Inu x Boku SS Episode 3

So this week Ririchiyo starts school. She tries to stop herself from insulting other people, but you know what they say about old habits. That aside, Ririchiyo ends being in the same class as Karuta. When Ririchiyo gets back home, she finds Soushi talking with another woman and the two kiss. It turns out she confessed to him, but he rejected her, kissing her to make her feel better.

Ririchiyo ends up snapping at Soushi, later regretting it. At the school party, Ririchiyo continues her standoffish behavior, isolating herself from everyone else. Two of her classmates end up making fun of her, but Soushi appears to defend her. Rather than allow Soushi to take retribution, Ririchiyo takes it upon herself.

I guess this episode is the start of Ririchiyo’s character development. I guess this show is supposed to be a bit of slice-of-life with Ririchiyo making friends? I don’t really see them playing the ayakashi thing too much. It kinda makes me wonder if they could make the same show with everyone being normal humans. Still, I’m enjoying it so far. Next week, it looks like we’ll meet some new characters, so that should be interesting…new friends for Ririchiyo, I guess?


Guilty Crown Episode 14

After the Devil Survivor setup from last week, Arisa tries to calm the student body, but it ends up backfiring as everyone loses faith in her leadership. Tsugumi finds a device that measures Void strength, which actually leads to Shu drawing her Void, since no one has seen it yet (am I the only one that thought over 9000 when they scanned Inori?). Meanwhile, Keido starts Operation Purify Tokyo, slowly killing everyone within the walls.

Meanwhile Segai leaks a message that giving up the members of Funeral Parlor will allow people to escape. Arisa tries to convince everyone not to believe this message, but no one will listen to her. Shu stops everyone, admitting to being a member of Funeral Parlor. He uses Tsugumi’s Void to create holograms to show everyone that the government is actually lying to them. With that, he’s able to gain everyone’s trust and they all choose him as their leader.

I guess this is the point where Shu takes on Gai’s role, but with the student body rather than Funeral Parlor. So far, so predictable. I guess Yahiro’s Void Ranking System will eventually be the thing that makes him evil again? It sounds pretty dehumanizing for a good guy to be proposing. I’m sure it’s another step in Shu’s development. Also, it seems he’s finally getting used to his power…he disarmed that guy with the gun like it was nothing.

That bit with Inori was kinda interesting too when she kills the boys harassing her. I wonder if that will come back into play soon. I’m glad Shu is starting to be less annoying, but I wish this show would surprise me a bit…maybe I’m just looking at things the wrong way. Also, I was expecting a bit more from the Tsugumi-focused episode…maybe there’s more?

Chihayafuru Episode 16

Sigh…I’d like to make an interesting post about this week’s episode, but unfortunately, it’s only a recap episode. That said, they add in a few random comedic snippets that I found pretty funny. They all looked like they came out of a 4koma or something, so it was pretty interesting. But I generally dislike the idea of a recap episode…it just seems like a waste of an episode.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 3

So after the events of last week, Yuuta ends up basically running off with the girls. They stop on the way for some karaoke and Yuuta ends up running into Kouichi (who is much better at dealing with kids than Yuuta is). When they finally get to Yuuta’s apartment, everyone starts to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Miu’s cheerful exterior is finally broken when Hina continues to mention their parents. I’m not sure what to make of this show. There’s plenty of scenarios I feel like I know they’re going to put in, and I dunno how I’ll react to them. There’s no way that Yuuta can handle all of this while still going to college >.> Oh well…he has Kouichi to help him out.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3

So after basically being rejected by Ichika last week, Kaito ditches school the next day. Ichika misreads this, thinking he found out she’s an alien. Kanna ends up thinking Kaito and Ichika are doing things together, so she checks up on Kaito. Afraid Ichika will catch him with another girl, Kaito inadvertently asks Kanna out.

The “date” is interrupted when Kanna and Kaito catch Remon, who has been recording them the whole time. Kanna runs after Remon, and Kaito ends up running into Ichika. Like a man, Kaito flees from Ichika. Anyways, the two finally talk and they both realize they had misread the situation, so they just drop it. Later though, Ichika accidentally stumbles upon the confession Kaito was trying to make the night before.

So let me see if I got this right. Kanna likes Kaito, Kaito likes Ichika, Tetsuro likes Kanna, and Mio likes Tetsuro? Yeesh…that can’t end well. Sigh…poor Kanna. Things aren’t looking so well for her. Looks like Ichika managed to keep her secret and find out Kaito’s…that was pretty pro. This show is still looking like standard slice of life so far…is anything else going to happen? It should happen soon…I’m starting to think this is only going to be slice of life.

Persona 4 Episode 15

So yeah…apparently, something’s going on with Commie, so this episode was late. With summer vacation over, it’s time for Naoto to take center stage. Fast forward a few days to the school trip to…Gekkoukan High School. Yes, this is the Persona 3 crossover episode. But not just that, this is also the love hotel episode! Strangely enough though…despite all of this, Chie and Yu have a moment together where they get a little closer.

All of this leads to everyone going to a club, where they find Naoto and ask her to join them. And what’s the most hilarious part? Everyone gets drunk! In her drunken stupor, Yukiko ends up telling Naoto about Persona, but she’s unwilling to believe her. She also reveals that there is no alcohol in any of the beverages.

I’m still playing Persona 3, so I probably missed a lot of references…oh, what a pity. However, the rest of the episode is just hilarious antics from the Persona 4 game. The scene where everyone’s drunk was pretty great, especially with only half of them really feeling the effects. Yu really differentiating himself from his video game self, especially with the return of stripper Yu.

