Guilty Crown Episode 3

So, anyone who wasn’t paying attention last week, the last episode ended with Inori transferring into Shu’s class. Naturally, this causes quite the freak-out in the class, since she’s a famous singer and everything. Shu resolves not to become involved with Inori, but she appears at his house right on cue. Guess who has a new roommate?

Meanwhile, the Anti Bodies send someone named Segai in response to the incident in the last episode. Inori explains that she has come to protect Shu, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Shu’s classmate, Samukawa Yahiro. However, Inori takes Shu to meet with Gai before the situation can be explained.

Gai explains to Shu that someone from his school saw what happened in the last episode, and Shu is ordered to find that person. Gai tells Shu that he will be able to draw out this person’s Void, which will make it easier to find him. Shu then realizes that Gai is able to see Voids.

Shu attempts to draw the Void from a student, but it just ends up with him groping a girl (lol). After talking with Inori again, Shu manages to get the hang of it, avoiding further embarrassment. Shu eventually realizes that Yahiro is the mole, and confronts him with the information.

Naturally, Shu attempts to reason with Yahiro, but Yahiro refuses to hear it. Shu draws his Void, and Inori attempts to shoot Yahiro. However, Shu stops her. When Yahiro wakes up, he and Shu agree to keep the other’s secret. However, the episode ends with Yahiro betraying Shu and pushing him out in front of the GHQ and Segai, also separating him from Inori.

So it was definitely interesting that it makes more sense now how Shu’s power works. Basically, this means that he doesn’t have to constantly rely on Inori for a weapon like I originally thought, as he can draw Voids from anyone. However, I do have a bone to pick with the Void powers, specifically the rules. He has to have eye contact and the process causes the target to lose their memory of it? Come on…that’s just becoming way too similar to Code Geass. Oh well, that aside, it was a very interesting episode, especially with Inori’s more soft-spoken personality. Very different from C.C. (who’s more of a troll). Also, I’m starting to notice that the background music for this show sounds really good. Looking forward to more next week, especially what’s happening with this betrayal.


Tamayura Hitotose Episode 4

Summer vacation is here! It feels pretty cold outside for me, though. What kind of anime would this be if the four girls didn’t go somewhere together for their summer vacation? More importantly, this week’s episode focuses on Maon (probably my favorite of the girls), as the girls are going to her place, an inn. There, they meet Maon’s parents (with Fu being quite nervous for some reason). Maon then shows them all around the island where she lives, eventually leading them to a place called the Virgo. Maon seems to hold some fond memories of this place, and it seems a bit related to her whistling. When they’re done there, they go to meet Fu and Kou’s grandfather, but run into Komachi. Fu’s grandfather interrupts Norie and Komachi’s trademark battle over Kou. Fu’s grandfather ends up having a personality fairly similar to Fu’s, and he shows them around a bit. Later, the girls return to the inn to have dinner, where they talk with Maon’s parents about their worries that the inn may be against her interests. Maon overhears this, telling them the story of the Virgo, where see saw a singer performing once. Maon’s parents then reveal that she’s had many different interests for her future, but that they support her with whatever she chooses.

Very nice episode focusing on Maon. If you notice, Maon rarely whistles in this episode, as she’s actually talking most of the time, which definitely was nice. We’re also introduced to her inn waitress side. Another enjoyable episode this week, and I continue to look forward to more.

Chihayafuru Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Chihaya and Taichi seeing Arata off as he moves. After that, we finally move back to the present, right back where we left (with Chihaya on the train with Taichi). Chihaya ends up forcing Taichi into an agreement to help her with the karuta club if she is able to make Class A in the coming tournament. Taichi goes back to the karuta society, where the owner Harada instantly recognizes him. Taichi talks a bit with Harada, where he reveals that he gave up karuta after realizing that he wouldn’t be able to surpass Arata. Taichi continues to watch Chihaya progress through the tournament, surprised at how far she’s come. In her finals match, she faces off against someone who has been stuck in Class B for three years. He ends up gaining an early lead due to his aggressive play, and seems to know how Chihaya plays. However, Chihaya starts to make a comeback as the game continues, and the two continue to pass each other the Chihayafuru card (as they both know it’s Chihaya’s strongest card). The game ends with Chihaya winning, and because it’s anime, the game is won on the Chihayafuru card (yeah…). After making Class A, Chihaya finally calls Arata, but he asks her not to call him again, as he’s stopped playing karuta.

