Persona 4 Episode 1

Finally!! I’ve been waiting so long for this one. First off, a bit of a self-plug. If you’re interested in the game as well, I’ve started a playthrough of Persona 4 on my youtube channel:

The anime starts out exactly like the game started, with the main character waking up in the Velvet Room to be introduced to Igor and Margaret. When he comes back to his senses, he is on the train to Inaba. Looks like the opening theme is going to be “Pursuing My Self”, which is the opening theme for the game (and an amazing song…no joke). For those of you who don’t know the story of Persona 4, basically, the protagonist is a city kid who is moving to Inaba in the countryside because of his family to live with his uncle. He reaches the station to meet his uncle, Dojima Ryotaro, and his cousin Nanako. There’s a scene at the gas station, but you don’t really know what it means unless you know the ending of the game (like I do…). They actually do the next day thing like it’s done in the game (which is pretty freaking awesome). The next day at school, we find out that the protagonist’s name is Narukami Yu (you could pick whatever name you wanted in the game). We’re also introduced to Moroka, the homeroom teacher, who’s a pretty nasty guy with the nickname Morokin (King Moron in the English dub of the game. Anyways, one of the students (which I know is Saki) finds a dead body hanging upside down, which causes an alert in the school. Meanwhile in the school, Satonaka Chie and Amagi Yukiko introduce themselves to Yu (maybe it’s just because of the English in me, but I find it funny that the main character’s name sounds like “you”). Dojima is inspecting the crime scene (and Adachi the junior detective is puking). The next day, Yu is introduced to Hanamura Yosuke as he helps him out of a trashcan that he crashed into. Yosuke offers to treat Yu to beefsteak, but Chie joins in as repayment for Yosuke’s destruction of her DVD. They end up going to Junes, a department store, and that’s where they introduce the Midnight Channel, a phenomenon where you can see your soulmate if you look at the TV at midnight while it is raining. At this point, we’re introduced to Konishi Saki, the girl who saw the body and Yosuke’s crush. That night, we learn from the TV that the victim of the murder is Yamano, a reporter alleged to be having an affair before and hiding out in Inaba. Anyways, that night, Yu tries out the Midnight Channel and is surprised to see a figure that is strangely similar to Saki. He reaches into the TV and is surprised to find himself almost pulled into it. The next day, he tells everyone about it, but they only saw shadows on the screen. They go to Junes to look at a larger TV after Yosuke jokes that Yu might be able to go inside of it (Yosuke’s the son of the Junes manager). Yu reaches towards one of the TVs and his hand goes into it again. The other two panic when customers come by and the three fall into the TV. They come to in a foggy TV studio. They see a strange shadow in the fog, but they run away, running into a strange room with a noose and posters on the wall with the face ripped off. They go outside to find the strange shadow from before, but it says it’s just a bear. He gives Yu a pair of glasses that makes the fog clear away and he sees a Shadow approach. At this point, the bear runs away as the Shadows approach. Chie is knocked unconscious, and Yu is able to summon his Persona, Izanagi (“Reach Out to the Truth” plays because it’s awesome battle music). With Izanagi, Yu easily dispatches the Shadows, finishing off the last one with a Zio (it’s super effective!!) as the episode ends.

Well…I love this game…I’m liking this show already. This episode stays pretty faithful to the game, but they speed up the point where Yu gets his Persona (in the game, this doesn’t happen until the next day). Also, the circumstances change a little bit. I think that the characters were done very well, especially Yu. I was wondering how they were going to make his personality, since he’s silent in the game, but I think it was very well done. Also, the music from the game playing in the background is just an added treat.


Chihayafuru Episode 1

Alright, so for starters, we have a school and a girl named Chihaya Ayase, the sister of a model who is putting up flyers for a karuta club. Apparently, karuta is some sort of Japanese card game. Chihaya’s having trouble finding members for her club, and runs into her childhood friend Taichi. Chihaya is surprised that Taichi has a girlfriend now in high school, and is no longer interested in karuta. She remembers back to before she started playing karuta, when a transfer student named Wataya enters her class. He is teased by the other students because of his appearance and how quiet he is, but has really good memory. Chihaya notices this and starts to hang out with him, which makes Taichi mad. One day, Chihaya goes to Wataya’s house after they are both soaked in the rain. There, she starts to talk with Wataya about dreams, and he introduces her to the game of karuta. Basically, it involves something with cards and poem verses, but Wataya has the upper hand because of his memory. Based on observation, you remove a card, which has the second verse of a poem after hearing the first voice from a tape player. Wataya is crusing Chihaya, but she resolves to get at least one card, which she manages to do. Wataya then tells Chihaya his dream of becoming a karuta master. So yeah…a show about a game…where have I seen this setup before? I’ll give it a shot. Music was pretty good (the opening has a familiar tune to it), and the character designs are kind of reminiscent of like shoujo manga character designs.

