Another Episode 8

The beach episode! First off, though, Kouichi asks Reiko about Matsunaga and the school trip, but gets no answers as she has forgotten most of it. Everyone then gets together and heads off to the resort hotel where Matsunaga works. When they arrive, they find that he has been called off, so they spend some time at the beach, running into Mei in the process.

Teshigawara proposes a competition to find food on the beach, but both teams end up failing miserably. Matsunaga then arrives, talking a bit with Reiko. After a lot of questions, Matsunaga finally remembers leaving something at the school. Unfortunately, this is interrupted by another death, as Nakao dies out at sea.

Well, that death was a bit expected. We don’t really see much of Nakao before this episode and he suddenly goes with the main characters on a trip? He had to die. This also puts a damper on an earlier theory about being safe from the curse when outside of Yomiyama, which makes things interesting. Reiko seems a bit more suspicious this week…Matsunaga mentions seeing her somewhere and she can’t recall it. Is there a double? Or maybe she’s dead, like some people seem to think?

Also, I get that they were trying to make the music sound lighter this week with some softer tones and such, but it still kept the theme in all of the dark music of the show, so it really didn’t feel right to me. Fun scenes like the ones in this episode need songs with energy, and the main theme of this show just doesn’t do that. Next week, it looks like Kouichi will find that thing that Matsunaga left behind in the school (it looks like some sort of recording or something). Also, were those glasses on a girl with the umbrella? Is Sakuragi coming back? Or is this another one of Kouichi’s crazy dreams? I’ll end with this: WHY DIDN’T THEY EXPLAIN THE END OF LAST WEEK’S EPISODE???


Rinne no Lagrange Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off with the expected arrival of the chairman of Novumundu, but instead, his great-granddaughter comes in his place. She introduces herself as Asteria Lizamarie De Roschefall, and seems to know Lan. After an awkward report, Lan tells Muginami and Madoka about the Vox Legend. Basically, another civilization existed on Earth 20,000 years prior, and Muginami and Lan are descendants of that civilization. Their ancestors fled Earth when the Vox weapons went out of control.

Meanwhile, Asteria discusses the Vox weapons with Youko and concludes that Madoka should be banned from piloting Vox Aura. In protest, Muginami and Lan lock themselves in with Vox Aura until the decision is reversed, and Madoka and Asteria go in to talk with them. Madoka ends up accepting her grounding and she convinces Lan and Muginami to accept it as well.

Well, everyone seems to be getting along nicely. Finally we hear the story of the infamous Vox weapons. I was expecting something to that effect, but we still don’t have enough information. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vox weapons weren’t the cause of calamity, but saved the Earth from complete destruction. I’m definitely suspecting that Madoka, Lan, and Muginami are somehow descended directly from the original pilots.

We find out the source of Lan’s greeting! She was so embarrassed, but I sure hope she doesn’t just drop it…I liked that greeting. She’s too cute. Also, Moid is having secret meetings…so evil. Asteria seems like an interesting character. She doesn’t really seem evil, but she’s got a plan, and who knows where that will go. Next week looks like school festival time. Maybe a super-secret infiltration mission from our alien brothers (aside from the maid thing)?

Nisemonogatari Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off with a bit of recovery from the last arc, with Karen showing up in a cute outfit (and Koyomi’s hilarious reaction). Karen asks Koyomi if he will introduce her to Kanbaru. Koyomi agrees, but first issues a challenge as a requirement. Koyomi ends up brushing her teeth (ehh?), but gets interrupted by Tsukihi. Nonetheless, Koyomi still loses the challenge.

So…what did I just watch? What did Koyomi just do to Karen? Let’s just pretend that never happened…what? It was half the episode? Oh…Well, this show is definitely pushing the fanservice. Oh well, it’s a funny way to start the new arc. The OP for this arc was definitely nice. I don’t usually like the super-happy style of music (like PapaKiki’s theme), but this one really worked. The actual visuals of the OP were great as well…maybe even better than the song was. I wonder how many episodes before the story of Tsukihi’s arc starts. Maybe it’ll be next episode.

Persona 4 Episode 20

In the aftermath of the culture festival, Yukiko tries to invite Nanako and Yu to stay at her family’s inn, but everyone else joins in too. At the inn, the boys walk in on the girls bathing, which results in a battle of epic proportions (which the girls win, of course). A TV show tries to make a show about the Amagi Inn, but Yukiko adamantly refuses them (Courage was increased).

In the night, the boys start to hear weird noises and conclude that their room is haunted. They then go to the girls’ room, but get the wrong room and hilarity ensues. The episode ends with the plot restarting, as Yu gets a letter in the mail telling him to stop rescuing people.

What the crap? Margaret was singing? Is this her social link? It’s a bit…different. Anyway, this week was Yukiko’s turn to shine, as Yu revisits all of the main characters. It’s a bit weird, though. In the game, it’s more a dramatic journey as she tries to leave the inn, but realizes that she doesn’t want to. The anime just kinda shows the end of it all. But other than that, most of the stuff in this week’s episode was what I remembered from the game (and it’s all still funny). This time, I have it right. Next week’s episode is going to be when all the plot begins again. We’re so close to the ending, I can’t wait!

Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 8

An injured Chris is found by none other than Miku at the start of this week’s episode. Miku helps nurse Chris back to health, trying to befriend her, but they are interrupted by a Noise attack. Tsubasa isn’t cleared to fight, so Hibiki goes out by herself. Chris faces off against the Noise herself, while Hibiki finds Miku, who has been attacked by a different Noise. The two make up and Miku draws the Noise while Hibiki defeats it.

