Kamisama no Memochou Episode 8

Picking up right where we left off, Narumi rushes to the hospital in response to his call telling him that the Fourth was attacked. He is in unstable condition and unconscious, which Narumi relays to Alice. Maki calls from the concert to ask Narumi to email her the concert documents. However, when Narumi goes to do it, he finds an email from the Fourth addressed to him, half done and telling him that he’s in charge if something were to happen to the Fourth. Narumi goes back to the ramen shop to find the rest of the guys ready to go out and kill Renji, but he is able to stop them from dirtying the Fourth’s name and they acknowledge him as leader. Later, Alice warns Narumi that Renji had miscalculated because of Narumi and that he will come after him soon. Narumi goes back to his job helping with the concert and the day of the concert arrives. Narumi isolates himself and has the vocals of the band wear a replica of Renji’s shirt to lure him out, which succeeds. Alice appears to reveal that the embroidery on Renji’s real shirt is the same as that of Narumi’s concert shirt. She concludes that they must have been made by the same person (wait…what???). Alice reveals that Hison survived, but lost her womb in the incident, and that she is actually the owner of the shop Narumi had visited so many times, having taken the name Yoshiki. Renji asks why the Fourth hid everything and Alice responds that he was trying to protect Renji from the information that Hison was with the Gotouda Group’s leader and pregnant. The Fourth then shows up in his injured state to confirm everything. The Fourth and Renji get into a fistfight and finally resolve their issues. The concert goes off without a hitch and Narumi later returns to the ramen shop to find Renji’s sunglasses there. Narumi grabs them and rushes off to Alice, who tells him where Renji is and gives him Renji’s shirt. Narumi finds Renji, asking him to stay in Tokyo, but Renji insists on leaving. Narumi returns Renji’s shirt, but with the embroidery finally finished, and Renji leaves.

Sigh…I feel like I should have seen this coming, but for some reason, I didn’t. Anyways, a nice way to finally end this arc.

Just FYI

So, I’m going to be leaving (in about 30 minutes) to go to Rhode Island to meet with my family. I get back on Tuesday, so until then I won’t be able to make posts. However, I have a post on Kamisama no Memochou that I’ve scheduled to release tomorrow and a review that will come out on Monday, so you can still read your daily posts while I’m gone. When I get back on Tuesday, I’ll have Yuru Yuri, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, and Kamisama Dolls done, so you can enjoy those too. Sorry for the trouble, but I hope you enjoy the posts that are scheduled!

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, which Aoi showing up at the girl’s practice to find Subaru. Mihoshi shows up to explain to Aoi that she asked him to coach the girls. Aoi notices Airi as she’s dragging Subaru off, and later reveals that she’s jealous of her height. Later, Aoi is trying to give Subaru some notes for the upcoming tests and finds out that he has gone over to Maho’s teach Airi how to swim again. She shows up at Maho’s mansion and kicks Subaru into the pool. Aoi tries to get Subaru to leave, but Subaru refuses, explaining what coaching means to him and asking her to leave them. However, Aoi challenges them to a game…in swimsuits (lol). The elementary school girls take an early lead, but Aoi turns it around when he figures out Subaru’s coaching style. Aoi points out to the girls that the only way to match her is with height, which depresses Airi. Airi finally decides to help and tries to guard Aoi. Aoi taunts Airi before making her shot and Airi brings out the courage to block it. Aoi concedes after that shot and allows Subaru to continue coaching. Finally test day comes and while Subaru’s taking his tests, Airi successfully swims across the pool at her school. The episode ends with Aoi and Subaru watching a video of this and with Subaru returning some notes that Aoi gave him.

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 7

This week’s episode starts with Huey and Dalian buying some famous buns to eat. However, just as they get them, a woman rushes into the store and begs Huey to save her from some people who are chasing her. Dalian refuses, so the woman grabs their food as collateral. Huey tries to stop the men, and the woman tries to escape, but trips. Later, Huey and Dalian are talking with the woman’s father, who reveals that she is actually a talented perfume maker named Fiona. He mentions a book that Fiona used to create her most famous perfume, which interests Huey and Dalian. Huey asks to talk with Fiona, and she surprises Dalian with her acute sense of smell. Huey and Dalian are asking Fiona about the Phantom Book when a deranged man knocks on the door begging for something called Relic. He reveals that men from the Padauk Firm are trying to kill Fiona’s father and the three rush off to find him dead. Two men named Noth and Vance reveal that they are there to steal the recipe for Relic, a narcotic perfume, and kill all that know it. Huey starts to fight with Noth, but is at a disadvantage because Noth is numb to pain. Fiona takes a stab meant for Huey and then hits Noth with a different perfume, a sort of Anti-Relic. Noth passes out from the pain and Fiona hits Vance with a hypnotism perfume. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest to grab a Phantom Book to heal Fiona. Fiona agrees to return the Phantom Book, but then hits Huey with a perfume that knocks him out. He awakes to find Dalian tied up and Fiona gone. Huey realizes that Fiona has gone over to Padauk firm and the two rush over to find everyone dead. They find Fiona shot, but they can’t use the Phantom Book again and she dies. The episode ends with Huey and Dalian burning down Fiona’s lab and discovering the scent that she had been looking for, the scent that made everyone happy, washing over the town.