Well, this series is a tad predictable, but so far, I don’t really mind. I’m sure Arata’s thing has something to do with his grandfather. Maybe his grandfather died and he started hating karuta because it caused it or something like that. Guess we’ll find out. Definitely glad the story came back to the present…living in the past is boring.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 4

Ok, I’m still valiantly attempting to grasp what’s going on in this show. Some sort of maid army is attacking someone…Toori’s gang is still having the party from last episode, but they notice the battle. They move to intervene, but are interrupted by the appearance of a ghost. Apparently, the maids are autonomous dolls or something to that effect. Kazumo (who I’m assuming is the head maid) easily takes on a mecha and shoots down a ship by herself. Yeah…no clue what’s really going on in this show. As I would hope from Sunrise, the animations for this episode looked great, especially in the battle with Kazumo against the mecha. The action seems a bit sudden, but I think that’s the point.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Jikugawa telling Kaito that there’s another puzzle for him, and that he will be teaming up with the one who has the Da Vinci title. Da Vinci turns out to be a girl named Ana Gram, a reclusive student that tends to hang out in the art studio (she also has a tendency to get surrounded by animals). Kaito tries to tell her to leave the puzzle alone, but she continues to insist that she will go. They arrive at the mansion, where they are introduced to the wife of Schwarzenberg, a famous painter. The two have been sent to solve the puzzle Schwarzenberg created to protect his treasures. The butler reveals himself as the Giver for this puzzle (it’s always the butler) and traps them in it. Nonoha and Gammon make their way to the mansion, but Sebastian will not let them enter. Kaito is able to solve the puzzle, but he’s unable to interpret the code. However, Ana, knowing the names of the painters, is able to give him the pattern he needs. Despite this, Kaito is unable to solve the puzzle. Finally, Kaito is able to figure it out, and he opens the vault, revealing a bunch of paintings of Schwarzenberg’s wife. Sebastian then apologizes for his behavior as a Giver, being the first Giver that didn’t try to kill them after they solved his puzzle. The episode ends with Kaito and Nonoha finding out that Ana is actually a guy (it was a trap!). An interesting episode. Switching up the MO of the Giver was definitely unexpected. However, the whole “my bitter wife is actually my greatest treasure” thing was pretty predictable. Also, the minute I saw the letters that were the code, I knew it was Roman numerals. More complicated puzzles next week, huh? Let’s go for that.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 4

Yamato, you brave bastard
Miyako’s normal antics at the start of the episode aside, the start of the episode focuses on Christiane, the blonde foreigner. She runs into Yamato in the bath naked, which results in much amusement. It eventually leads to Yamato telling Chris it’s okay for her to love someone that loves someone else (and like a normal harem main character, he’s oblivious to the fact that she’s talking about him). Yamato almost convinces Chris to let him look at her naked, but Miyako walks in as if on cue. Next up, Kazuko is introduced (red hair). She runs into Momoyo, who’s just been challenged by a random guy. She defeats him in an instant, so she decides to fight Yamato to compensate. Kazuko is able to save Yamato from her, though, by distracting her with a girl (apparently, Momoyo likes girls). Kazuko’s pretty energetic and has a bit of a complex about Momoyo. I guess all of the heroines are introduced now? Unless they’re gonna talk more about Momoyo, I think that’s all of the main girls in the opening theme. Definitely looks like this show’s gonna be fun to watch…it’s pretty hilarious.

C Cube Episode 4

After an interesting scene with Valencie and the Mummy Maker, we go back to Haruaki’s place, where everyone is eating dinner. Kirika is caught up on all the craziness and Fear apologizes for attacking her. They are interrupted by the entrance of the Mummy Maker, who introduces herself and offers to leave the rest of them alone if they allow Fear to be captured. Kirika later plans a secret meeting with someone over the phone. Later that evening, Mummy Maker appears in Haruaki’s room, but Fear arrives to get rid of her. The next day, Konoha challenges Fear, but soon reveals that she was only joking. Because of Fear’s lack of hesitation to kill either Konoha or the Mummy Maker the night before, Konoha asks Fear not to fight. Fear takes this as meaning she should turn herself in, but Haruaki stops her. They are then interrupted by Valencie, who arrives with a new Waas (or Warth depending on your translation). Haruaki prepares to fight her with Konoha’s help, but Valencie first tells them that she has killed the Mummy Maker. Haruaki and Konoha engage Valencie, while Fear struggles not to join the battle herself. After hearing Haruaki give his motivation for fighting, the episode ends with Fear preparing to join the fight. I’m still liking this show. Not completely sure how I feel yet about the show going from a random cute scene to violence in an instant. There’s no way Kirika is just a normal girl. She’s got to have some eccentricity to her like Konoha and Fear. Looking forward to the next episode.

