds like a pretty convenient event for Glenn to interrupt. I guess he skipped the duel because he needed to make a bigger entrance.

Don’t do that, Rumia! Unleash Leeroy!

That happened sooner than I expected. This episode went straight from “Sistine is having a wedding ceremony” to “now we’re at the wedding ceremony”. I guess having Glenn miss the duel was just a way to end the previous episode on a cliffhanger because Rumia starts this episode by confirming that Glenn left with a plan.

This feels a bit heavy-handed to me. Sistine tells Glenn that Leos is a completely different person right as they’re attacked by people high on Angel’s Dust. It’s practically screaming that the two are linked.

It’s really unfortunate that we’re just now being shown the link between Sara’s death and the current situation. It feels like it was something that could have been set up more as the arc progressed. Instead, Sara’s introduction to the series feels random, but it magically becomes related at the climax of the story.

So, is his plan to use the Angel’s Dust-driven citizens to kill powerful mages? The Angel’s Dust doesn’t feel relevant yet, so I’m kinda wondering what’s going on.

Isn’t this only the second time the Akashic Records have been mentioned in this series? We’re at the final episode…something doesn’t add up. And when all is said and done, it seems to be a glorified MacGuffin device.

Sistine gets in some good words here, I guess. This scene also seems to be the reason we were shown that training scene a few episodes back, the one where Glenn teaches Sistine about military magic. Now, we just need to avoid an unnecessary flashback to that scene and we’re good.

The big, impressive avatar of justice goes down in a single shot from Sistine…come on.

Sigh…yep, that’s pretty subtle, guys.

This mana deficiency thing ends up being pretty tame for how flustered Glenn was when Jatice pointed it out.

Helpful as always, Celica.

Final Score: 6/10 (Maybe 6.5?)


Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 11: Failure

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Yeesh…this week’s episode was really pushing Leos as this terrible antagonist. I wonder if it was pushed a little too hard. The combination of the reference to Angel Dust in this episode and the focus on the bags under Leos’s eyes makes me wonder if the drug and Leos’s behavior are supposed to be linked. If not, Leos seems like a pretty boring bad guy who wants to secure a noble position by marrying Sistine. Either way, I guess next week is the finale. Given the strange ending of this week’s episode, I wonder how Glenn will make it back to save Sistine. Plus, don’t the Researchers of Divine Wisdom need to do something to Rumia before this arc ends?

I get that this is a petty battle between Glenn and Leos, but I would expect a good teacher to emphasize what the students can do to contribute to victory.

That’s a silly illusion, Sistine. There’s no way Glenn would buy such a fancy ring.

This is some seriously high-level strategy…

It feels like Riel would be capable of winning this entire battle herself.

Classic Glenn. This battle reminds me of a quote a friend of mine used to say: “Always cheat. Always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.”

Guys, I already don’t like this guy. You don’t need to continue to convince me. Leos is starting to sound childish.

Riel looks very comfortable down ther- err…I mean, there’s some conversation going on about Sistine and Glenn right now. I’m definitely paying attention! Also, that transition showing the tour guide dude from the last arc and Leos wasn’t the most subtle thing in the world.

If you think about it, Leos is the one who’s truly attempting to marry into money.

She knows!

Glenn goes through these possible explanations for his actions, and I’m surprised he doesn’t try to link Sistine’s dream with his own dream to become a mage of justice. That seems like the simplest explanation. Maybe he refuses to admit that his dream is still alive.

I’m surprised that Glenn loses this fight. I wonder if it’s supposed to be a refutation of his earlier statement that Leos is purely focused on research.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

Phew…I was worried that they were actually doing a real preview.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 8: White Dog vs. White Cat

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Looks like we’re straight into the next arc and it’s potentially Sistine-focused this time. There really isn’t much more to be said about this episode except for the introduction of Leos and the suggestion that Rumia will be kidnapped yet again. We might also finally get to see more of Glenn’s past…they were kinda teasing us with that this week.

I can’t remember…has Sistine’s resemblance to this Sara Silvers been suggested before this point? I can’t think of a specific incident, but I find it hard to believe there wasn’t a brief flash of it at some point. Otherwise, it would just be a random introduction of an arc about Glenn’s past, which would totally never happen!