A pretty interesting episode, but it reminded me too much of Getbackers.

iDOLM@STER Episode 8

Alright, finally finishing up the stuff from yesterday. We start off with Makoto and Azusa being hired for a job in a wedding magazine, with Azusa in a wedding gown and Makoto in a tux. Azusa takes a phone call and finds herself outside when she finishes. Another woman in a similar dress runs into her, dropping a box that Azusa picks up. A bunch of men in suits show up and mistake Azusa for the bride and drag her off. Makoto shows up just ask Azusa is being forced into a car that drives off. The men realize that they have taken the wrong girl and kick Azusa out on the street. Azusa opens the box to find a ring with a ridiculously large gem on it. The men also realize that she has this ring and rush off to find her again. While Azusa deals with various things trying to get back like an old lady and some lost kids, Makoto and the men in suits frantically search around for her. While Makoto ends up fighting with the men in suits, Azusa is asked to watch over a divination stand and meets the groom of the bride from the beginning of the episode. Azusa gets on a Ferris Wheel by mistake and sees the bride, chasing after her to return the ring. Meanwhile Makoto and the men in suits also find Azusa and chase after her. The result is a large crowd following Azusa as she finally returns the ring. After meeting the groom, the bride finally agrees to marry him (what a shallow girl). This episode had so many insert songs…

Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 7

Number 2: Showing those roaches who's boss

We start off with Ringo in Tabuki’s basement, like the end of last week’s episode, listening in on him. The next day, Ringo is excited when Tabuki invites her out to watch a play, but finds out that it’s actually Yuri’s play. When the play ends, Yuri is bombarded with fans, so Tabuki suggests that Ringo go out to eat with him. However, Yuri has already booked a restaurant and tells them to wait for her there. At the restaurant, Yuri and Tabuki invite Ringo and Shouma to a party at Yuri’s. At the party, Yuri announces that she is retiring and that she is now engaged to Tabuki (so predictable). Meanwhile, Kanba has another meeting with the trench coat guy to get money for their house and ask about the memory loss bullet. Ringo forces Shouma to perform a ritual, allowing a frog to lay eggs on his back, so that she can use the eggs for a love elixir. However, Number 2 ends up eating the eggs before Ringo can get them. The Penguin Hat orders Shouma to find some way to get Tabuki and Ringo together. Meanwhile, Ringo realizes that the M in Project M stands for maternity and sneaks into Tabuki’s room while he’s sleeping as the episode ends.

Mayo Chiki Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, with everyone staying in a hotel room together (including Jirou). Jirou leaves to go bathe in the night and finds Konoe in the men’s bath. After an awkward moment, Konoe’s father shows up, causing Jirou to hide Konoe. Konoe’s father ends up asking Jirou about his relationship with Konoe, and attacks Jirou after finding Konoe’s underwear in the changing area. However, Konoe jumps up to defend Jirou and knocks Jirou out too when she realizes he’s seeing her naked. The next day, we have the obligatory summer festival scene, with Punyuru making a surprise comeback wearing a yukata. Konoe disappears and Jirou goes to look for her, finding her father, who tells him that the next day is the anniversary of her mother’s birth and that the grave is nearby. Kanade arrives to reveal that the reason she ran off from home was so that Konoe could visit her mother’s grave. She then pushes Jirou off to go to Konoe. He finds her alone in front of the grave and she tells him about her mother a bit. She starts to cry because she wanted to introduce Jirou, her first friend, to her mother, who had always wanted her to make friends, but Jirou embraces her to comfort her. He then asks her to introduce him to her mother anyway, and faints soon after (from his gynophobia…that hug was totally worth it). Returning to the festival, Jirou and the other girls enters the battle royale, the winner of which will be able to kiss the winner of the yutaka contest, Konoe. The battle royale turns out to just be a paintball contest, with Kanade winning in the end (thanks to her manipulations). Jirou wakes up again (having passed out during the competition because of Kanade) and finds Konoe there. The fireworks start and the episode ends with Konoe telling Jirou that she doesn’t want them to just be friends.

