Nisemonogatari Episode 3

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off: with antics at Suruga’s house. There’s a funny conversation about Koyomi’s marriage plans and card games. As he’s leaving, Koyomi meets a strange man named Kaiki, who reminds him a bit of Oshino. He then runs into Hitagi, who is clearly upset that Koyomi has shirked his studies (lol). When Koyomi tells Hitagi about Kaiki, she chains him up like we saw in the first episode.

Hitagi starts to tell the story of Kaiki Deishuu, who she knows from the past. She reveals that Kaiki was the first of the five con men that she met before she met Koyomi. However, there is something about him that she is hiding from Koyomi, which seems to be linked to why she’s protecting Koyomi from him. Koyomi gets a message from his sister asking for help, and he breaks free from the chains. Hitagi then gets a strange call from Tsubasa as the episode ends.

So we’re back to the first episode’s opening, I see. I’m sure it’s because this episode was more focused on Hitagi while the last episode featured the first appearance of Karen. So it looks like the story is getting started with the arrival of this mysterious Kaiki. With that last phone call, I wonder if Koyomi will head to Tsubasa or help his sister, since they both seem to need him.

I had wondered if this season would continue the pattern of using Koyomi to solve all of the problems, and it seems like that is the case. I was wondering if they might use a different point of view, but I think that this is still okay. I’ve also wondered what Hitagi was always thinking with Koyomi running around with all of these girls all the time, but I guess this answers my question as well. Still good stuff so far…no real complaints.


Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 3

So after the big challenge last week, Tsubasa attacks Hibiki, but she’s stopped by Genjurou. Poor word choice from Hibiki only makes things worse after the battle. So more explanation from HQ: basically, the Noise have all been targeting a collection of relic fragments hidden below the school called Durandal, so they believe someone’s controlling them or they have a will of their own.

After that, we see more of Hibiki’s life, while she finishes off a report so she can go see shooting stars with Miku. However, she’s interrupted with Symphogear stuff, so she’s forced to cancel. In her anger, Hibiki’s powers go to the dark side, and she regains that feral appearance from the first episode. She’s still unable to finish off all of the Noise, with Tsubasa arriving to clean it up. They’re both interrupted by the arrival of a strange girl wearing the armor from two years ago.

Too many things in this show seem familiar for some reason. Tsubasa thinks of herself only as a weapon, which I’m guessing come from the fact that she believes that the weakness that she had when Kanade died stems from these emotions. The Noise seem to be controlled by some entity, which makes it possible humans are behind the Noise’s existence. Tsubasa can’t activate whatever Durandal is, so I’m guess Hibiki activates it or something.

Am I predicting too much? Or are these things really truth? Looks like the beginnings of a plot twist with the ending of this week’s episode, so let’s just see where it goes. I’m also wondering if Hibiki will ever get a weapon or if she’s just gonna be punching everything. I still feel like I can’t judge this show properly yet.

Inu x Boku SS Episode 2

So this week’s episode takes a similar pattern to last week. The first half is fairly light, with Soushi, Ririchiyo, and Renshou going shopping together. Also, more antics from Soushi with his super-devotion to Ririchiyo. Ririchiyo ends up getting her first cell phone (lol). When they get back, they find out that Karuta has gone missing, so they go out to look for her.

While they’re searching, Ririchiyo triggers a Nurikabe, which essentially traps her in a dark sort of prison until morning. However, she remembers what Soushi said about being suffering when he’s away from her and chooses to activate her true powers to try and break out. Soushi also attacks the wall at the same time and they break it apart. They return home to find that Karuta was just looking for a chicken for the surprise party for Ririchiyo.

So light-hearted stuff in the beginning and demon action in the end. Let’s hope it doesn’t follow this pattern all the time because it might get boring. We still have no idea why Soushi’s so zealous, but it was nice to see Ririchiyo’s powers this week. So yeah…I don’t really know where this show is going yet. Is it supposed to just be funny or is there something that Ririchiyo is supposed to do?

Guilty Crown Episode 13

So everything’s cooled down since last week. Two weeks have passed and the Undertakers have split up, with Ayase and Tsugumi joining the school. Shu’s classmates propose using the cultural festival to get their minds off things, but Segai has other plans. He sends Daryl to the school covertly to look around. On the day of the festival, Segai gives local gang an Endlave to cause some havoc.