Tamayura Hitotose Episode 1

Eww…480p. Oh well, I hear good things about this show, so I’ll just give it a go. First off, the opening is pretty mellow, good for a relaxing slice-of-life style of show, which is what I think this show is. The girl who I assume is the main character likes to take pictures with her friends. Seems we have the standard set of four schoolgirls. However, the story starts off with the main character, Fuu, leaving her hometown and her friend Chihiro, who is quite the crybaby (seriously…she’s like always in tears). Fuu’s father is dead, but she seems to have accepted it by this point and uses his camera to take pictures. Fuu gets a letter from Kaoru, her friend from the place to which she’s moving.  Basically, this episode is about Fuu’s life before she moves away from her place and it ends with her arriving at her new home, greeted by Kaoru. Not really sad music, but it’s not like super energetic music. Just really light sort of music…makes the mood kind of carefree. This certainly seems like it will be a peaceful show…should be good for me. Still waiting to meet the other characters, though.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 1

Right into the action, this episode starts off with a battle, where the students of Kawakami Academy battle each other. This battle, the Battle of Kawakami pits Class S versus Class F, the highest ranked against the lowest ranked classes. It seems like Class F has an advantage, as many of the students are introduced. Due to fail tactics from the commander of Class S, he is ambushed and surrounded by Class F. He’s able to escape, though, due to the arrival of two strange women. With that, Class F’s main camp is attacked and their own commander is almost captured. However, another Class F student appears and takes out all of the attackers. Things start looking bad for Class S, but then Kawakami Momoyo appears, the one given the title of the best soldier. To face her comes KuKi Ageha, who joins with Mayu, the swordsman from earlier, to face Momoyo. When they aren’t quite enough, Matsunaga Tsubame arrives to help as well. The three face off against Momoyo, while the rest of Class F tries to end the battle, but are short due to the loss of the unit wiped out by the mysterious pair of women. Yamato, the brains of the Class F operation, chooses to enter the battlefield, enlisting the help of a robot. He is knocked out, however, before reaching the commander. The battle ends with the defeat of the Class S commander just before Momoyo is able to finish off her three opponents. So, with this episode, the background has been set, but I don’t see direction of the story yet. Is it just going to be random episodes of life? Or will there be some big opponent? I can only assume with the battle style of the show. Also…was that incest during the credits? O.o

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 1

Alright, I really didn’t know what to expect from this show, except that it was Sunrise. First off, the opening theme sounded good, and it showed scenes with mechas fighting as well as just people fighting. So, we start off at a school of some sort, but it’s a futuristic kind of school. A teacher is starting a training exercise with a group of students, and they are charged with getting “attack points” on her before she is able to reach her destination. The teacher mentions Toori Aoi, the Section Representative, who is not at the class and describes him as useless despite his position. We sort of get an idea of the individual abilities of the students as they work together to try to beat their teacher (it’s really hard to keep track, though…I’m assuming they’ll each be the focus of future episodes or such). None of the students manage to get a hit on the instructor before she reaches her goal. At the goal, they find a Magician Demon (whatever that is), which attacks the instructor. She easily dispatches it, though. At that point, Toori, the Section Representative shows up with an eroge (…what?). He offers to let her play it, which pisses her off, and then gropes her (>.> what’s going on?). He goes on about confessing and some Horizon…yeah…I didn’t quite follow it. This show looks interesting…for some reason.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 1

This show gets right into the action. The series begins with a renowned puzzle champ in a labyrinth with a high-school kid. He takes a wrong turn and the high schooler saves him, dragging him out of the puzzle despite his wishes. The next day, the students at the high school are solving a desk maze puzzle, when the boy from the beginning of the episode shows up. He is introduced as Daimon Kaito. He goes to the Puzzle Club to meet with the president, where he completes a sudoku puzzle that takes the puzzle’s arrogant creator a full day in a few seconds. The president shows up asking Kaito to join the Puzzle Club, but Kaito refuses, only having come to ask about a device the president had given him earlier. Flashback to the night before, where Kaito is solving the puzzles on the device. He receives a strange invitation from “Minotaur” after solving a few puzzles. This led him to the ruins where he saved the Puzzle King. While he’s questioning the president about it, he receives another invitation from Minotaur. Minotaur tells Kaito that he must clear the Sage Puzzle and complete Orpheus’s contract or face death. He goes to the ruins with his friend Nonoha. Nonoha runs ahead, but is saved by Kaito when she falls into a pit trap. Kaito then tells her that the wrong paths have traps in them. Although the puzzle has no solution, Kaito wants to check a certain point. When they get there, Nonoha notices some differences in the structure and Kaito is able to solve the puzzle, moving a whole section of the maze to create the path to the solution. They reach the end of the maze, which leads to a weird shrine. Minotaur tells Kaito that he must go alone from there, so he leaves Nonoha behind. At the shrine, an armband appears on Kaito’s arm and Minotaur tells him that he has fulfilled Orpheus’s contract. However, he and Nonoha are trapped in the room with another puzzle. The room starts to fill with water and fall apart, but Kaito is having trouble solving the puzzle. However, in a moment of tension, his armband glows and the episode ends with him declaring that he has solved the puzzle. So…I like this show already. Maybe I like puzzles too much, but it’s pretty cool. The character designs are kinda weird, but they’re not so bad that I hate them. I like the opening theme and the ending theme is okay.

