Robotics;Notes Episode 9

So the giant robot failed…quite predictably. I didn’t even realize it was so close to being done. But yeah…it’s not like it could work in such a short amount of time. I still don’t understand the point of the giant robot…what it has to do with the story or anything. Are they even going to keep working on it or try to create a completely different model? I don’t even know what to make of Misa’s behavior…does she mean that they changed her design in a good way or a bad way? Did she call it a piece of junk to protect herself or does she really not care anymore?

I don’t quite understand the cheater-checking with Kona either…what’s the point of all of that? Is it just to build a relationship with her or is it linked somehow? I guess I’m just waiting for the point where all of these things comes together and make sense. It’s gotta happen some time, right? It’s dragging on for a while…

Robotics;Notes Episode 6

So I guess now we have a full cast. Daitoku and Furugoori have joined the club (close enough) and we know about Airi. So we can get into the good stuff, right? The crazy conspiracies involving this Kimishima  Kou guy…it’s not gonna be aliens, right? Robots and artificial intelligence is much more interesting. Maybe Airi was like a countermeasure that he designed because he predicted his death.

So now it’s time for Subaru, I guess? Time to go into his background and why his father forbids him from building robots. Related to the lack of a mother in this situation? That would be my guess…either that or his father is just really into him taking over the family business…probably the more boring of the two options. Sigh…get through the character development stuff already and go into the conspiracies already!