This just sounds like random babble…

Even though Riel stabbed Glenn in front of Rumia and kidnapped her for Project Revive Life, she still feels the need to apologize to Sistine in particular. Don’t mind Rumia on the side there!

Is this where Celica’s going to be hanging out for the rest of this series? We always need a convenient reason to keep her out of the action!

I’m going to call it right now. This guy’s evil. Just look at that monocle!

Sistine must be really good at those wind spells if she can cast them at will like this!

I guess only Glenn is allowed to have the good moments as a teacher. This sounds like it could have been a pretty interesting lecture (we haven’t had one in a while), but it gets skipped.

This guy says that something is meaningless just because someone hasn’t accomplished it yet? I hate him already.

Glenn, this is exactly why I like you as a character. Only you would pat yourself on the back for saying a generic line like that.


Let me guess…the reason that Glenn knows this is related to the Sara Silvers person that was referenced at the start of this episode. She was probably a test subject or something who died.


These are seriously the best part of every episode.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 9: Not Real

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I can’t tell whether I’m becoming more critical of this series or it’s actually making less sense. I didn’t really mind Riel’s story all that much, but there were a lot of points in this episode that didn’t make sense to me. Also, I was really surprised that the boss’s plan was just to recreate Project Revive Life. If Rumia is so important to the Researchers of Divine Wisdom because she’s needed for the Akashic Records, then why do they capture her so many times to use her for non-Akashic Records projects?

Any doubts I might have had about Riel being a “revived” person are pretty much gone now.

I’d like to point out that this is the second time that we’re seeing Sistine used as a mana reservoir. There have only really been three arcs in this series, so it’s starting to seem like this is all she contributes.

Is this really true, though? Albert claims that Glenn has no right to save Riel because he was the one who originally pushed her over the edge. However, I think you could easily make the argument that it’s his responsibility to bring her back. The better argument might be that Riel has no reason to believe Glenn’s words.

Should you be saying this right in front of Riel? If he’s really her brother, then it’s not really much of an accomplishment. But if he’s not really her brother, then you’re just giving her a reason to suspect that he’s playing her. Also, the casual nature of this reveal that the tour guide is working for the Researchers of Divine Wisdom reflects my lack of surprise.

Yeah! We still need to see a reason for that close combat training scene. There’s no way it was just for fanservice, right?

Didn’t Glenn collapse after firing 2 or 3 of these earlier in the series? Should he be wasting it on small fry? Sistine’s not here to bail him out this time…at least not yet.

Yeah, I remember this guy being really helpful when the school was attacked. I’m curious why these scenes are being included here. It’s almost like they’re meant to convince Sistine not to interfere.

This response from Glenn confuses me.

Eh…I don’t really have a problem with the brother’s name being the thing that snaps Riel out of it.

I don’t understand. If the spell is meant to bring someone back to life, why was it used to clone a living person? Were they planning on keeping Riel in stasis until Ilushia died? Was Ilushia already dying? Or were they just making a very expensive clone?

More importantly, does this mean that I actually have to start using “Re=L”? I really don’t want to do it…

Pfft…”perfect” clones? Do they have plot armor? I didn’t think so!

What about the original spell? Weren’t you using Rumia as a replacement? Maybe she’s saying they’ll just capture Rumia yet again.

Yup, these are still funny. Plus, I’ve been wondering about Celica’s screen time too.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 8: Bringing back the dead

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Honestly, I didn’t think this episode was that interesting. Sure, Riel ramped things up to 100, but I felt like a lot of the big parts of this episode were heavily telegraphed. They gave a ton of hints that the Researchers of Divine Wisdom would be back to take Rumia. Plus, there weren’t exactly that coy about setting up Riel’s betrayal. Anyway, time to save Rumia again next week?

Still, I want to take a moment to address the moral topic that is proposed when discussing Project Revive Life because I thought it was the most interesting thought of the episode. The series explains that the revived person would essentially be a copy of the original prior to death, and Rumia questions whether this could be treated as a true revival. I can understand the sentiment, but why not? You could make the argument that it’s not a “complete” revival because the revived person would have no memory of dying, but you could naturally create a similar scenario. What if you could revive a person with full memory of death, but the memory is so traumatic that the person forgets it? Would this be an incomplete revival? But I’ll cut it short there…I’m not philosopher.