Working’!! Episode 1

Alright, time for season 2. This season starts off with the standard stuff. Takanashi calls Taneshima short, and Inami punches him when she sees him. Also, Yamada breaks stuff. Anyways, Takanashi asks Inami to restrain herself from punching him once in order to show that she’s making progress overcoming her androphobia. Meanwhile, Kyoko kills a bug that’s scaring Yachiyo, which causes Takanashi to yell at her (because the bug was tiny and cute). Inami gets onto Takanashi for comparing Taneshima to a bug, but he calls her worse than a bug, which ends up depressing her and getting himself punched. Takanashi notices Yamada’s multiple breakages, and also notices Taneshima trying to take responsibility for one of them. Both of the girls are too short to reach the paper where the breakages are logged, which Taneshima actually uses as motivation. However, she gets riled up about being short and breaks a glass. She ends up asking Soma about getting taller and he tells her to eat dried gecko (man, this guy’s such a good troll). The episode ends with everyone leaving for the day. Sato tells Taneshima that he and Soma were lying about the geckos and Takanashi is unable to find Inami because she is still sulking about the bug thing. More of the same stuff this season…not that I’m complaining. Even the opening theme is basically the same. Anyways…I need to find a way to thin out all of these shows that I’m watching.

C Cube Episode 1

Yeah…the fall season is getting started. Anyways, this series starts off with our protagonist Yachi Haruaki receiving a package from his father, a black cube. Suspicious, he just stores it in the basement. However, in the night, he hears someone in his kitchen. When he goes to investigate, he finds a naked girl (yeah…) eating crackers. He puts the pieces together that the girl is actually the box from earlier. The girl introduces herself as Fear (or Fiya…whichever you prefer). She explains that Haruaki’s father sent her to him, having her take the form of the box for easier transport. She tells Haruaki that she is cursed and has come to him to lift it. At that point, a friend of Haruaki’s arrives with some food that she cooked for him. She is introduced as Konoha, Haruaki’s neighbor and childhood friend. Yeah…It’s clear Konoha has a thing for Haruaki, so Konoha and Fear end up going at each other. However, Haruaki and Konoha have to go to school, so Haruaki leaves Fear with the television and a Rubik’s Cube (lol). Fear ends up leaving the house, though (I have no idea where she found those clothes…they’re too girly to be Haruaki’s). While she’s out, she runs into a few people who believe she’s a lost child. One of them solves a face on the Rubik’s Cube (incorrectly, I might add). Returning home, Fear decides to clean the house, and proceeds to make a huge mess and break quite a few things. Haruaki returns to find the place in shambles, and has to go out shopping as a result. When he gets back, he apologizes to Fear for his outburst when he got home before and asks her to help out with cooking. The episode ends with the introduction of a strange woman who arrives in the country…for some reason. So, looks pretty interesting so far, I’ll probably keep watching to see where this one goes. Animation looks pretty nice, but I’m kinda wondering where those random bars of light are coming from…and what’s up with the cubes coming out of Fear’s hair. The ending theme, which I think is the opening theme, sounded pretty good.

Dantalian no Shoka Final Episode

This episode starts off with Huey seeing the girl in Dantalian no Shoka, but his side is bleeding. Back in the real world, some sort of zombie is roaming around the streets. Huey talks to Dalian about it, who tells him about the Book of Atonement, which can take the soul from a person and leave a zombie. While they’re out buying bread, they run into some of these zombies, who are attacking a paperboy. Dalian tells Huey that the newspaper is the Phantom Book, but only certain ones have the text. The two find a printing press that is creating the newspaper, and meet the man from the last episode (the bartender), who introduces himself as the Professor. They then meet Raziel, and Dalian exchanges insults with her. After asking Huey his motivations for being with Dalian, to which Huey responds that he wishes to save the weird pink-haired girl from the beginning of the episode, the Professor shoots Huey. Huey is able to shoot the gun from the Professor’s hand before he is able to fire at Dalian, though, and the two escape. Huey tries to rescue the girl from Dantalian no Shoka, but is stopped by the warden of the gate. He collapses in the real world after failing. The girl is chained to the gate, but she calls out to Dalian, calling her the “other me.” The two work together and Huey wakes up again with a Phantom Book in his hands. With it, he is able to destroy the zombies, but is unable to save the girl. The Professor has more copies to distribute everywhere, but a familiar flame burns them all (yup, Hal has returned). Well, this definitely leaves room for more seasons. The ending felt a bit rushed, but I was glad that Hal could make another appearance.