Kamisama Dolls Episode 4

More mysteries in this episode. So, we start out with an elaboration on the battle that happened at the end of the last episode. Once again, Kuuko drags Aki away from the battle while he’s unconscious. Meanwhile, Kyouhei manages to walk in on Hibino and Utao while they’re bathing, which makes Hibino mad at him. The next day, Hibino hears from Kuuko that she found a link to the Dolls (although she doesn’t say that specifically). She tells Kyouhei and they meet with Utao to rush over to Kuuko’s home. In the meantime, Kuuko is interrogating Aki, who she’s tied up. However, Aki gets annoyed and uses his Doll to break free. As Kuuko is running off, Kyouhei and the gang show up. Aki reveals that Hibino has a resemblance to his and Kyouhei’s old sensei, which angers Kyouhei. Kyouhei proceeds to beat Aki senselessly, causing Aki to say that the two of them are alike, making Kyouhei hit him more. Aki escapes, though, and Kyouhei and Utao give chase. Kyouhei starts punching a wall in anger, but Hibino arrives to stop him and comfort him. However, Utao runs into the strange boy from last episode, who reveals that he is actually her (hopefully this gets elaborated next episode). She attacks him, but he easily beats Kukuri. He then meets up with Kyouhei, calling him brother as the episode ends. I’m liking this idea of the village keeping secrets and everything, but there’s so much mystery that I still feel like I’m in the dark. But the series is just starting, so I can’t expect to know everything. Still, the mystery is doing a pretty good job at keeping me interested. Can’t wait for the next one.

Death Note

Death Note Redone

So like Bakuman, Death Note is set in normal, present day Japan. Light Yagami is an honors student who happens to find the Death Note, a notebook that kills anyone just by writing their name in it. Light decides to use this notebook to rid the world of crime, thus making it a better place for all. However, the police catch on to this (mostly because he wanted them to) and send in L, their ace detective who shrouds himself in secrecy while solving the world’s most difficult mysteries. Because Light doesn’t know L’s real name, he can’t kill him. Also, L does not know who Kira (the name given to Light by the world) is, so he cannot arrest Light. The two proceed to have a mental duel to find the other first and then execute him. An amazing story concept that instantly hooks you, all done without swords or energy blasts or pokeballs. The story kind of falters after the first half, but the series as a whole is still solid. Also, the ending is pretty bad.

Story: Score 6/10

The main character in this series is Light Yagami, ranked in the top of the nation. He’s generally pretty bored with life, but that changes when he finds the Death Note. He has a strong sense of justice, which leads him to decide to eradicate all criminals. Light is also very calculating and analytical. Light is opposed by the mysterious L, who is arguably equally as smart as Light and has connections with the police. L is…eccentric. He tends to sit in strange poses and hold objects in an abnormal way, kind of a polar opposite of the prim and proper Light. He also likes to joke around, often at Light’s expense. Next up, we have Misa Amane. Misa is another person who finds a Death Note, but she falls in love with Light and decides to join him on his quest to eliminate crime. She’s not nearly as smart, though, so she tends to be a bit of a liability to Light. Add in her overzealous devotion to Light and general ditzy behavior and you can kind of see why Light really wants to get rid of her. The last major character in Death Note is the owner of the Death Note, Ryuk. Ryuk is a Shinigami who was also quite bored with life, which prompted him to drop his Death Note to spice things up in the human world. He can only be seen and heard by people who have touched the Death Note. He tends to get manipulated by Light a lot because of his fondness for apples, but for the most part, he tends to stay neutral, refusing to tell Light the names of people he wants to kill despite being able to see them. Misa’s Shinigami is named Rem, but Rem isn’t quite as important as Ryuk. Rem’s only there to keep Misa from being killed by Light. Finally, we have the members of the Japanese Police Task Force, who aid L in his attempts to catch Light. The director of the Task Force is actually Light’s own father. Though the main battle is between Light and L, the members of the task force are always present and try to aid in whatever way they can. I definitely liked the characters in this series. The main problem I have with them, though, is that there isn’t really much development to any of the characters. They each get introduced and their personality is revealed, but then they just stay the same throughout the series. There’s never really a sign of any emotional struggle or such, just the interactions with each other. That being said, they’re still all very well done.

Characters: Score 8/10

The animation of this series was quite astounding. If you’ve seen Bakuman, it should look familiar. There really isn’t anything that’s reused and it just looks good in general.

Animation: Score 8/10

Greatest…soundtrack…ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this music pop up in other places, like random streams or youtube videos. The music is just that good. All of the openings and endings are super memorable and sound great.

Music: Score 10/10

Death Note was kind of like an introduction for me into the anime world. I had seen other shows before, but Death Note kind of marks the point where I started to really follow anime, as opposed to just watching it when it came on TV. In my opinion, the english dubbing and the japanese dubbing both are done well, and the series is just entertaining in general. Unfortunately, I just can’t accept the way the second half of the series was done, which tends to lower my opinion of it quite a lot. That being said, I still would recommend it to anyone because the first half in particular is just that good.