Don’t worry, Sistine. I’m sure this is just altitude sickness or something.

I never would have guessed that. Oi, can we get Glenn to explain this?

Based on this reaction, I’m guessing that the tour guide was staring at Rumia a bit too much. There’s no way that’s a coincidence, so I’m guessing that means that Rumia is going to be targeted yet again.

Hmm…this episode has chimeras, alchemy, and idea of bringing the dead back to life. Where have I seen this before?

I get the sense that this statement from the tour guide is meant to suggest to that Glenn has seen or performed a “revival” in the past, but it’s annoying that this explanation is so vague. What’s the missing element needed to successfully bring someone back to life? Oh, somebody would need to be able to make up the spell we need. You can do better than that.

Wait, this guy isn’t Albert? If not, he looks like a copy of Glenn with blue hair.

Sigh…of course she’s insane.

Huh? They killed him, but he was still breathing? I guess that’s theoretically possible depending on how you define death, but it still sounds suspiciously like nonsense.

It makes sense for Riel to be too devoted to her brother to notice, but I’m annoyed that they went through the effort of making her brother look obviously flustered when Glenn shows up. At least give that a purpose.

One of these days they’ll tell us why these guys care about Rumia so much.

Glenn’s doing surprisingly well with his gaping wound that hasn’t been bandaged. I’m pretty sure he’s just losing blood over there. Meh…maybe Albert used magic to close the wound or something. Magic world things?

I was wondering why Albert thought it was necessary to drag Glenn here to revive him. He just needs more mana? That seems a bit weak. Oh well…at least there’s an explanation.

Yup, these are still funny. Poor Celica only gets to show up in previews.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 7: Obligatory beach episode

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Obligatory content aside, this episode did a pretty good job of introducing Riel to the story. She had a lot of good moments in the episode as she was meeting the characters, but I feel like I’ll have to wait to see how her character progresses. Her clinginess is a little sketchy so far. Plus, Riel’s habit of creating swords to fight makes me wonder whether the opening scene was meant to suggest a future battle between her and Sistine. It seems like a good reason for Glenn to teach Sistine how to handle herself in close combat. Anyway, this episode does its job, I guess…

Strong start.

I wish that Glenn went more into teacher mode for this statement. Since nearly every magic duel is at a range, it’s probably not obvious to Sistine how hand-to-hand combat can be utilized. Honestly, I was expecting a “strong body, strong mind” statement here, so maybe this is fine.

Good morning! Also, having Sistine call Glenn out on his tsundere-like behavior was a nice touch. She’s one to talk…

Haha this was funnier than I expected. Riel’s description of her relationship with Glenn was also really funny. I approve of this introduction. Also, there’s no way I’m calling her Re=L unless the LN readers bully me into it.

I was honestly hoping that Riel would fail the exercise. I’m a little surprised that Sistine is this judgmental after what she’s seen Glenn do, though.

That fork looks very much like a spatula. Am I the only one who thought that?

Wait…did he say ocean? You don’t think that means…

This man sure has his priorities straight.

Yup, moving on.

Well, I’m certainly curious about Albert’s warning about Riel. Based on her behavior, I wonder if her over-attachment to Glenn will backfire when he rejects her enough. But honestly, that’s just the simple solution. Surely the reality is more complicated than that. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with her loose cannon nature…that would also be too easy.

Why doesn’t Glenn finish this sentence?

Am I supposed to conclude that this is Albert?

Haha this preview related very well with the ending of the actual episode.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 6: You had one job, Leeroy

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Well, I have to say I thought this episode was a pretty decent ending for this magic tournament thing. While it’s true that the tournament itself ended up being a bit…forgotten, I thought this episode did a good job of putting everything together for its conclusion. There were still a couple of things I found weird, but it was overall enjoyable. Plus, we finally got the Akashic Records name drop? That’s relevant, right?

While this explains why Cecilia was so cryptic before, do we honestly need more teasers on how the curse is supposed to work?

Oh, and was I supposed to be shocked about this development? Because I can totally try and fake it if it helps.

Haha nice one. Although this isn’t the first time Albert has done something like this to Riel, I really wasn’t expecting this gag. And I like how it makes sense given that we’ve only ever seen Albert stop Riel from going overboard.