As expected, Chris is on her way to becoming part of the team. She’s probably a better character than Tsubasa is (I still don’t like how easily she came to terms with Kanade’s death). Also, her fight scene was probably better than any of Tsubasa’s. Genjurou has a weird line with Chris about not being able to save her. It seems kinda important…what does he know? Also, I guess Miku will try to help out more, but I wonder what she’ll be able to do without Symphogear. There’s only so much.

Guilty Crown Episode 18

This week starts off with Gai showing much more control over the Void Genome, drawing and fusing three Voids and then sending it kamikaze-style to destroy a bomber. Daryl refuses to protect Gai as ordered and goes into traitor mode to protect Tsugumi. Gai broadcasts to the world that there are 256 Leukocytes orbiting around the world under his control.

Arisa’s grandfather tries to kill her before she is used by Gai, but she shoots him for he can. Inori’s blackouts start to make her fear that she will kill Shu, and Mana within her tries to take advantage of this. She ends using some weird power to fight against the Endlaves after her to protect Shu, but she is captured by Gai.

Okay…what the heck just happened? I mean, Samurai Old Guy was pretty epic, but the rest of it was a bit out there. Gai having a bunch of Leukocytes was pretty Code Geass, but I have no idea about that stuff with Inori. It still looks like they’re only resurrecting Gai (I’m going with “Mana never died”). I’m not sure what’s up with him, but I’m expecting a “Shu, please save me” line from him some time in the future. Now that Inori has been captured, I wonder if we’ll finally figure out what she is…it’s been bugging me for a while. I find it weird that they didn’t talk about Shu in this episode. He suddenly went power-hungry and immediately lost his powers, then they just ignore him for an episode.

Black Rock Shooter Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Kagari joining Mato’s class. She is instantly popular, which actually isolates Yomi even more. Also, after the big freakout from last week, Kohata seems fine. Yomi starts to take her anger out on Kagari, mostly because she no longer needs Yomi. Meanwhile, it seems that Kohata has completely forgotten the boy she confessed to.

Yuu tries to talk with Yomi and befriend her, but Yomi can’t get past her jealousy. Yomi tries to cling to Kagari, but she has forgotten most of the stuff from before and wants to distance herself from Yomi. In the alternate world, Yomi goes berserk and prepares to fight against Black Rock Shooter as the episode ends.

Well, that was certainly eventful. I’m still wondering about the whole “cutting of the head” deal with Kagari and Kohata. On the surface, they look like they’re fine, but it just doesn’t feel complete with how Black Rock Shooter handles it. It feels like there should be unresolved conflict with them. I hope the amnesia bit isn’t just a cheap way to wrap up their stories quickly, because that would be boring. It was pretty clear that Yomi was going down the road to crazy last week and this episode, she finally snaps. I’m guessing they’ll resolve everything for her next week because of how little time the show actually has. Can you believe we’re halfway through already? Anyway, I’m not sure what else to say about this episode. Isn’t there another character in the alternate world they need to introduce? Maybe I’m mistaken…time’s running low, though.

Inu x Boku SS Episode 7

Nothing better to start off an episode than demonic plants. Chino, the maid, brings a plant to Ayakashi Kan which goes nuts and activates the mansion’s security system. This leads to Banri being locked in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Natsume is such a good liar), Karuta being locked in a kitchen, and Ririchiyo being locked in her room with Soushi.

Ririchiyo spends the night trying to finally express her gratitude to Soushi, finally managing to thank him after many mishaps. Banri accidentally breaks the force field, which causes the security system to fail. However, the enemies are weaker than expected, so everyone takes them out easily.

The splitscreen transformation scene for Soushi and Ririchiyo looked like something out of Power Rangers (lol). Anyway, nothing like a trapped situation to force main characters to tell other characters their feelings. Ririchiyo yelling at herself every time she failed to thank Soushi was pretty funny to watch. This show is still funny and still entertaining. A bit more action this week, but it really wasn’t that prevalent. The relationship between Soushi and Ririchiyo seems to be developing too quickly, so I expect next week or the episode after that will reveal Soushi’s big secret to throw a wrench into things. I’d say next week for sure, but the preview makes it look like a fairly relaxed episode.

Chihayafuru Episode 20

This week’s episode starts off with Chihaya being forced to stay back and study for exams while Taichi goes to the last tournament before the Master/Queen qualifiers. Taichi is surprised to find Arata at the tournament as well. Arata’s presence ends up throwing Taichi off and he loses in the next round.

Chihaya ditches the study session to go see Taichi, and they both watch Arata play. Arata ends up losing, and he is forced to leave before he can talk with Chihaya too long. After the tournament, Harada offers to promote Taichi for his two second place finishes, despite it going against the society’s rules, but Taichi refuses.

I had a tough time with this episode. While I figured Harada would make the offer to promote Taichi, I couldn’t be sure what would happen. Taichi’s character was telling me he’d refuse because of his natural maturity. Still, Arata vs. Taichi just seems like such a destined rivalry, so I was thinking he had to make it somehow. The Master qualifiers just don’t seem like they’ll be interesting if both of them aren’t going at each other. Chihaya’s still searching for some new technique for karuta, and she needs to find it already. We’re slowly approaching the end, which I’m assuming is the Master/Queen qualifiers.