Final Score 7.5/10

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 4

This show is so amusing…Not gonna lie. So besides Claude walking in on Yune trying to take a makeshift bath, Alice Blanche comes over to try to convince Yune to join her (on the dark side). Claude refuses, though, knowing that Alice is just like any spoiled rich girl. Yune feels bad that Alice came all the way to invite her to her house, so she agrees to go, much to Claude’s dismay. After spending some time pampered by Alice, Yune insists on returning to Claude, though. Alice resolves to convince Yune to live with her, though (finally giving the spoiled rich girl laugh). This show’s almost turning into a guilty pleasure…seriously.

Sacred Seven Episode 4

Arma gets busted!! But not really…It’s a good thing his suit looks like a power rangers outfit. Let me explain. Ruri and Arma are helping with the school festival when Hellbrick senses another Darkstone. Kagami wants to keep it a secret from Ruri and take care of it himself, but Arma senses it too. Kagami runs off to deal with the Darkstone and Arma tricks Ruri into transforming him into his power suit by saying he needs some training. However, Arma’s classmate walks in just as he finishes transforming (awkward). However, she think he’s just in a costume and has him advertise for them. Arma and Kagami give chase to the Darkstone, but it multiplies, causing them to split up. Kagami manages to kill his target, but Arma’s target causes some havoc by breaking the base of a monument that was being built for the festival. Arma manages to save the guys on top, though, showing the school that he isn’t a bad person. Meanwhile, the Darkstone turns itself into a bomb, but Kagami launches it into the air before it is able to explode. After some outlandish acting, Kagami manages to convince the school that the entire thing was an act for a movie. The next day, the school festival goes off without a hitch. I liked that this episode isn’t quite as serious as the other ones, what with the “romance” between Arma and Ruri (even though it was probably caused by Ruri’s drink), and Kagami’s acting prowess. Also, it turns out that Ruri does need a new gem every time Arma transforms, but she has quite the stash (including some cheap ones for random practice runs…only 140 million yen!). Still looking forward to continuing this one!

Week of 7/24/2011

Alright. So this week, I finished up Katanagatari and watched A-Channel. I also started on Hanasaku Iroha and will probably finish that up this week. I’m probably gonna hold off on reviewing Katanagatari. More summer stuff, all of which seems pretty darn cool.

Currently following:

  • Ao no Exorcist
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  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
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  • Sacred Seven
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  • Kamisama no Memochou
  • No. 6
  • Dantalian no Shoka

Plan to watch:

  • Nichijou
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
  • Spice and Wolf II
  • Kaiji
  • Blood+
  • Hanasaku Iroha
  • Steins;Gate
  • Omamori Himari
  • Seikon no Qwaser
  • Amagami
  • Azumanga Daioh

This week, I’m probably gonna redo my Death Note review and also review one of the schoolgirl anime that I’ve watched (A-Channel, K-On!, or Lucky Star), Hellsing, or Hidan no Aria. Heck, maybe I’ll do all of them if I have the time. As usual, I encourage everyone to leave comments or if you have a more general concern/comment, you can check my About page for my email address.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 3

Action! Violence! Drugs! Ok…no drugs. In this episode, the Yakuza show up for the money that Meo has, but Minli, owner of the ramen shop where Alice sets up HQ, refuses them. The next day, Narumi finds that Meo has disappeared with the money. Despite Alice’s warnings, he rushes off to find her. When he finds her, they are attacked by the Yakuza. Narumi is getting beaten up, but then the guys from the dojo show up to dish out some pain. Realizing his weakness, Narumi asks the Fourth, leader of the dojo, to perform a sake ritual with him to formally induct him into the dojo. With that done, there is still the problem of the money Meo has. However, Narumi gets the idea to split the money into small portions and transfer them all into Kusakabe’s bank account (Kusakabe is Meo’s father), scheduling all of it to be transferred to the corporation that’s after Meo, the Kishiwada Corporation. Because the money is dirty, it will cause problems for the Yakuza members. The Yakuza freak out, but Narumi later reveals that it was just a bluff. However, the company is forced to bring Kusakabe to stop the “transaction”, as the account is in his name. When they show up, the Fourth and the guys from the dojo proceed to beat the crap out of them. Meo shows up, and Kusakabe breaks free after seeing her. Distracted by the touching scene, Narumi gets punched in the face by Tetsu (his own ally)…lol. The next day, Narumi arrives to find Meo preparing to go out with her father in Alice’s room, much to Alice’s dismay. However, the case is closed and everyone lives happily ever after (I guess…). So yeah…pretty cool stuff. Alice is proving to be almost as tsundere as Dalian. It’s actually pretty cute…not gonna lie. If they keep playing this detective style right, this is gonna turn out to be a pretty cool anime.

Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 4

So when we last left off, the girls were having some trouble against the boys team in the big game. Subaru switches up the tactics a bit, but they don’t seem all that effective. Finally, he just leaves everything up to Tomoka, and the girls are able to equalize again. In true anime style, Tomoka makes a pass at the last second to Maho, who scores the winning point. The girls celebrate later, but when the topic of Subaru’s continued involvement with the girls comes up, Subaru refuses to keep coaching, saying that the girls deserve someone better (surprise surprise). However, Mihoshi suggests a challenge: if Tomoka can make 50 free throws in a row, then Subaru starts coaching the girls again. Tomoka accepts this challenge and starts to come over to Subaru’s house every day to try, keeping it a secret from the other girls. Meanwhile, Subaru’s high school friends invite him to play some basketball as well. While playing, his friends realize that his personality has changed since coaching the girls. Finally, Tomoka makes the 50 free throws and Subaru happily starts coaching  again. So, the stuff between Tomoka and Subaru might be a little too obvious. Also, the chat room scenes between the girls are super cute…….not gonna lie. Loli power! That is all…

Dantalian no Shoka Episode 2

Whoa…crazy mellow opening theme. Yet strangely appealing. I can’t quite place why. But let’s get on with the actual episode. We start with some tsundere comments from Dalian as she and Huey check out a collection. However, she is not amused at Huey’s apparent attraction to the client, Estella Lilburn. While they are looking around, Estella’s cousin Martin Geese arrives. He informs them that Estella is cursed, in the form of every one of her fiances being murdered. Her parents and a few servants were also murdered. What do they all have in common? They all tried to make her leave the house. Geese places the blame on a Phantom Book belonging to the deceased Colonel Lilburn, Estella’s grandfather, which is hidden somewhere in the mansion. However, Dalian does not accept that a Phantom Book could cause such a thing, as they only store knowledge, not place curses (they summon dragons too). While Dalian and Huey are arguing about the curse, they hear a scream and rush to find a dead Geese being held by a strange golem. Huey takes some pot shots at it, but his gun is no match for a mass of rock (sigh…). Dalian reveals that although the golem is a creation of a Phantom Book, it cannot act of its own will and must be commanded to do anything. The two continue to search for the Phantom Book, but Estella shows up to flirt (rather obviously) with Huey. She asks him whether he will stay with her, and he replies with a pretty standard response that he will stay until he finishes his work. However, Estella freaks out and stabs him (yeah…you read that right). She reveals that she killed Geese and Dalian realizes that it is actually the women in the Lilburn that are cursed, not the Phantom Book. Colonel Lilburn used the Phantom Book to summon the golem to order it to hide the evidence of the murders. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest again and grabs a book and a tablet, which he uses to defeat the golem with divine lightning (Indignation!! If any of you got that, you’re awesome). Huey realizes that the Phantom Book isn’t actually a book, but is the clock tower which has been randomly ringing throughout the episode. He blasts it with the lightning and the golem disappears. However, the tower starts to fall towards them. Dalian and Huey rush to get out of the way, but Estella chooses to stay and is crushed. The episode ends the way it starts: with tsundere from Dalian.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 3

Looks like Gekkou’s thinking the same thing I was. That battle last week was way too easy. Anyways, a love triangle has emerged with Taito having to deal with the supernatural Himea and the very normal girl Haruka (who both seem to have multi-colored hair for some reason). Also, school gets called off for the second half of the day and people are complaining? Are Japanese kids really that into school? While Himea and Taito head for the student council room, some weird bug things burst out of the room (Himea calls them dyltiklis). Also, one proceeds to take one of Taito’s seven lives (I would probably reset the save game at this point just because of how fail that death was). Gekkou then has a teacher explain that the school is actually a crossroads for many different worlds/dimensions. The worlds are connected by dimensional rifts, which can only be traversed by people under the age of 18 (ehh?). Because of that, the school has to rely on the student council to handle these things, and in return, the student council members can do whatever they want. It is later revealed that Gekkou used to have a good relationship with Hinata until one day when he arrives home to see that Hinata has killed their parents (OMG I knew Gekkou was Sasuke!!). Hinata tells Gekkou that he only has 9 years to live due to the contract he has made. However, 9 years later, Mirai appears before Gekkou to kill him, but is soundly beaten. Back in the present, Gekkou is attacked by a messenger from Hinata (I knew he was still alive), who tells him that he should stay away from Himea. The episode ends with a weird rain that kills Taito a couple of times. Yeah…if Gekkou and Hinata turn out to be Sasuke and Itachi all over again, I may have to kill myself. Hopefully, this series doesn’t end up like that. Also, this low quality is making me crazy….