Also, I was going to complain that Glenn didn’t recognize their fighting style given that they had a history together, but that gets explained when it’s shown that he doesn’t initially recognize them.

I like this plan.

Something about this part of the conversation feels weird. Would Albert really doubt that Celica would say something like “come before the queen” seriously? This feels like a forced way to introduce Celica’s title, something I would expect Albert to know.

I have admit…this seems like really solid motivation.

Well, this explains why Sistine couldn’t go help Glenn. I was kinda wondering that. Still, I wonder how much this tournament stuff really does anything rather than act as background noise. For many of the events, we don’t even see enough to really learn anything about the side characters involved. Maybe they were just too rushed?

I really liked this scene. I was honestly just about to ask why Glenn switched with Albert if Albert was the one who got to stand in front of the queen when the awards were announced. This also explains the weird moment between Sistine and Riel earlier that I wasn’t sure was worth mentioning…she probably realized that Riel was actually Rumia. This scene is also a good way of justifying all of the focus they gave to transmutation spells in the previous episode. It brings a lot of things together.

Hmm…given that we know this necklace has some kind of condition on it, I’m guessing that she’s forced to push Rumia away or it will be activated? Maybe the condition is that if Rumia displays affection for her mother by figuring out the lie, the curse will activate. This would explain why Celica isn’t saying anything…she wouldn’t want to inadvertently activate it. Since Glenn is the only person that can save the queen, he probably has to activate the Fool Arcana.

Wait…if who reveals how to undo the curse? Because the maid revealed it to Celica, which suggests that only the wearer of the pendant isn’t allowed to reveal how to undo the curse. So why couldn’t Celica tell Glenn? This was so close to making sense and coming together, but that last piece doesn’t sit well with me.

Wait, they were supposed to investigate the background of this maid? That implies that they did it beforehand. Why is this just coming up now? These guys sound like they suck at their job (well, we can’t really expect much out of Riel when it comes to investigation).

Casual drunk Sistine.

Not bad, but I think these are never going to top Celica lowering herself on a rope.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 5: Jewelry Drama

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This episode ended up being pretty strange. Overall, I didn’t really find it as interesting as other episodes have been. The pendant-less meeting with the queen went pretty much as expected and Glenn’s lectures didn’t really contribute as much. I’m still curious to see how it pans out, though, as the queen thing could still go a few different ways.

The main thing about the episode that bothered me was the transformation magic. A spell like that feels like it could have some far-reaching uses and it’s strange that it was introduced so quickly in this episode as a gag. I was thinking of so many other ways it could be used to move the plot. Is there a bigger reason? Could the queen be an illusion?

Wait…are these guys potential allies? Are they not here to take out the queen? Also, today I learned that pulling a girl’s ponytail sounds like a horse neighing.

Okay, this conversation really should have been simple, but either the translation or the dialogue itself makes it really confusing. It sounds like this girl is saying that she wants to trade away participation in the transmutation contest because she doesn’t think she can do it. Glenn tells her to participate anyway because she wants to do it, but for some reason, I got the impression that she was trying to say she wanted to do a different event. Maybe it’s because of the whole “swapping with someone else” part.

Now that I think about it. Why exactly did Glenn choose Rumia for this? The easiest person for him to envision while doing his transformation would have been the person in front of him. Even if he was just choosing someone he spent a lot of time with, I would have expected him to choose Sistine. I thought it might be to give him a scene with the people who know Rumia is royalty, but it looks like it’s just to play tricks on Sistine.

No, Sistine. Ruining the sandwiches was your fault. Glenn only grabbed one of them, but you blew away the entire lunchbox.

Excuse me while I act surprised.

So I don’t fault the queen for not realizing that Rumia is reacting to the pendant here. Rumia has good reason to be upset with her, so she probably wouldn’t think to bring up a trinket. But, if she cared so much about the pendant that she was wearing it up to the carriage ride to the stadium, why did she so easily swap it out for a different one? Heck, why not wear both? Because the plot demands it? I’m seriously with Rumia on this one.

I honestly don’t mind how this character is introduced. No need to give her partner some throwaway line like “you never think anything through”. We can just see it. And as my obligatory response, keep it together, Leeroy.

That’s not her ear, Glenn!

