IDOLM@STER Episode 4

In this episode, some of the girls go on a show called Kero Kero Kitchen. The show is sort of a battle of chefs, which disappoints Chihaya because she had wanted the chance to sing. Her performance ends up being lackluster and she disappears during the commercial break. The Producer is able to find her by herself singing. After talking with the Producer, Chihaya decides to give the cooking show another try. Chihaya and Haruka don’t end up winning (I dunno how the judges decided when they didn’t eat the dishes), but the show ends up turning out well. I was kind of expecting the Producer to do something extravagant at the end like show up at Chihaya’s house with a bunch of the girls (Chihaya lives alone), but nothing like that happened. Oh well. It looks like next week is the obligatory beach episode, though.