Ayase is still upset at Tsugumi for cutting her connection on the day of Gai’s death, as she would have rather she died than Gai. When she snaps at Shu, Shu takes the blame for Gai’s death. They are interrupted when the gang attack with the Endlave. Shu tries to get Ayase to safety, but she refuses to run, wanting to fight. Shu draws Ayase’s Void and gives it to her, a pair of skates. Shu then teams up with Ayase using Inori’s Void to take out the Endlave.

Why does show have such great music? The plot makes me want to kill myself but the music is so amazing. I’m referring, of course, to the new opening and ending themes. Much focus on Ayase and Tsugumi this week. I’m expecting next week to have more focus on Tsugumi, who I expect isn’t taking things as well as she seems.

I guess the plot is revamping now that everyone in the school has been put in quarantine. I guess Shu will team up with his classmates and regroup the remnants of the Undertakers to break out or take down Keido or something. I guess it’s good there wasn’t a Gurren Lagann time skip, but this is still pretty boring. I think I’m watching for the music…I have no clue. What do you guys think? Is this show worth it?

Chihayafuru Episode 15

Picking up from last week, Chihaya and the Queen (Shinobu Wakamiya) are still in the middle of their game. Despite Shinobu’s commanding lead, she’s lost her cool due to Chihaya’s attack. In the end, Chihaya is only able to take five cards before losing to Shinobu, but Shinobu is noticeably shaken (scary eyes O.o). In the end, everyone is eliminated except for Taichi, who reaches the finals.

Taichi is running into trouble because of his own memory, which is confusing him with the card positions from other rounds. Taichi ends up losing by three cards, unable to keep up with his opponent and his own thoughts. Taichi forces himself to hide his pain from the loss because he believes he didn’t work hard enough. But everyone returns home with renewed vigor.

I still respect Taichi’s character a lot. He’s able to remain a strong leader, keeping rational despite losing and despite how flustered he became during his match. I also liked how this episode introduced the idea that memory isn’t everything in this game. Tsutomu originally mentioned that the game was focused so much on memory, but it was revealed to be a weakness in this week’s episode.

Arata is also back in the game, so I’m assuming a match with him against Shinobu is inevitable. We’re only halfway through, but I’m definitely sensing the potential for so many more episodes. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 2

So it seems like I’m going to post about this show for a while. So, Sora is clearly still embarrassed about having been seen by Yuuta while changing, which she displays in a tsundere manner. After many amusing antics, Yuuta’s sister asks him to take care of everyone for a week while they go on a business trip. When they leave, the girls give Yuuta a bit of a tour of the house and set some rules (lol).

From there, it’s mostly a bunch of cute scenes with the girls and Yuuta getting used to taking care of them. But things take a turn for the worst when the airplane the girls’ parents were on crashes. Sora, Miu, and Hina are told they are to be separated, much to their dismay. Yuuta remembers his sister choosing to take care of him to prevent separation as well, so he offers to take care of the girls.

Not exactly how I predicted this would happen…I didn’t expect it to be so cheesy >.> But still, I guess it works. The atmosphere seemed to suggest that the parents were both dead, but the synopsis for the show only says “missing” which leads me to believe they’re both still alive for a final happy ending.

Great scenes from Miu…she’s a nice source of comedy and energy. Some good scenes from Haruhi- err, Sora as well. I guess this is the point when the show goes slice-of-life? I don’t really see how much more plot they can throw in. Oh well, I’ll keep watching for the entertaining antics.

Brave 10 Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with Saizou once again giving Isanami the cold shoulder and running off to be alone. He then runs into a childhood friend, Ana, who is under employ of Yukimura as well. When Yukimura and Isanami appear, Ana tells them all about a serpent that’s rumored to be killing people in the area. Saizou goes out looking for the snake, with Isanami tagging along. The two find the serpent, but it turns out to be an exploding puppet controlled by someone else.

The explosion traps Saizou and Isanami underground, where Isanami tells Saizou what he means to her before Saizou gets them out. Meanwhile, the castle is being attacked. Sasuke faces off against the serpent’s master, refusing Ana’s help. Meanwhile, the other attacker goes after Isanami, introducing himself as Hattori Hanzo, who she recognizes as the man who attacked her shrine.

Saizou arrives to fight against Hattori while Rokurou and Yukimura take out the stragglers. Saizou is getting owned, but Isanami’s words motivate him to continue fighting. When Sasuke and Ana arrive, Hattori retreats. Pretty interesting episode. This show is starting to seem almost DragonBallZ in the way that all of the attacks happen without anyone actually making a movement. It’s just flash…blood..

