Yuru Yuri Episode 11

This episode starts goofy, as per usual. Kyoko, Yui, and Akari reminisce to when they were kids (Kyoko’s pretty cute as a kid), telling Chinatsu about a time when they fought with a strange and obnoxious pink-haired girl (where have we seen someone like that before?). Of course, only Akari notices who the pink-haired girl actually is, and keeps it to herself. Akari, Yui, and Chinatsu start to talk about Kyoko when she was younger, saying that her attitude was much better, which causes her to storm out. However, she starts to adopt her former personality (model student). When the other girls question her, she tells them about her falling down the stairs earlier, but she is unaware of any change in her personality. They enlist the help of the student council girls to change Kyoko back (Ayano’s reaction is absolutely priceless). Unable to think of a way to fix her, everyone decides to accept the new Kyoko. However, as time goes on, they begin to miss the old Kyoko (Chizuru’s reaction to the new Kyoko is hilarious too). Eventually, Kyoko tries to end the Amusement Club, which is the final straw for Yui, who whacks Kyoko in the head and changes her back. The episode ends with Akari walking in, having fallen down the stairs, and everyone in the room draws their weapons. Say what you will, I thought this episode was genuinely hilarious (if a tad overdramatic at times).


Week of 9/11/2011

So…I’m caught up with Hanasaku Iroha. Other than that, not much happening this week.

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Kamisama no Memochou Episode 10

If you remember from last week, the episode ended with the arcade manager telling Ayaka that her brother was there. The other NEETs ask him, Toshi, where he’s been and what he’s been doing. He starts to cough, but pushes Ayaka away when she tries to help. Narumi goes out to talk with him alone. Toshi insults Ayaka a bit, but has another coughing fit and pulls out some strange pills. When asked, he calls it “Angel Fix” and wanders off. Narumi talks with Tetsu about it later, but Tetsu tells him not to tell Ayaka that her brother is taking drugs. The next day, Narumi walks into Alice’s room to find Ayaka trying to fix up her hair, but she is kicked out when the Fourth arrives with a job. Surprise surprise…the Fourth is there to ask Alice about Angel Fix. Alice calls the rest of the NEETs up and Narumi tells them about Toshi having Angel Fix. They all set out to find Toshi, but the Fourth stops Narumi from helping this time. Later, Ayaka is grilling Narumi because she is being left out, which causes Narumi to remember what her brother said about being his replacement. He asks her if he is her brother’s replacement, which causes her to run off (idiot). He tries to apologize the next day, but she just brushes him off. The next day, Narumi skips school, and Ayaka starts to worry. The two apologize to each other, and Narumi gives her a new armband to replace the one he accidentally ripped the day before. Ayaka assures Narumi is not a replacement, and tells him that she originally started gardening on the roof just to have an excuse to meet him (just kiss her already, man…). A few days later, Ayaka is asked by one of the teachers to move the planters on the roof for a school event. She gets a bit depressed about this and stays late. However, when she gets back to the shop, she overhears Major and Tetsu talking about Toshi. Later, Narumi offers to confront the teacher about the planters on the roof, which makes Ayaka smile. However, the episode ends with a shot of her falling out of a school window into a bed of flowers and her death. This episode…what??? Holy crap…I can’t believe she just died O.o. Suicide? Murder? Totally caught me off guard.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 10

Sigh…this show. This week, we start with Maho getting really excited about practice because of the championship coming up. However, Tomoka is not quite as excited as everyone else. Subaru later reveals that Tomoka is the only one that knows that the championship is only for ten people, rather than just five. Later, some of Subaru’s high school friends tell him about a game they have set up for the girls against a team from Suzuridani Girls School, who played in the nationals. They also coerce Aoi into helping out with the girls’ training camp (totally knew that was gonna happen eventually). However, on the way to the training camp, Mihoshi suddenly falls ill, and is taken to the hospital. The rest of the group continue on to the training camp by foot. They reach the school, and the adviser insults Mihoshi for not being there, which angers everyone. She then takes everyone to an area where they will be staying…well, camping. As they are setting up their tent, a girl approaches them and introduces herself as Nobidome Manaka, the temporary coach of the other team and sister of the cold adviser from earlier. Aoi remembers her from a match that she and Subaru watched, but she is taking a break from playing do to an injury. Subaru receives a call from his mother saying that Mihoshi is okay, but needs an operation. While bathing, Manaka offers to help Aoi with Subaru. Meanwhile, Subaru scares a girl wandering around while doing pushups. He returns to the tent to find Tomoka, and the two go out together to look at the stars. The next day, the gang all go to watch the other team practice, and Subaru is surprised to find the girl from the night before on the other team (pretty sure none of us were surprised by it, though). The girl arrogantly bashes the girls, also revealing that they can’t compete in any official matches because they don’t have ten people on the team, which causes Maho to rush out when she finds out that Subaru and Tomoka knew this. Drama…that is all