Also, this episode seemed to look a little bit more into Chie. I think I mentioned in a previous episode that I noticed a focus on Yosuke. I wonder if their Persona have changed…I really hope so. They need to integrate those somehow. They changed the opening and ending for this episode too. I like the opening, but I wish I could have been able to hear it a bit better. I liked the ending too, but I don’t have any complaints about not being able to hear that. It looks like next week, Naoto’s arc will be starting…it’ll probably get finished up in the episode after that.

Another Episode 3

So…I totally wasn’t agonizing for a week about what’s under the eye patch (I totally was). Like I predicted, it was actually something normal, an artificial eye. Anyways, Kouichi starts to ask Mei about herself, eventually asking about the death in the hospital. Mei doesn’t really answer, but she tells him the story of Misaki in the past. Before she can finish, Kouichi is interrupted by a phone call and Mei disappears again. The next day, Kouichi asks Sakuragi about Mei, but she warns him not to mention her name in class.

Kouichi ends up asking his aunt Reiko about it, but she won’t tell him for some reason. The nurse then calls Kouichi, telling him the dead girl was named Misaki Fujioka. When Kouichi mentions Fujioka to Mei, Mei tells him that she was her cousin. He then asks her why the rest of the class ignores her, and she responds that she doesn’t exist. Just then, Sakuragi leaves the class room, and is impaled by her umbrella after trying to run from Mei in a panic.

So this part of the story from the past that Kouichi is missing…it seems like class 3 is making an effort to keep it away from him. Sakuragi’s surprise that he knew it makes me think there was some sort of agreement not to tell him. This feeds into my “the class is evil” theory. Also when Kouichi mentions the story, Sakuragi mentions that he only knows about the “first year”, so I guess that something similar happened again?

A very important point in this episode is when Kouichi goes to the roof to talk to Mei. Kazami clearly looks up there and becomes upset. So Mei can’t be serious when she says no one can see her. Sakuragi clearly reacted to her as well. Is Mei cursed or something? I really want her to be normal, but it seems there might be something supernatural going on after all. Anyways, I got so caught up with my theories that I forgot to mention that I’m really enjoying this show. My mind is always racing with these theories with each passing minute…I have to know.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 16

So this week, everyone is about to head back to Japan, but Jikukawa stops them, saying the plane is trapped by the POG. They’re instead rerouted through Italy. However, this turns out to be the true trap, as Gyamon realizes when he confronts the Giver that impersonated Jikukawa.

Playing off Gyamon’s pride, Bishop gets Gyamon to take on the Exorcism Labyrinth, a forbidden puzzle. Meanwhile, the real Jikukawa challenges Rook to a chess game, with the condition that Rook will answer one of his questions if he wins. He ends up losing, though. Kaito shows up and uses Orpheus to solve the unsolvable puzzle.

Looks like Kaito forced the armband to activate this week and entered some weird state before Nonoha knocked him out of it. The chess game was a bit amusing…Jikukawa lost to such a simple opening trap. I’m not sure if that’s even possible.

It felt like this episode was meant to show the gap between Kaito and his friends widening even more. I find that pretty annoying that he’s becoming this sort of super-puzzle solver. It makes me wonder what the other characters are there for in the first place. Oh well, more to come.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 3

Sorry for how late this post is, but I’ve been pretty busy all day. Anyways, this week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, with the second enemy appearing. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Lan was unable to activate Vox Lympha because she fears it. The second Ovid’s pilot forms a link with Madoka and asks her to surrender, but she naturally refuses. She’s still losing but then Lan takes Vox Lympha to help her.

However, the first enemy from the last episode tries to intercept her. Lan apologizes to Madoka for getting her involved in the fighting, but Madoka reassures her. Lan realizes she isn’t afraid of Vox Lympha and transforms it (it basically looks the same, but blue). Lan and Madoka team up, forcing the enemies to retreat.

So Lan seems to hint that there’s some dark secret about the Vox…I wonder what it is. It might end up being some sort of horrible death or something…only speculation, of course. Lan joins the fight, and I guess Muginami will join shortly. Honestly, Lan’s personality wasn’t quite what I expected from the first episode, but I’m guessing Muginami’s is exactly what I think it is.

I’m really not a fan of these Ovid designs…Vox Aura and Vox Lympha basically look the same and all three of the enemy Ovids also looked basically the same. I guess I expect more from a show that I’ve read elsewhere has such great animation quality. Is it all going to the wrong place? Oh well, still another character to introduce and then we can get some plot going.

Brave 10 Episode 3

So this week’s episode starts off with Yukimura telling Saizou to take Isanami to Izumo, so she can find what’s so important there that people were sent to kill her. We’re also introduced to Kakei Juuzou, another person working under Yukimura and ends up going with them. While they’re traveling, they find an injured woman on the side of the road, but she turns out to be a (male) ninja named Yuri Kamazuke and kidnaps Isanami.

Saizou ends up climbing a cliff face to reach Isanami and starts fighting Yuri again, but this time without a terrain disadvantage. Saizou ends up going berserker mode in the fight, beating Yuri in an instant without any emotion. However, Isanami stops Saizou before he can kill Yuri.

Okay, this episode’s beginning was just…goofy. Isanami was all over Saizou and flirting with him. Kind of an interesting thing to see with all of the random fighting >.> Isanami being a sort of humanity for Saizou is a bit cliche for my taste, but I guess it’s shounen, so what do I expect? Still looking for a direction for the show, but battles are fun and Isanami is definitely the comic aspect of the show.

So the opening had the same tune, but different words…what’s up with that? It totally threw me off. And why change in the third episode? Also, Yuri is in the opening, so recurring character? Looks like next week is the return of Hattori. I end with one important question: Why the heck is Persona 4 so late???