Danmachi Final Episode (13): Another level up?

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Well, I guess I don’t need to ask why Hermes was saying the same things as Bell’s grandfather…apparently, he’s Zeus. I don’t suppose he’s related to Heracles or something. It would certainly explain why he’s so overpowered. That being said, Hermes mentioned this week that the monster was angered by divine power and thus attacked the neutral zone. Does that mean that Bell draws similar attention being a quarter divine?

Did anyone else find this final episode tough to watch? For some reason, I couldn’t focus easily past the red background…it was really off-putting. Anyway, this series ends with…well, nothing special really. Maybe Bell leveled up again having defeated a level 5 monster, but there was no major enemy to face or anything like that.

Danmachi Episode 9: Hero mode

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Wait…did Bell just get another broken ability? When he used it, I assumed that the ability was something to the effect of “if someone is in desperate need of your help, your next skill will be charged up”. Instead, it looks like the conditions are much broader…it seems like it will work whenever he’s fighting something stronger than he is. Isn’t that just a passive buff that seems way too strong? But my gripes about imbalanced game mechanics aside, this week’s episode introduces Welf Crozzo as a new member of the team. While I’m not sure I totally agree with his stance on weapons, I do agree that I’ve never been a fan of magic items that break after a certain number of charges are used up.

Now that the team is assembled, will the next episode just be the three of them taking on new monsters and new floors? It doesn’t seem all too interesting. Also, didn’t Welf’s story seem too easy? I don’t know what to think because the ending of this week’s episode seemed like everything was done, but I’m suspicious that there might be more to him. At least we don’t have to worry about him going around stealing Bell’s stuff since it’s his equipment.

Danmachi Episode 7: Such harem

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Anyone else getting really tired of Bell’s scream? Not too much else happens this week…the first half was spent introducing Lili to the Familia and formally closing her arc. The second half formally introduces Aiz into the main cast, giving her the role of Bell’s trainer. I suppose that at least gives her a somewhat meaningful recurring a role without her directly interfering in his dungeon efforts (it would be boring if she just did all of the work).

So based on the random scenes from this week, it looks like next week’s episode will be addressing some sort of berserk minotaur. Presumably, this is another one of Freya’s plots…I’m still having the same thoughts as when I started this series. I really feel like Bell needs some sort of rival…it just doesn’t feel “enough” to me that he’s trying to reach Aiz’s level. Freya also doesn’t feel right for the role of main antagonist…she just seems to be randomly throwing things at Bell.

Log Horizon Episode 25 (Final): Second season confirmed!

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Wait, has that been what Shiroe has been doing all of this time? Keeping tabs on the entire world of Elder Tale outside of Akihabara as well as working on the spell to return to the original world? No wonder he’s been so anti-social. It’s always nice to see Shiroe’s plans work out. Honestly, this last episode could have been a lot more of a tease, so I guess we should be grateful for a bit of resolution.

Well, Shiroe has basically declared war against the west by telling Nureha that he will be her enemy, but that will have to be left for the next season, which should be starting in the fall. I’m glad that a second season is announced, though. That’s the only situation where an ending with so many unresolved issues like this one can be acceptable in my eyes. I’d say this was one of the more entertaining shows of this season and last season for me. It’s more than I can say for a lot of shows…