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 9

Alright, this week, we see some interesting animation as Huey and Dalian approach the Michaux Fortress. We are introduced to a girl named Ira, who is under the care of the village elder. We also find out about people being eaten by bugs at Michaux Fortress, which Ira identifies as Baziumu. The knights have come to ask the elder for Elegans to face the Baziumu, and the elder reluctantly agrees. The elder asks Ira to gather some leaves from a certain tree, and as she rushes to find it, she runs into Huey and Dalian. She tells them about the Baziumu, but Dalian tells her that any effort to fight them is futile. Ira tells the two where they can find some books, and they separate. She returns to the elder, who gives her a charm to protect her as she goes into town to check on the guy she likes, Tito. As she reaches the town, multiple explosions occur. The Baziumu are flying around the town, and Ira throws the charm at one, but it is ineffective. Huey and Dalian show up, though, to save her. Dalian figures out that the Baziumu were attracted by the books on a fallen cart, and finds that the cart bears the seal of Galeazzo, which worries her. They rush up the mountain to find the villagers, as well as one of the knights from before, Gianni, holding a sword to the elder, angry that the elder had waited to give them elegans. However, Ira tells them about elegans not working, and she is defended by Tito. At that moment, Huey and Dalian get everyone’s attention as the Baziumu show up. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest and reads from the Phantom Book, causing all the bugs to disappear. With that, Huey and Dalian disappear, revealing that they were actually inside the world of a book that whole time (explaining the weird animation). Kind of a neat premise for this episode. The animation reminded me a bit of FLCL…

Mayo Chiki Episode 10

This week’s episode starts with Kanade entering the Gaming Club’s room to ask them to make a game for her. Because she wants it done in a day, they refuse, but she fakes a little tsundere and they agree to help (lol). Meanwhile, the other girls are all preparing for some sort of event the next day. The next day, it is revealed that it is actually Kureha’s birthday, and Kureha, Narumi, and Usami celebrate together. Narumi gives Kureha…surprise surprise, a pair of glasses. Meanwhile, Usami gives her a body pillow with Konoe’s picture on it (uhh…). The two then act out Narumi’s latest yaoi story about Jiroukin and Barusu (-.-). Next, they head to the maid restaurant, where Kanade and Konoe are waiting. They all get together and sing for Kureha. Kureha then tells them about her birthday eight years before, where Jirou used all of his money to buy her a bear. Kanade then shows Kureha the game that she had asked for, which stars Jirou and Kureha as characters in a 2D fighter. As they are driving back, Kureha notices a swing that reminds her of six years before, when she ran out to sit on that swing after being angry at her mother. Jirou comes out to take her back, which makes her happy (she then proceeds to beat the crap out of him, though). She starts to go through all of her birthdays, but then tells Kanade and Konoe about how Jirou forgot her last birthday (seems very similar to this birthday). Kanade offers to let Kureha be her little sister (lol) and Konoe defends Jirou. However, Kureha remembers all of the other things Jirou has done for her and says it’s okay if he forgets her birthday. Kureha returns home to find a giant box on the floor, as Jirou appears to wish her a happy birthday (it’s another giant doll fyi). She then…beats…him up…again…The episode ends with Usami playing a game that Kanade gave her (that was a mistake) and getting angry when she loses. Kind of a cute episode…as always…

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 9

I’ve been biting my nails wondering what happens this week (Shoma got hit by a car last week). The episode starts with some sort of weird flashback to the twins and Himari looking at penguins (I didn’t quite understand this). Himari notices #3 and follows her into an elevator, which takes her very far underground. There, Himari finds the library that she frequents. #3 leads her to a strange puzzle door, which leads into a giant area that has the book that Himari was searching for. She also meets the pink-haired man from the opening theme, who introduces himself as Sanetoshi. He opens a book that he calls the “Story of You” and talks about two friends Himari used to have. We then flashback to those friends, named Hibari and Hikari (uhh…k). The three of them are applying to be in some sort of audition to become an idol. Sanetoshi grabs another book and Himari flashes back to her mother buying her ribbons for the audition. However, she buys the wrong ones and Himari gets mad at her, knocking over a mirror. The mirror falls towards Himari, but her mother covers her and is covered in broken glass. Her mother survives, but is scarred for life. Sanetoshi continues reading, and we flashback to Himari telling her friends about the incident and they offer to help her mother at the hospital. One of them has read that Koi blood could help someone feel better, so they capture a Koi. They are stopped by a teacher before they can kill it and take its blood though. Hibari and Hikari try to take responsibility, refusing to allow Himari to do so. Finally, Himari flashes back to the day she left the school, leaving her two friends behind. They end up becoming idols together, choosing the name Double-H (based off of Himari’s name for them, Triple-H). It is revealed that they are the two girls that are on the subway’s monitor all the time. Sanetoshi hands Himari the penguin hat and tells her that it is a bridal hat, but doesn’t tell her the identity of the groom. Himari then wakes up, realizing it is all a dream, but has forgotten it all. The episode ends with the phone ringing and Himari finding out that Shoma was hit by the car. ARGH! I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO SHOMA! Sigh…fine…another week.