No. 6 Episode 8

Sorry about the tardiness. We start this episode by getting right into the action, with Nezumi and Shion scaling a cliff. However, they are captured (Nezumi allows it to happen) and brought before the very man that gave Nezumi his name. Nezumi reveals that this man is also the one who created No. 6 in the first place. He pulls out the picture that he found a few episodes ago at Rikiga’s house, depicting a younger Karan and the man before them in the center. The man reveals that he knows about the parasite bees and asks Shion to tell him his story. Nezumi and Safu have another simultaneous vision and the man asks Nezumi to sing the song that he hears in the vision, causing the caverns to light up in response to the song. Shion questions the man, and he tells him about the creation of No. 6. He then tells Shion about his meeting with Elyurias, some sort of ultimate power. He attempted to research her, but No. 6 tried to kill him for it, so he escaped. No. 6 then tried to gain Elyurias’s power by attacking her forest. They murdered the villagers, with Nezumi as the sole survivor. The man calls Nezumi a hypocrite for trying to destroy No. 6, then gives Shion his research, revealing that he was the first survivor of the parasite bees infection by showing off his similar scars to Shion. The two then head off to return home. They find Rikiga and Inukashi there, and Nezumi recruits Rikiga to help Inukashi with information collection.

Black Butler

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

So, Black Butler is a story set in England about the head of the Phantomhive estate, a boy named Ciel, who tries to uncover the mystery of his parents’ death, joined by his mysterious butler Sebastian. Although the story is interesting, many of the episodes tend to strike me as filler with some of the arcs just not seeming relevant. That being said, the actual story itself was enjoyable.

Story: Score 7/10

The main character in this show, Ciel Phantomhive, heads the Phantomhive business after the death of his father. He’s usually very moody and bitter, and tends to act a bit snotty when it comes to his business ventures. He is joined by his butler, Sebastian, a mysterious individual who acts humbly and with a certain precision. He soon reveals himself to be quite the combat butler, able to use pretty much anything as an improvised weapon and take down even the toughest of foes. Also, we have the staff of the mansion, a hopeless group of individuals who constantly screw up their simple jobs, needing Sebastian to step in to cover them. They make you wonder why they were even hired in the first place, but this is revealed later on in the series. Along with them are numerous other characters, all of which are interesting to follow and incredibly designed.

Characters: Score 9/10

The animation of this series looked really good. The artists did a great job of really bringing out Sebastian’s fights and making everyone look unique and likeable. It’s definitely got a different feel because of the Victorian-esque sort of buildings and people. The music for this series was okay, but not particularly stellar. However, the opening and ending themes are among the best I’ve ever heard.

Animation: Score 9/10

Music: Score 8/10

Overall, I think that this series had a pretty strong start, but after a certain point, I was only really watching for the same reason I watched Hellsing. I kept wanting to see what amazing thing Sebastian (or Alucard) was going to do next. It may have just been because of the filler arcs, but the series seemed to drag along for me, not really doing a great job of keeping me anticipating of the next episode.

Final Score: 7/10

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 7

How the heck is this girl in elementary school?

I dunno why I waited so long to do this one…I should have just downloaded Shikkaku’s when it first came out. But anyway, that’s beside the point. On with the show. This week’s episode starts off with Subaru taking Tomoka shoe shopping (sigh…shoe shopping). Subaru spots some of his friends from his high school and pulls Tomoka off to the side to hide. Later Subaru is talking with his high school friends and they ask him about his odd behavior lately, asking if he has a girlfriend. Of course, he denies this accusation, which causes them to guess that he is actually interested in the high school girl Aoi Ogiyama (who’s sitting right next to him). They both deny this, but the rest of the group suggests that Aoi tutors Subaru for the upcoming exams, which they both agree to do. At practice, Subaru notices that Airi is a bit off her game, so he asks her if she’s feeling well. She assures him that she’s okay and rushes off. Subaru stops her and tries to comfort her by telling her she’s important to him, but the girls take this the wrong way (or maybe the right way?) and assume that he is confessing to her. Airi eventually reveals that she is worried about swimming lessons that are coming up because she can’t swim, so Subaru is volunteered to teach her. However, this endeavor conflicts with his prior arrangement with Aoi, so he asks her if he can cancel with her (wtf are you doing, man?). She responds by kicking him…hard.

Anyways, Subaru shows up at Maho’s house to find that she is actually loaded. Maho comes up with a plan to trick Airi into jumping into the pool which works, but Subaru jumps in to save her. Subaru talks with Airi, who tells him that the reason she can’t swim is because she once fell out of a boat. She fears that she is dragging everyone down, not only with swimming but also with basketball, but Subaru is able to reassure her. The next day, Aoi follows Subaru after school and discovers that he goes to the elementary school. The episode ends with her showing up at the practice room (oh the suspense). No idea why this summary ended up being so long. Anyways, was this worth the wait? I can’t actually tell. That being said, I didn’t think it was bad. Wonder how Subaru’s legit love interest will react to all of this.