ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 12: How it all falls into place

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Phew…that ending kinda surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun in an episode where the most action was watching some confetti fall down in the ceremony. This series has been a pretty fun show to watch, but I must admit that it was a terrifying experience to cover. All the conspiracies in the background made it rough to leave my normal style of comment.

I think overall, the series could be seen as a reminder that tension and drama don’t have to wave a red flag at you. They can be and usually are bubbling under the surface, so think a bit about the agenda that you’re missing. Or something like that…

Yeesh…everyone knows everything in this series. Is the king suggesting that even he is involved?

If this is a move, Jean, it’s extremely subtle.

I guess it’s happening.

Uhh…just a training exercise, everyone. Surely, Schwan is smart enough to know this is a lie. If so, this is a strategy that forces him to realize that he can’t just impose his will on ACCA while allowing him to maintain his image.

This is literally the explanation we’ve been waiting all season to get…and it’s actually delivering so far. I’ve wanted Jean to be the mastermind in the background all this time. You could argue that it was Mauve, but Jean has a hell of a poker face.

Can’t argue with that.

Ahh family gatherings…always so awkward.

This is probably my least favorite part about this ending. I get why Furawau left ACCA and I understand that they’re trying to fill the gap the district would leave in resources, but I generally have a problem with scripted luck. It’s nice that Pranetta gets such a win for its citizens, but this feels way too convenient.

I knew that interference with Lotta’s assassination couldn’t be a coincidence. Well played, Abend.

Yeah, you were right all along. Way to rub it in, Jean.

I…don’t actually know what to make of these two in the end.

Overall Score: 8/10


ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 11: And now for my evil plan

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A surprisingly tame episode given the buildup in the last episode. I guess this episode was mostly laying the cards out on the table for the bad guys? It was pretty interesting overall, but I’m not sure I fully understood everything. Next week should be a blast, right?

What a lovely place…

(Is he gone? This is totally suspicious, isn’t it?)

I smell brainwash…

Trying to figure this line out. This guy tells Jean that Furawau’s resources were going to Dowa before the current political system, which implies that this isn’t happening now. However, he continues on by saying that Furawau is having their resources taken from them, which seems counter to his original point. This flashback seems to exist to contradict the statements that the Furawau representatives made about wanting to support Dowa, so it sounds like the resources are still going to Dowa and it might be reason for discontent? Maybe this is just an incorrect understanding of the original point.

Aww come on…you can’t just do that to Nino! The poor guy wasn’t even in the last episode!

This has been my general impression of Jean throughout this entire series, so I quite like this line.

Now that I think about it, have they ever explained the cigarette thing yet? Not the fact that they were used as a message for supporting Jean, but why he’s allowed to have them. If he didn’t know he’s royalty, it’s not because of his status, right?

They’re friends now!

We’ve been kinda going along with everything up to now, so Warbler acts as a really interesting element to this entire discussion by questioning the coup that everyone thinks is not only likely but beneficial. It’s obvious that he won’t be able to convince anyone because of deeply entrenched ideas, but he does a good job of sowing dissent in the audience.

Yeesh…the relationship between these two characters is still the most interesting thing so far.

Got your own plan in motion, Jean?


This makes sense given what we’ve seen in this episode, but it relies on the assumption that Lilium can control Jean. How does he have the confidence for that? Just because Jean seems so willing to go along?

ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 10: Flip that switch

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Surely we’ve finally reached the tipping point in this series, right? This series has been one heck of a build up, so it’ll be fun to see where things go when the cards fall on the table. That being said, this episode also introduced a pretty cool district, built on hope in a seemingly dire environment. Might be one of my favorite districts so far. Anyway, how are things going to go down?

First off, of course we need to spend some extra time in the gambling district. And secondly, I’m inclined to believe that pushing Jean as the new king like this suggests that he won’t be getting the position. Hard to say…most of my speculations in this show have been wrong.

So the goal is “we need to unify the districts, but let them stay distinct”? Okay…you’re gonna need to be more specific on that.