Next week it looks like another one of Yukimura’s ten warriors will be appearing? I kinda doubt it’s another enemy. We still don’t quite understand the nature of the enemy or why Yukimura is gathering heroes, but I guess we’ll see. Also, who is Hattori to Saizou? He seemed to know a lot about him, so I wonder if they have a past. More next week, I guess.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with a step back. We get to see the details of Ichika’s arrival to Earth (yes, she’s an alien). Basically, her ship was damaged and she made an emergency landing, accidentally hitting Kaito. Back in the present, Ichika is trying to explain everything to Kaito’s sister Nanami and Kanna after they saw her kissing Kaito. Lots of confusion because of the alien terms Ichika slips in, but it ends with her moving in with Nanami and Kaito.

After that, things cool down quite a bit, with Nanami leaving Kaito and Ichika alone the next day. But they return home to find everyone else waiting for them to talk about the movie they have all agreed to make. A lot of random talk about movie concepts before everyone…gets drunk (you are so epic, Remon). After hilarious drunken conversation, everyone is introduced to Rinon, Ichika’s pet thing.

So besides Remon epically getting everyone drunk with her same monotone voice, not much really happens this week. Basically, it cools down for a bit and takes more of the slice-of-life feel it had in previews. But we still don’t know much about the story, so I wonder where the sci-fi will go. I guess this week was fan service week for this show. Not really that much else to say about this week. I’d make guesses about what Ichika’s situation is and what she’s looking for, but I could probably make a book of possibilities. I’ll just wait and find out.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 15

Nonoha tries to cheer Kaito up, but when Kaito finds out about Cubic’s encounter last week, he runs off to find Rook. Kaito ends up finding Rook’s childhood room, finding a book of murderous puzzles there. Kaito’s still questioning everything he believed, but Nonoha arrives to tell him that Ana is missing. Kaito and Nonoha go off to find Ana, who has gone to the place in Kaito’s memories to face a Sage Puzzle.

Kaito arrives, but Ana has already started the puzzle. Ana ends up solving the puzzle easily, but Cubic and Gammon cause the stones to fall when they try to save Ana. Ana ends up being okay, revealing that the only reason he came was to find the wooden puzzle Rook made for Kaito. Rook, who has been watching everything, is noticeably shocked.

I knew it! I knew Rook couldn’t suddenly change his personality for no reason like that. The episode mentioned some sort of “program”, so is Rook some sort of puzzle creation robot? That’s quite the twist. Does this make Rook a potential ally in the future? I sure hope so. The show’s doing a great job of giving everyone else in Kaito’s group of friends a chance to show off their own stuff while Kaito mopes like an emo kid. Anyways, look forward to more.

Another Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with the introduction of Mochizuki, who draws a rendition of Munch’s Scream in art class (how fitting). He invites Kouichi to join the art club. Later, another student Teshigawara mentions the curse of the class and tries to tell Kouichi something, but he’s cut off by Mochizuki. The two also try to stop Kouichi from talking to Mei, who’s drawing alone in the library. He’s also introduced to the librarian, Chibiki.

That night, Kouichi returns to the hospital to talk with a nurse, asking about the day he met Mei. He asks whether anyone had died (he saw Mei going to the morgue that day). The nurse reveals that a girl might have died that day and offers to find the name. The next day, Izumi (tsundere chick) tries to tell Kouichi something about the class, but she is also stopped like the day before.

Kouichi is following Mei home after school when he gets a call from the nurse. The nurse reveals that the dead girl was a junior high school student, an only child, and had the name Misaki or Masaki (of course), but the call is cut off. Kouichi enters the building where he loses sight of Mei to find a strange shop selling dolls. He finds a doll that resembles Mei, but then the real Mei appears. She then takes off her eye patch as the episode ends.

Could the next episode finally explain where the show is trying to go? If we see what’s under the eye patch, we could finally figure everything out. I’m still liking the idea of Mei being an ordinary girl that’s been caught up in the school’s paranoia. But there’s still the chance that she’s supernatural in some way. The whole deal with the nurse just seems like standard scary story setup, so I can’t really read much from that. It doesn’t necessarily mean Mei is dead. I’m really enjoying the vibes and the tension that this show gives. I’m not so experienced with horror movies or shows because I don’t find them scary, but I find this show interesting nonetheless. I’m really curious where all of this goes, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week.