Fate/Zero Episode 4

Battle time. Last week, we ended up with Saber facing off against Lancer. While the two fight, Kiritsugu and Maiya hide out in the shadows searching for the Master of Lancer. Both combatants seem fairly evenly matched due to the uncertainty of their weapons. Lancer is unable to discern the length of Saber’s blade, while Saber is unable to discern the true weapon of Lancer (since he uses two lances). Kiritsugu and Maiya find the Master, but Kiritsugu also sees Assassin, who is also watching the battle for Kirei. Lancer offers to give his true name, but his Master orders him to finish the battle, allowing him to use his Noble Phantasm (his Master is Waver’s professor from the first episode). Lancer finally reveals his true weapon, his longspear. He figures out that Saber hides her sword to hide her identity and moves to uncover it nonetheless. From the battle, Saber manages to realize that Lancer’s spear is able to cancel out magic, so she removes her magical armor and battles in a dress. Saber moves to end the battle with a single strike, but Lancer reveals that his second spear is also part of his Noble Phantasm and uses it to stop her attack and counter. Seeing this, Rider (who’s been watching the whole time) decides he wishes to join the battle. Iris is unable to heal Saber’s most recent wound, and Saber realizes that Lancer’s second spear inflicts cursed wounds that cannot be healed. She finally identifies Lancer as Diarmuid of the Love Spot. However, Lancer has seen Saber’s golden blade, so he is able to identify her as well. Before they are able to fight again, Rider interrupts the battle (very brazenly introducing himself). The battle in this episode was amazing! Absolutely thrilling to watch. I really like how Fate/Zero approaches the Grail Wars like a very serious strategy sort of game, where each side has to be so careful about what they reveal. There’s just so much more strategy than there was in Fate/Stay Night and it’s great to watch.

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 15

New opening is…new. I’m sure it will grow on me as we go along, but so far no strong impressions. The animation looks fairly similar…even some things seem recycled, like Himari’s spin drop. Anyways, Shoma is still pretty depressed about Ringo. After receiving a weird voicemail from Ringo, Shoma calls her. When she answers, she’s still drugged, and he is able figure out that she’s about to do something…explicit. However, Shoma soon realizes that he is right next door to her, having stayed at the same inn. He rushes over to stop them, but slips and is knocked out. We finally get some character background on Yuri. Her father was a famous artist, who only loved beautiful things. However, he thought of Yuri as ugly, telling that she would not be loved. At school, Yuri meets Momoka, who reassures her that she is beautiful. They start to become friends, but Yuri’s father tells her that Momoka cannot be trusted, and that only family can be trusted. However, Momoka becomes determined to gain Yuri’s trust nonetheless. Momoka explains that she is able to transfer the fate of someone using her diary. She claims that she can free Yuri and avert her death. Yuri doesn’t believe her, rushing home to her father. Back in the present, Himari finds out that Sanetoshi sent the two scarves she made last episode to her friends, Double-H. Sanetoshi starts to ask Kanba about his relationship with his family, but Kanba is unable to understand. Meanwhile, Yuri is interrupted by the entrance of a housekeeper, who turns out to be Natsume. The two start to fight over the diary halves. They seem fairly even for a while, but Natsume ends up grabbing the diary half with the help of Esmerelda. Yuri reveals to Shoma, however, that the half was just a fake and that she still has the real half. Back in the memory, Yuri is saved from death at the hands of her father by Momoka, who is severely burned as a price. The episode ends as Yuri reveals that she intends to use the diary to bring Momoka back. Things are starting to get interesting again. Now we see the true purpose of the Fate Diary, and it’s actually quite cool. I understand now why it’s so important. I wonder if the show will continue so that Ringo is the only one who can transfer the fate or something…Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 3

The start of this week’s episode is classic. Yozora and Kodaka walk into the clubroom to find Sena playing an eroge (lol). Sena tries to convince Yozora of the merits of the eroge, leading to Yozora challenging Sena to read the scene out loud (hilarity ensues). In the end, Sena is unable to get through it and runs away, embarrassed. After school, we are introduced to Kobato, Kodaka’s younger sister. Kobato is a fan of an anime called “Kurogane no Necromancer.” She tries to dress and act like one of the characters on the show. The next day, Sena suddenly asks Kodaka to teach her how to swim (so that she can swim with the video game heroine). The two meet up, and Sena picks up swimming fairly quickly. Later, when Kodaka leaves Sena alone, she is harassed by a group of guys. Kodaka arrives, managing to get them to leave. Sena insults them as they walk away though and one of them attacks her. Kodaka blocks his punch and truly scares them off. When they leave, Kodaka scolds Sena for her behavior, and she realizes that he actually cares for her. Later, Kodaka remembers a friend he had when he was a kid, but his name isn’t revealed. Kodaka comes out of his daydream saying a line that friend once said to him, not realizing that Yozora is also there. She seems flustered by the line, but makes up an excuse for Kodaka. So…part of me wonders if Yozora had a tomboy phase as a kid…if you catch my drift. Anyways, this show is absolutely hilarious. Definitely fun to watch. Looking forward to what looks like new club members next week.