I guess the show needed a villain. I should have known better…he was a bit quick about exonerating himself to Jean. Hmm…what if Jean realizes he’s behind everything? That would make for a fun twist.

That name sounds an awful lot like “planet”.

So does this hole go up to the surface? I need to know these things!

This district is an interesting contrast to the rest of the series, which focuses way too much on local cuisine in the other districts.

Well, that’s fair.

Hmm…that’s a nice way of saying “we don’t have much, but we can give you our support”.

This scene is also a nice touch. Nino makes a big deal about the fact that Jean has never once suspected him, so it’s a bit of a twist that Lotta realized something about him was off.

Oh…guess it’s time to start the plan.

Give me a break, Mauve. Which side are you on?

Oh snap.

ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 9: Coming together

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This episode had a lot going on…I actually had to rewatch a couple of scenes to get them. For example, I didn’t realize that Schwan effectively sent those men to assassinate Lotta, which better explains Maggie’s intervention. Finally, the coup is on the table and things seem to be moving along. I honestly thought that Lotta would be successfully kidnapped to be used as a point of conflict. This show just does such a good job of keeping people suspicious that I’m starting to wonder if all of my assumptions have been wrong.

This is so sudden that I don’t know what to make of it yet.

Ahh…I’ve been wondering for so long why this guy is supposed to be important in this story. Guess he’s Lotta’s bodyguard now. I thought the timing was a bit too convenient for him to be near Lotta, but I’m assuming Maggie asked him to look after her.

These guys aren’t very good at being subtle.

That’s a little direct, Jean.

Oh…okay then. I’m not sure if this means Jean realized that they were coup conspirators already or he just got lucky because a normal person should have easily understood his intentions.

You had one job, dude.

This is one hell of a coincidence…which is why I refuse to believe it is one.

I guess we’re making up for lost time from last week by going to two districts this week. And I shouldn’t be surprised that one of the districts is literally Vegas.

So he’s just coming out with this? Time for action!


ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 8: Always watching you

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Okay, this episode has to be my favorite episode in a while. Maybe it’s just personal preference, but I really like the lead-in to the final scenes of the episode. The flashback may have been drawn out, but when we see Nino talking to Jean, it finally has a purpose and everything lines up.

Another piece of the episode was Grossular. Even if he is Abend, it actually doesn’t really exonerate him. It explains why Jean feels a connection with him, but from the audience’s perspective, Abend has every reason to be upset with the royal family for forcing Schnee out. And we still don’t know if there’s anything sinister going on with the train “accident”.

She’s learning stuff? Well, we can’t have that. I feel like this could have been delivered a bit better. I think the important aspect of it was that Schnee was seen with some revolutionaries, which I’m assuming means that there’s a danger that she could be seen as the head of some plot to overthrow the king. But for some reason, we immediately switch to “she’s reading philosophy and political science”.

Additionally, I’m assuming this is irony because Jean, her son (I’m presuming), ends up caught in the exact same role.

I was going to ask why Abend was remembered as a hero when it seemed like the king’s aide had such a problem with Schnee, but it makes sense if their “tragic accident” was planned by him.

There’s another passenger? We were deceived!

Smart kid…wait a minute. Is that Nino? The Instagram filter on this flashback is making it hard to tell. Plus, just how much older is he than Jean?

Hold on…white hair? Grossular? Crap…my mind went in the wrong direction.

Yeah, I’m kinda wondering about that too. What exactly was the plan with this kid if he hadn’t been allowed to come along? Foster care? It doesn’t seem like there was a mother in the picture…or any living relatives at all. Was this something that was glossed over because we knew that plot convenience would force the kid to join?

I’m having the hardest time following this guy’s obsession with the princess’s family. I guess he just really takes his mission seriously?

I should make a note of this…

Uhh…so Nino spends high school taking pictures of Jean in particular? That’s…a bit weird.

No reason in particular.

This is a great reveal.