No. 6 Episode 10

Well, this series is coming to a close. This week’s episode starts off with the dog from last week delivering the baby to Inukashi. Meanwhile, Shion and Nezumi are dumped into a pile of corpses. They start to climb up, with Shion slipping multiple times. Inukashi and Rikiga sneak by holding a janitor hostage and steal some clothes. They reach the control room and open the door for Nezumi and Shion to enter the facility. They don lab coats and continue on to where Safu is. Rikiga and Inukashi are spotted leaving the control room and the facility is locked down. As Nezumi and Shion continue on their way up, Nezumi notices some changes in Shion’s attitude. They reach an elevator and engage the guards, but Nezumi is shot. However, Shion shoots the remaining guard, and moves to finish him off. Nezumi yells at Shion to stop, but Shion fires (with a dead look in his eyes). However, he comes to his senses and realizes what he’s done. Nezumi blames himself for Shion’s change, but Shion comforts him. After bandaging Nezumi up, the two enter the elevator. The episode ends with them reaching the top and seeing Safu standing there with a strange look in her eyes. So, next week ends this series. I noticed that the fight scenes in this episode seemed to be made to look intense, with lots of focus on Nezumi and such.

Spice and Wolf

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Kamisama Dolls Episode 10

If you recall, the last episode ended with a Seki named Mahiru showing up and grabbing Kyohei’s arm. We step aside from the action for a second to Kuuko and Aki, who are meeting a man named Hirashiro Takeshi, a Diet member from the village. Back to the rest of the gang, where Mahiru is all over Kyohei, prompting Koushiro to tell her to go back to the village. Mahiru gets angry and lashes out with her Kakashi, Magatsuhi, but Koushiro defends Hibino and starts to battle with her. However, Koushiro’s Kakashi is captured (and he was trying to be so cool too). Moyako tries to stop the fight by threatening to stop maintaining Magatsuhi, and while Mahiru is distracted, Kirio and Utao tag team it up to take out Magatsuhi’s barrier and free Uwazutsu (Koushiro’s Kakashi). Taking another step away from the action, Hirashiro explains to Aki that he is trying to bring the Kakashi out into the light to benefit people outside of the village. However, the elders would never approve of that, so he needs to get rid of them, and for that, he freed Aki. He asks Aki to join him (and together they’ll rule the galaxy), but at that moment, Mahiru bursts into the office, spewing her hate for everyone. Aki starts to fight her, but Magatsuhi is able to get the barrier up right as Aki just misses her with his attack. However, Mahiru doesn’t kill Aki because she doesn’t want to upset Kyohei.

Koushiro meets with Kyohei to ask him about his connection with Mahiru, and Kyohei starts to tell the story of eight years ago, when he and Aki met Mahiru. They find a cave and go in to explore it (just like children would). There, they find a strange Kakashi covered in moss. The Kakashi activates and captures Aki, but Kyohei cuts him loose with Kukuri. The three Seki team up to try to fight it, but are unable to do any real damage. Aki manages to get a hit in, but it’s not deep enough and Kuramitsuha takes a beating. However, Kyohei is able to get a clean hit in while it’s charging its laser. Aki realizes that the Kakashi can consume minds, which is why it could move without a Seki. The Kakashi is still moving, though, and it blasts all of them. Kyohei tries to drag the other two away, but the Kakashi continues to attack. Kyohei tells Koushiro that this is all he can remember and that he woke up to see the Kakashi destroyed. He tells Koushiro that his mind has been broken since that day. However, Mahiru, who is reminiscing about this incident at the same time with Aki, reveals that Kyohei opened Kukuri’s left hand that day and saved the two of them. So much stuff happened this episode…it needs to sink in…It’s really starting to look like Kyohei’s gonna get a Kakashi at this rate. He’s just so important. Finally, we see the details of the opening scene of this whooole anime. I wonder if that Kakashi is actually destroyed, because I was thinking it was Amaterasu, but I guess it can’t be if it’s destroyed. Also, anyone else think Mahiru is a little bit on the insane side?