Eh, I guess I agree with this. I think it’s easy to look back at any decision, regardless of outcome, and wonder what would have happened if things had been different. I guess what Glenn is saying is that you shouldn’t waste time looking for the perfect solution that frees you from regret, because figuring out which decision you will regret the least sounds equally difficult.

What is the point of those visors, guys? Sure, they wouldn’t block all the light, but it would certainly help.

I sure hope they explain this “only you can do it” thing well. I was honestly expecting Glenn to figure out quickly.

This rock in particular is important.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 4: Some friendly competition

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This episode was pretty entertaining, but it felt like it was mostly downtime (and setup). I’m starting to think I like Glenn more when he’s not fighting for real…you know, when he’s actually acting like a teacher. I don’t think I have many more specific things to say about the episode as a whole. Next week, I guess we save the queen?

This seems very suspiciously like something the grand commander of the imperial guard would know, meaning it’s likely put here just so the audience knows that the woman we saw earlier is Rumia’s mother. Even if Rumia wasn’t at the center of incident, Zelos seems to know that Rumia is there, so it’s not insane for the queen to be worried after hearing of an attack at the school.

This actually reminds me a lot of my own school teachers. “If none of you want to volunteer, I’ll just decide it myself.”

I always appreciate it when someone shows their work. Seriously, Glenn’s explanations are probably my favorite part of this series because it makes it feel more like thought is put into things.

Haha I really wasn’t expecting Glenn to have this ulterior motive, but I admit it’s funny and fits with his character.

I take back everything I’ve ever said about teachers. Having to deal with your students’ expectations is true suffering. I can’t even tell whether I want Glenn to win or lose.

Training montage!

Sistine has some nice parents…

Wait, she just randomly offers the queen a new pendant to wear? That’s insanely suspicious. I guess they do try to play it off in the next scene by giving the pendant the second purpose of throwing some tension between Rumia and her mother, but I’m not gonna let that slide. Why the heck does the queen even agree to it? I’m almost inclined to agree with Rumia that she doesn’t treasure the pendant with her own daughter’s picture.

Wait…aren’t you competing with Class 1? It looks like you’re losing.

Uh…bro? Keep it together.

I’m gonna be honest…I wasn’t a fan of this misdirection. Glenn just got through making a big deal about how Rumia has surprising mental strength and yet he and Sistine have to personally go down just to comfort her with her loss? Nope, this is done purely to make the Jaill reveal more shocking and it really bugs me.

Haha yup, I still really like these.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 3: Mana problems

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I have mixed feelings about this episode. I still think the world of this series is really interesting and I like the approach to magic. But taking a step back, the final fight in this episode involved the big bad standing and watching while Glenn defused his bomb. Also, Glenn wins most of the fights in the episode by taking magical energy from the two main girls in the episode. It makes me worry whether this is going to be a recurring thing. Is Glenn the guy who knows what needs to be done and just siphons energy from others to do it all?

That being said, I really liked the interactions between Glenn and Sistine. I thought they fought well together and injected a nice dose of lightheartedness into their fights as well.

That’s one way to start it…

I know it fits his character, but it’s at least a little bit reassuring that Glenn is flustered enough to make this mistake. He’s clearly trained, but he’s not some unflappable badass.

Haha this scene’s pretty funny.

I think this is the part of this show that bothers me the most. It’s really frustrating how accurately these mages seem to be able to estimate their own power and the power of opposing spells, especially given that we as the audience have no idea how they do it. Also, what exactly does mana deficiency mean in this world? Because Glenn continues to use spells after casting his big Extinction Ray.

Are they fighting or having a conversation? Anyway, for how strong this guy seems to think he is, he’s pretty much treated like another nameless henchman.

I honestly think this tells Glenn’s backstory enough, wanting to be a hero and discovering that he was just a killer. It explains why he’s critical of using magic for fighting and why he knows so much. I think I’d be happy if they just left it at that.

Nice entrance. Seriously.

Uhh…isn’t he planning on blowing up the school? All of the students are stuck in a barrier right now, meaning that they will definitely die if Glenn runs away by himself.

Of course it was…

What the heck? Yeah, it’s amazing what you can do in anime on sheer force of will…I’m sure we’ll get no explanation for this one. Because she’s royalty? That’s what I’ll tell myself.

Haha these are great.